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  • 3.9/5
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Get the legendary tube compressor from Capitol Studios.

Capitol Mastering Compressor gives you the rich sound of the CM5511 — a legendary handbuilt tube mastering compressor designed and used by Capitol Studios on historic catalogs and thousands of hit records. Exclusively modeled by UA, now you can get the same professional finishing touch previously only available at Capitol Studios.

Versions incluses

UAD Native
Fonctionne sur votre Mac ou PC sans le matériel d’UA.

Configuration système requise : les plug-ins UAD natifs fonctionnent sur macOS 10.15 Catalina ou une version ultérieure, ainsi que sur Windows 10 et 11. Consultez notre page d’aide dédiée pour connaître la configuration système requise.

  • Give your tracks the velvet touch of Capitol's handbuilt mastering compressor, the CM5511
  • Get the pro sonics of the same hardware used on catalogs from Capitol, Blue Note, Motown, Verve, and more
  • Easily increase perceived loudness and texture in your productions with Saturator, Mix, and Headroom controls
  • Tighten your low end and expand your stereo width using simple Mono Fold and Mid/Side features

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Get the Exclusive Sound of Capitol Mastering

Get the Exclusive Sound of Capitol Mastering

The CM5511 compressor has mastered entire catalogs from Capitol, Motown, Geffen, Blue Note, Def Jam, and dozens more, as well as modern records by Black Sabbath, Demi Lovato, and Selena Gomez.* Inspired by vintage Fairchild 670 and Gates Sta‑Level tube limiters — and designed for consistent results across Capitol's four mastering rooms — Capitol Mastering Compressor is an exacting emulation of this "spare no expense" hardware, giving you the modern tube-based sound of this custom-made dynamics masterpiece.

Expanded Controls for Complete In‑The‑Box Mastering

Expanded Controls for Complete In‑The‑Box Mastering

Easily tighten low end, add subtle saturation, and tweak the stereo field with easy‑to‑use "plug‑in only" controls. Plus, comprehensive dBFS and LUFS metering and sidechain filter means you have a full-featured, modern mastering tool at your fingertips.

Add Expensive Sound to your Instrument Groups

Add Expensive Sound to your Instrument Groups

Not just for the 2‑bus, Capitol Mastering Compressor will add its tube‑based magic to your drum bus, synths, background vocals, and more, giving you the gorgeous dynamics control only achievable with this one‑of‑a‑kind, hit‑proven hardware.

*Use of artist names does not constitute official endorsement of Capitol Mastering Compressor software.

Avis clients

Capitol Mastering Compressor

Evaluation Globale


D. Vazquez

10 décembre 2023

A must have!!

Great compressor, at a sales price it's unbeatable!! Really great!!

A. Hunt

8 décembre 2023

Another 5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Love it on the master bus. Chefs kiss.

J. Kriske

8 décembre 2023


Definitely has its place., especially at sale prices


8 décembre 2023

Just Native?!?!

You should release it in UAD format as soon as possible, together with all your “Just Native” products. This strategy will backfire you guys.

D. Hogan

7 décembre 2023


I dig it!

E. Fitzgerald

29 novembre 2023

Iron& Velvet

Sounds so good.

D. Hogan

23 novembre 2023

Didn't think I needed another Mastering Compressor until I tried Capitol Mastering Compressor

Didn't think I needed another Mastering Compressor until I tried Capitol Mastering Compressor .

D. Pejakovic

21 novembre 2023

top gear

very nice comp!

D. Philippot

21 novembre 2023

Listen to your customers

Looks like the ol’ bait and switch … if you want our plugins … buy our hardware …. Great … Now that we have your money … if you want plugins buy our subscription .

S. Bhaga

16 novembre 2023


This is a MUST have, strictly speaking of the sound quality, this compressor is an absolute BEAST. One step closer to hardware quality ITB. I understand why people are annoyed, but they're missing something... The fact that you can now take your UA plugins on the road, without your HW! And..UA have given me an array of my plugins to use on UA connect. Magnificent plugin and a step in the right direction. 5 stars.

L. Grudzinski

18 octobre 2023

Capitol Mastering Compressor does not disappoint. Best gear!

Capital Records is known for the best in recording. I jumped at the chance to own a piece of their iconic gear, the Capital Mastering Compressor. It did not disappoint. The warmth of the sound took my mastering to a whole new level of excellence. Each preset has its flavour, adding a unique choice for any mix. Capital Mastering Compressor reproduces the old record sounds the warmth you would hear the best recording of all time. Best gear!

G. Corben

16 octobre 2023

Wonderful, subtle warmth + little bit of saturation

I saw the ad for this on Instagram the day it was launched and just bought a a different compressor from a German company. But, I kept coming back, checking reviews. Glad I did as it gets used on everything, sometimes just Master Bus its very subtle, which I like.
I also like the fact it has no rival maker of the same model.
Plus UAD presets are always good and comprehensive and always cover instruments or sound situations not covered by other companies presets.
They are great place to quickly start and then tweak from.


14 octobre 2023


I've been using the analog compressors from the Access analog website so far and I have to admit that the one I turn to most often is this one. ✨

S. Jackson

11 octobre 2023

Doesn't come with UAD Complete

Just invested in the complete UAD line thinking I'd get every compressor plugin, this being one I was looking forward to using. Found out it's not included, I guess because it's native only?! Please release this as a standard UAD plugin.

M. Schulz

9 octobre 2023

Fabolous sound

I find myself using this on all my groups and master. The saturator button is definitely a secret weapon and I find myself using it a lot.

N. Johnson

7 octobre 2023

Native only?!?

I spent thousands of dollars on my rig just so that this company can abandon me with the release of plugins like this?! Unbelievable. I won’t be continuing on with UA products unless this is fixed.

T. Corfiatis

5 octobre 2023

Nice sound, but .....

Shame about the Native Only version. This tells me one thing about UAD, they're probably going to dump their hardware DSPs in the not too distant future. Since many like myself have invested in these DSP hardware units, there will probably be a lot of very unhappy people, including myself. If I want CPU heavy native plugins which sound great, I can think of other competitors who make better sounding plugins than UAD. But the only way to use those in real time is to freeze the tracks. The reason I got the DSP boxes was so that I can run plugins in real time, just like hardware and adjust them as I mix. Why did I bother ?......

k. T

28 septembre 2023

Universal compressor

This is the simplest and easiest bus compressor I have ever used.

J. Frýbert

16 septembre 2023

Capitol Mastering Compressor

A versatile, great-sounding compressor that can be used on individual tracks, mix buses, the main mix bus and as a mastering compressor. I enjoy working with him. No project of mine is complete without the Capitol Mastering Compressor. Thanks for him, great job.

R. Graterol

15 septembre 2023

Beautiful compressor and finisher

I don’t get why people are upset with this not being offered for dsp. Why would you track on a mastering compressor when there are many other options already? This plugin imparts a nice width, color and sheen to your mixes in a very natural way. Controls are fiddly, headroom knob will be your friend. Love it! Another plugin I didn’t know I needed (and I probably don’t need it) but it sounds like a record