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Neve Summing

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T. Nourse

30 septembre 2023

Neve Summing

Summing i a great tool and Neve Summing work well with all my applications. Worth every penny.

Y. Jaehoon

17 septembre 2023

Very good

Sound is very good!

C. Gharbi

15 septembre 2023

Neve summing

Très satisfait du produit Uad une valeur sur merci à toutes l'équipe

L. Brown

12 septembre 2023



R. Novak

8 septembre 2023

Never without

On every bus, simply essential.

C. Arias

5 septembre 2023


This extension may not be for everyone, but it’s definitely what I needed to add that glue and cohesiveness to my mixes. It’s subtle, and it adds color and body… but I suppose that’s the point. I’m finding myself running all my mixes through the neve summing plugin now.

M. Vinten

7 août 2023

Instant joy

The "sound of headroom" has decreased on my tracks and given them space, depth, and clarity. Subtle and i love it.

R. Martin

14 juillet 2023


Save your money.

P. Rogosky

12 juillet 2023

Adds richness

The Neve Summing adds a richness and complexity that when taken away I couldn’t live without. So I bought it. Definitely recommended.

S. Dejkalo

8 juillet 2023

Great Plugin!!

One of the best!!

B. Bell

28 juin 2023

Nice shine and glue

Neve Summing has 2 options, high end or low end, both work great. You can add "shine" to the high end or add some nice low end punch.


17 juin 2023


Works with Luna only. Even those who are not good at machines can add Neve saturation. It feels a little stiff, but it doesn't feel like the compressor is too much, which is typical of plug-ins. Isn't this the maximum point of hardware modeling with plug-ins?

D. Eckholm

11 mai 2023


I was not sure how much of a difference this plugin would make since i have not used summing plugins before, but after just some testing i felt in love with this one. The silky smooth and warmth it gives to a track is just lovely.

Recommend as your first summing plugins and sometimes the only

A. Johnson

19 avril 2023

Adds a nice glue and warmth

Use it on everything !

M. Racanelli

9 avril 2023

Glue everything together nicely

Adds nice tones and sound. Great for summing and adds that classic neve sound.

Prefer this one over API but both great.

Highly recommended.

B. Cink

9 avril 2023

Subtle but amazing

I suppose it doesn’t have to be subtle, but when you have it across all of your busses and turn them all on and off you can notice a change in the depth and interaction of the musical components

M. Hartl

2 avril 2023

Low Impedance = LOVE

I can't believe the amount of saturation and glue this brings to my mixes. Incredible extension for the already great Luna recording system.

E. Morgan

16 janvier 2023

Rich and fat.

There's a good reason Neve is a "household name" in recording.
This emulation is a prime example of that.
Density, cohesion, weight,'s all there, and makes a difference.
I was using this on a Zeppelin-esque track and it sounded great with an overall polised quality, but ended up liking the API Summing character better for this particular track...that all said, BUY BOTH!
I summed a group of guitars through this and it added the heft and lost the fizziness they were recorded with. Made mixing them in a breeze.
Highly recommended!

P. Donovan

15 janvier 2023

The finisher for me.

This is the glue that brings it all together for me. Just compliments the mix so well.

R. Vargas

11 janvier 2023

just wow

this adds a noticeable depth to any mix. it isn’t just applying saturation either, like other console emulations. this, along with the other extensions have me reconsidering my main daw for mixing.

1-20 sur 100 résultats

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