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An electric piano dream, in full color.

Electra 88 Vintage Keyboard Studio gives musicians and producers the inspired album-ready sound of a 1974 Rhodes Eighty Eight Suitcase Mark 1 electric piano,* along with a fully stocked "vintage" studio of pro production tools — for in‑the‑box tones nearly indistinguishable from the real thing.

Versions incluses

UAD Native
Fonctionne sur votre Mac ou PC sans le matériel d’UA.

Configuration système requise : les plug-ins UAD natifs fonctionnent sur macOS 10.15 Catalina ou une version ultérieure, ainsi que sur Windows 10 et 11. Consultez notre page d’aide dédiée pour connaître la configuration système requise.

  • Add the rich timbre of a perfectly modeled 1974 Rhodes Eighty Eight Suitcase Mark 1* electric piano to your productions
  • Immerse yourself in a curated analog studio packed with vintage mics, classic amps, and more
  • Create pro sounds with legendary rack effects and stompbox emulations
  • Get inspired with over 100 album‑ready presets, crafted to fit any genre

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Cast your Spell with Authentic Rhodes Magic

Cast your Spell with Authentic Rhodes Magic

Electra 88's sound and playability goes beyond generic electric piano plug-ins and expensive sample libraries. Now you can get the rich three‑dimensional tones of a meticulously maintained vintage instrument and its entire signal path, at your fingertips.

Bedazzle your Keys with the Sound of a Pro Studio

Bedazzle your Keys with the Sound of a Pro Studio

With expertly placed dynamic, condenser, ribbon, and tube mics, genuine 1176 compression, studio-grade reverbs, modulation, EQ, and more, you'll discover a palette of analog textures and tones — from warmly familiar to otherworldly — that fit any genre.

Shape your Tones with Classic Stompboxes and Amps

Shape your Tones with Classic Stompboxes and Amps

From the glorious bark of a perfectly emulated high-powered American tube combo amp to the funky sounds of a vintage Mu-Tron III or Vox wah, Electra 88 gives you jaw-dropping emulations of vintage gear, for electric piano tones that always sit in the mix.*

Enjoy the Journey, with Inspiring Album‑Ready Presets

Enjoy the Journey, with Inspiring Album‑Ready Presets

Discover the perfect sound, from deep soul and ‘70s ballads to righteous jazz/fusion and ambient soundscapes using Electra 88's presets, curated for instant inspiration and maximum enjoyment.

UAD Quick Tips
UAD Quick Tips

UAD Quick Tips

Learn how Electra 88 adds vintage vibe to your productions with a curated collection of pedals, amps, mics, and rack effects.

*All trademarks are property of their respective owners and used only to represent the instrument and effects modeled as part of Electra 88 Vintage Keyboard Studio.

Avis clients

Electra 88 Vintage Keyboard Studio

Evaluation Globale


J. Kriske

8 décembre 2023

Really fun!

Lots of tonal flexibility and really fun to play. It’s making me want to save up for a weighted keyboard!

J. Bru

8 décembre 2023

La mejor emulación!!!!

Me encanta como suena, todos los efectos que tiene y es una gran herramienta para composición. Todavía me queda mucho por descubrir y lo recomiendo al 100%

J. Davies

3 décembre 2023

Cross Rhode

Sounds fantastic! Just recorded a new song that’s sick and vibey with the sounds from this awesome plugin. The effects are great.

J. Lehmkuhl

27 novembre 2023

Note off DC Click & Bashed Hard Samples, no way to not use them

I read the reviews and thought this would be a great addition to the amazing synths UA has made but there are some flaws that make this a piano I likely will never use in its current state. Instead of a nice note off sample with a little thunk to it, there is a very loud click that equals their note off sample choice which doesn't sound realistic and once you hear it, you will never play and not hear it. Thankfully there is a "Release Level" slider to turn this off (it's at Max volume by default). The bigger problem is that the hardest hit samples have a almost painful hammer attack to them and I have not found any patches that didn't use these hardest hit samples. Even the velocity controls don't give you an absolute Min/Max so you could window below these samples - so if you're playing really loud intense rock, this piano might fit in perfect, of if you play with a feather touch, but I play full range and find this Rhodes sample set (at 8GB) is not useful for me. 1st disappointed purchase of anything UA makes, ever.

