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Exclusively for LUNA Recording System

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Vous économiserez 50%

(64 avis)

La seule émulation authentique du sommateur des consolesNeve – exclusivement pour LUNA.

A l'origine de milliers de tubes planétaires, les consoles Neve série 80 restent une référence incontournable de la production musicale.Ces consoles analogiques classiques — mises en lumière par le documentaire Sound City — produisent ce son analogique organique, tridimensionnel et plein de corps, ajoutant à vos mixages de la couleur et de l’éclat.

Développée en partenariat avec AMS Neve en exclusivité pour le Système d’Enregistrement LUNA, l’Extension Neve Summing émule l’ensemble du circuit de sommation d’une console Neve série 80 mythique — y compris ses célèbres amplificateurs de bus 1272 — pour que vous puissiez mixer dans LUNA en profitant de toutes les couleurs de la console analogique la plus prisée chez Neve.

Ajouter aisément de la largeur, de la profondeur et du caractère à vos mixages grâce à la première émulation authentique du circuit de sommation analogique de Neve

Sommer différents canaux ou l’ensemble de votre mixage au travers des mythiques amplificateurs de niveau ligne Neve 1272

Exploiter les non-linéarités complexes et l’écrêtage hyper musical de la console classique Neve série 80

Utiliser les contrôles de Headroom, Trim et Impédance sur chaque tranche pour sculpter l’ensemble de votre mixage tout en subtilité

La Véritable Sommation Neve pour vos Mixages

La Véritable Sommation Neve pour vos Mixages

La Neve Summing est une Extension intégrée à la section de mixage de LUNA. Bien plus qu’un simple «plug-in de sommation», elle vous évite d’avoir à gérer plusieurs instances de plug-in. Utilisez simplement le contrôle Headroom sur chaque tranche pour apporter de la couleur et améliorer la dynamique, avant de pousser encore les réglages grâce au commutateur d’Impédance.

Pourquoi le Sommateur Neve ?

Pourquoi le Sommateur Neve ?

Lorsque les sources audio passent dans les transformateurs et les amplis op custom d’une table de mixage classique Neve série 80 — et notamment ses célèbres amplificateurs de niveau ligne 1272 — des non-linéarités analogiques aléatoires se combinent pour produire de merveilleux harmoniques. Ces signaux sommés ajoutent du caractère, de la profondeur et de la dimension qui rendent les mixages plus homogènes et dynamiques.

Authenticité Jusque Dans les Moindres Détails

Authenticité Jusque Dans les Moindres Détails

UA a disséqué et étudié pendant plus de deux ans de nombreuses consoles vintage Neve série 80, y compris tous leurs composants. Ils ont potassé les manuels de service originaux et décortiqué le fonctionnement crucial de leur circuit à transformateurs/transistors en Classe A. L’équipe d’ingénieurs d’UA a parfaitement émulé toutes les non-linéarités et l’écrêtage, ainsi que la courbe logarithmique des faders et la réponse de panoramique — avec des résultats qui sont pratiquement impossibles à distinguer de la console originale.


Authentic Neve Summing LUNA extension offers instant classic analog console sound without managing multiple plug-in windows

Emulates the entire summing circuit of an iconic Neve 80 series console, including its coveted 1272 bus amplifiers

Offers the 1272 selectable impedance as well as customizable headroom per bus

Adopts Neve console fader taper

Avis Clients

Neve Summing

Evaluation Globale

(64 avis)

R. Tuominen

18 septembre 2022

Neve Summing

Makes my mixes sound better

P. Lira

1 août 2022

What does it do, really?

I haven't yet heard any improvement to my mix after using the Neve Summing. Is it just hype? Well... back to mixing in Logic.

J. Lowman

27 juillet 2022

only for people new to DAW.

not going to pick up years of key binds, shortcuts, samples areas, and workflows to work in Luna.

A. Smith

14 juillet 2022

It makes fantastic difference!

I finally got a summing buss for Luna. It made a nice difference in my recordings. They actually sound more polished almost like a pro. I have lots more to learn and Neve Summing is a good leap forward.

A. Lozano

14 juillet 2022

Analog Warmth

I've put it on all my buses ever since I got this and it gives the songs a subtle warmth touch. Can't go wrong with Neve Summing.

M. Malloy

6 juillet 2022

Totally legit

I grew up on Neve and I’ll grow old with Neve.

D. Daniel

29 juin 2022

Almost everything you need it to be.

