Plug-In Maag EQ4® EQ

Plug-In Maag EQ4® EQ

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Un égaliseur transparent et léger qui donne de la vie à vos pistes.

Dans une quête autoproclamée de « perfection audio », Cliff Maag a conçu l'EQ4 pour offrir une présence dans les aigus et une transparence sans égales, tout en maintenant un son naturel et authentique. Conçu en collaboration avec Brainworx, le plug-in Maag EQ4 pour systèmes UAD-2 et interfaces Apollo est une émulation restituant habilement cet égaliseur classique.

S'appuyant sur le légendaire NTI EQ3 des années 80 - qui n'est plus fabriqué depuis longtemps - le plug-in EQ4 dispose de la célèbre commande Air Band de Maag, une composante majeure de la chaîne de mixage des voix aussi bien dans Ray of Light de Madonna que dans Taking Chances de Céline Dion.

Vous pouvez maintenant :

Ajouter une présence naturelle et musicale au chant, aux guitares acoustiques et aux overheads

Magnifier facilement le haut du spectre sans dureté ni sifflements

Utiliser les cinq positions de la commande Air Band pour rapidement injecter de la vie dans des pistes trop ternes

Faire des corrections larges et musicales avec l'égaliseur tout en préservant le signal source d'origine

Caractéristiques Principales

Émulation précise du Maag EQ4®

Six bandes d'égalisation, y compris la fameuse AIR BAND®

Offre une transparence et une présence hors pair dans les aigus tout en conservant l'aspect naturel du son original

Le son des voix de Madonna, Céline Dion, Snoop Dogg et des Black Eyed Peas

Adopté par les directeurs artistiques David Reitzas, Dave Pensado et Dylan Dresdow

Les réglages d'égalisation sont obtenus avec une altération minimale de la phase

Contrôle Trim supplémentaire (absent sur la version matérielle) pour régler le niveau plus aisément

Conçu pour les applications professionnelles exigeantes

L'interaction des passe-bandes de la version matérielle a été capturée dans sa totalité dans l’édition logicielle

Avis Clients

Maag EQ4® EQ

Evaluation Globale

(216 avis)

E. Field

28 juin 2016

Two words: AIR BAND

This might be the most immediately useful plug I've gotten my hands on from UAD.

It is so easy to dial in useful and musical sound with this little blue wonder, which has become my go-to. Have tried using it just about everywhere and it almost always makes things sound better, quickly and with little fuss.

But the real secret weapon here is the Air Band. Wow. Just the right kind of air / sparkle / sheen to open things up beautifully without getting honky or harsh. Amazing.

It's a steal right now. So glad I picked it up.

Most satisfied UAD purchase yet...The crew at Brainwork is TOP NOTCH

M. Niemczyk

14 janvier 2016

Nice Air

I can`t tell if the eq is really the most musical one or not, i use it for the AIR band. It works. I also don´t get why people need a difference to the Plugin Alliance version and hope the cooperation goes on. The prices are nearly the same and obviously synced, the only difference is regarding running natively or dsp-powerd, where both has each advantages/disadvantages. I hope some day, we have one big Plugin Store, where you buy a plugin and get it in both versions, DSP powered and Native. Also you don`t have to download multiple bundles when setting up a new computer. This is my dream ... and a DSP powered H3000 Factory ;)

I. Papagiannidis

26 décembre 2015

one of the best eqs

so clean, so easy to use!
perfect for clearing up drums, guitars,vox

J. Milner

14 décembre 2015

MAAG-eq4 ... liking it

I spent some time comparing this to both the legacy and current version of UADs pultec. I basically just looped a male vocal and scrutinized how they all reacted with similar cuts/boosts in the mids and highs. The thing that imediately struck me was how open the maag 4 sounded compared to the legacy pultec. The current pultec was impressive (Ive read reviews where peeps cant tell between the the new and legacy..) and comparable to the maag but I was surprised how the details around the vocals were revealed in different ways by all the three eqs. I have a few eq plugins from uad and other providers but I have to say the maag-eq4 is easily one of the best for musical sounding adjustments.... great top end and low end heft is there if wanted

J. Barriuso

25 octobre 2015

Very good

Very simple EQ but with a superb sound, the air zone is great, but also in lows and mids it adds a very colorful sound, very musical.