M. Rother

26 novembre 2023

Toller Sound, schreckliche Usability

Eigentlich ist das Plugin toll. Aber die UA Connect App ist echt schlecht. Man braucht immer Internet, wenn es kurz weg ist, geht das Plugin nicht mehr. Schön, wenn man exportiert und dann merkt, dass im Export auf einmal was fehlt. Eine Wiederverbindung der UA App funktioniert nicht, man muss den ganzen Rechner neu starten.
Und das passiert hier also mehrfach pro Sitzung, da ich das Internet übers Handy erhalte und auch mal weggehe vom Rechner, der daraufhin die Verbindung verliert.
Wäre alles kein Problem, wenn die App sich wenigstens wiederverbinden würde. Auch per Task-Manager beenden geht nicht. Der Rechner muss neu gestartet werden.

A. Mazzaev

21 novembre 2023

Ear Candy!

Warm, organic sound! Feels like you’re playing on the hardware and not the midi keyboard. It’s inspiring and really addictive:)

T. Anderson

7 novembre 2023

All the sounds you just can't afford!!!

So it was expensive for a plugin, but I was not disappointed. This is well worth the spend if your after those classic sounds and you can't afford the real thing. I highly recommend

M. Stefan

4 novembre 2023

Such a...

Authentic rhodes sound. Thanks for making this, beneath others of your superiour plugins available also for people on a smaller budget. Friend ly. Respect.

D. Cano

16 octobre 2023

Electric n Real

sounds great!

D. Cano

16 octobre 2023

Electric n Real

sounds great!

D. Cano

16 octobre 2023

Electric n Real

sounds great!

P. Rogosky

16 octobre 2023


Love it! The sounds and choices are infinite. It’s so easy to find a cool sound/part for a song using this Electra 88 plug in. Really great!

L. Del Prete

18 septembre 2023

one of the best emulations on the market

I owned a Mark II (I'm still tearing my hair out for selling it), I own countless virtual versions of the most famous software houses, I own countless hardware emulations (Roland, Yamaha, Nord Stage, Kurzweil) so I know very well what I'm talking about and I can affirm in all honesty that this is one of the best virtual emulations on the market and worth all the money spent.
Especially the effect sound presets are absolutely fantastic.

Like all virtual emulations, however, it's necessary to use an excellent keybed and choose the one that best suits the touch response


7 septembre 2023

Comme un grand !

Super émulation de piano électrique. A+++

E. Brassard

14 août 2023



E. Brassard

14 août 2023



D. Mallon

8 août 2023

Is it good?

I bought this on the back of seeing how it stacks up to other 3rd party electric pianos which I own and love and I have to say, true to form, UA really do a faithful job here. The sound is really nice and warm, the tone shaping that you can do by yourself is really vast and there are a load of great user presets also that can accomodate any style you're playing to or you can tweak them to best suit your needs. I really love the plugin and I’m super happy I went in for it, it will be used on everything I do that needs Rhodes which is most of my work.

T. Turner

29 juillet 2023

This sounds great!

I have a few Rhode style plugins and this one is at the top as far as the sound goes. There are a couple of things that need to be worked out as far as playability and function, maybe it needs more voices so it doesn't cut off notes but overall a really good sound.

M. Schulz

28 juillet 2023

Great instrument

One of the best Rhodes plugins for sure

S. Lehmann

21 juillet 2023

Electric Piano for Dreamy Flow

An electric piano with a dreamy flow. I've been looking for this electric piano for a long time, a version with such a dreamlike flow, finally there is this piano. I love it so much because I can finally do what I want with it. It puts me in a realm where I can access effects instantly and tweak the sound I need.