This Neve Summing system is almost everything you need it to be, anywhere from subtle and clear to dirty and crunchy. The only thing missing to make this perfect is a channel instance that speaks to the Bus instance, similar to what other Summing plugins offer.

J. Woods

25 juin 2022

Sounds great!

I love the feel this gives to a mix.

M. Verblakt

13 juin 2022

Should have purchased this much earlier

Awesome summing. My mixes sound much more transparent en coherent.

m. boddi

29 mai 2022

Punch and spatiality

A better perception of the instruments in the mix landscape! fantastic


27 mai 2022

Why ?

Why it's not avalaible for all DAWs users, not only LUNA ? Such a shame guys.

J. Anderson

22 janvier 2022

Sweet and Hot!

I love the sound of this thing. I like to pop this on my bass and kick and vocs, and also sum the mix with this. I have the API and I like that some songs sound great with Neve, and some with API. It elevates the mix.

M. Truzman

12 janvier 2022

Pure Magic

This is the real deal.

J. Vanderhorst

2 janvier 2022

Adds finishing magic ✨

Demoed summing for 3 days and purchased. It adds that radio ready sound when used on your vox , drums & instrument bus. Definitely recommend.

G. Akın

27 novembre 2021

Instant Analog Sound

I'm a musician/mixing engineer and since 2010 I used Pro Tools. The main reason I switched over to LUNA was the extensions and I am more than happy to say that this plugin really made it really easy for me to mix my songs. There is a certain shine to it whether you put it on drums, back vocal buss or guitars, it makes it rounder, fatter and really shiny. That's what you expect from a NEVE anyways. Especially on drums and bass there seems to be a ''Weight"" to the instruments when Neve Summing is on. Yes it is a bit pricey so, I bought it on %50 sale, but when you put it in your Master Buss your whole mix is gonna sound very warm and analog so I think it's worth the price (149USD). I don't usually take the time to write product reviews but this one really got to me! My recommendation is demo it and see the difference, you will be buying it for sure!

K. Severn

17 septembre 2021

I feel like I'm cheating!

Coming from the PC recording world, I'm new to recording in the macworld.
I'm learning it all at once but feel so confident in my UA Apollo x8 and LUNA.
I took advantage of the 50% off of plugins offer after purchasing my Apollo.
I grabbed the Neve Summing and was immediately surprised! Just as beautiful sounding as all of the reviews I checked out prior to jumping in the world of UA.
The Neve Summing made my EZ Drummer2 kits have this fat yet clear quality I never knew I needed. The cymbals sound so smooth and clear, removing the harshness they had. My acoustic guitars now have this warm sparkle to them, in the past I had to EQ to death before I had anything near this sound. All of this without any real time or effort and there it was! A huge smile on my face, I was actually laughing out loud! It really does feel like I'm cheating!

J. Geary

9 juillet 2021


When I first heard about UA releasing a DAW with neve summing as a paid add-on my snake oil meter went off the charts! Cmon people its 2021! All major DAWs have their summing up to par and this is still fully digital so whats the benefit? A little extra saturation and a logo?

Finally got around to digging in and im pretty satisfied. This isnt another DAW v DAW summing test that turns into a rabbit hole of nulls. Its somewhat subtle but elevated enough to stand out above any other ITB sum. The stereo boundaries of your mix get a little extension and each element becomes a bit more defined in its place. I mean we're talking about summing here so even at extremes we're still splitting hairs. Nevertheless Id say its a solid 3/4ths of the sound youd be getting with a proper outboard sum but for nowhere near 3/4ths the price.

When time permits ive found myself stemming out certain subgroups to run them through this in LUNA. Nicely done folks, you got me! *adds to cart*

K. Didvalis

1 mai 2021

Neve Summing

Amazing sound!

M. Franzen

31 mars 2021


That extra 5% <3

M. Khora

27 février 2021

Creamy as Hell. Sweet Analog Heaven

I just got done mixing a beat using this plugin after purchasing it recently and oh my GÔD. This is sweet heaven! I didn’t even stem it out. I just took the two track did a little voodoo on it. Put a touch of Oxide tape a Pultec Legacy Pro a F6 Dynamic to balance everything out. An API 2500 wit -0.3 GR and a Dangerous EQ on it on the pre-master channel and an Analyzer and this is amazing! All I can say is that NEVE is STILL very much alive! I placed it on Low Impedance to keep the bass stomping. IT BROUGHT THIS BEAT TO LIFE! It’s wide as hell in your face and analog as it could ever be. Everything sounds creamy and natural with a touch of fuzz. Oooooooh GÔD!