P. Sommer

21 juillet 2014

Simple but effective

I find this EQ very responsive and it makes a big difference on whatever I use it on. I love the Air-band, but I try not to use too much of it, which is hard because it sounds so open and beautiful. The only minus is that the level trim is very fiddly.

F. Ulloa

14 juillet 2014

Djungel Pancho

Very nice....shiny tops and phat lows.
Sets the shit in the mix were i want it to bee...

S. Kirkland

30 avril 2014

Simple To Use & So Satisfying

We can't say enough about the Maag EQ4. From lifting synths in the mix or making room for percussion… We love it. Scott & Ken (the crystal method)

A. Omairat

20 mars 2014

Best EQ

This is EQ make all instruments And vocals warm, This Plugin is a most have. I work with this maag this make it my Music Professional.


K. Bushen

9 février 2014


The Air band opens up tracks in a unique way. A welcome addition!

A. Irizarry

7 février 2014


This and the 1176 RevA Combo is what separates my studio from others, hands down.

S. Cooper

7 janvier 2014

Best Vocal EQ on the market

The Maag EQ4 is, by far, the best vocal plugin I've ever used. It can be used on many different things, but it's "Air Band" makes vocals naturally cut through the mix without it sounding strange. I couldn't recommend it any more.

K. Newton

6 décembre 2013

Vocal Majic

This plugin is now a rash all over my mixes - 6 Stars !

U. Borjesson

5 décembre 2013

High up in the Air...

As a old-time user of the hardware version of this one, I can only say that this IS the Air filter now in a plugin!

Just add a sparkle at 10 or 20 (or try it higher but I am 52 years old:-)) and then turn up the gain until you hear it, now back off a fraction and then toggle bypass, and understand that this is the only brightener you need, forever.

Use it on all my masterings!

B. Herle

19 novembre 2013

Am I crazy?

I've been comparing the demo to every other UAD eq, and something about it has me picking it over every single other plug-in. It's not a soft eq, but it's also not hard in a bad way, it's got amazing punch and clarity. I can't quite get any other EQ to do what it does, and it has me considering using one of my 3 choices on it, despite it being $70 cheaper than other options like the API. Seriously, am I just crazy?

P. Moshay

18 novembre 2013


Im sitting here next to the hardware version that I've had for years and this plug gives me the same thing i always go for.
Opens the top without harshness. The Sub bands are like no other, and the 160Hz/650hz sweeten the pot.
Every engineer should own this, Harrison, Neve & Pultec and you're covered for vibe.

L. Hughes

18 novembre 2013

Just love this EQ!

In the middle of a mastering project and an email popped up telling me about this plugin. Had to give it a go. Never used an EQ with one control per band that gets instant great sounds like this does. Superb!

M. Voumvaki

6 avril 2015


Great eq but i bought the native version from Plugin Alliance for $89 during a sale.

D. Radicati

2 décembre 2013

hmmmm same as Plugins alliance Maag EQ4

I bought maag EQ4 plugin from plugin alliance some times ago... and then UA did this new emulation, so i tried the demo and compared to my Maag EQ4 from Plugin alliance.

And... THEY ARE THE SAME! They have the same presets... the same sound... in protools I created two tracks and copied the same snare sound with the same Maag EQ4 one from UA and one from Plugin alliance.... they did sound the same!!!!

To be sure of that i just inverted one track phase and then played the two tracks together, what i did expect was to hear a little difference, hear something.... but no sound, no sound at all, what a perfect phase inversion!!!! The two plugins are identical!

ps sorry for my english!

A. Anestis

26 juin 2014

Maag Plugin Alliance vs Uad Maag

I 've tried Maag demo from uad and also from Plugin Alliance.

Not even one difference on 44 and 48 kHz.

Better stay with Alliance's soft. Although is cheaper to buy from here now with the discount but is very light ( not cpu hungry ) so why bother my uad dsp with a same quality plugin (?).
Thumbs down uad. ( 2 stars because you have it cheaper with the discount )