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UAD-2 PCIe Cards

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J. Verdol

19 mars 2023

Uad 2 Quad.

Super système sans failles.

A. cantone

24 février 2023



D. Pekacar

20 février 2023


Everything is perfect

E. Cruz

1 février 2023

Best system

Game changer. Easy to install and nothing to be intimidated by. Plugins work good.

d. gruenwald

11 janvier 2023

uad 2 pcie

so far I tried lexicon 224 and akg bx 20 - very unique reverbs. this is my first step into the uad ecosystem, so more to follow


2 janvier 2023


My arrival at the uad plugins, was through the purchase of the LA 610 mk2 analog hardware purchase a few years ago, it was a revolution for my windows-based system, it allowed me to raise the level of my music.
I still prefer your plugins to those of other brands because above all the analog emulations are very successful, I have some in real hardware that I use in my projects completed with your plugins, that's why I have acquired more cards to have more power and it has been satisfactorily noticed .
My collection of plugins has increased considerably now having almost everything I need without leaving your platform.
In addition to all this, the updates are a pleasure and how fast and well everything works.
Thanks Universal audio for the great work you do.

D. Hamilton

26 décembre 2022

Great little addition to my solo

I own a Solo, which is great for tracking, but it immediately made me want a little more power for mixes. This is a fantastic way to expand on your setup and open up a lot more options. Super easy to install, just slotted it in and it immediately worked. Very happy.

Y. Oniduka

15 décembre 2022



Utilisateur UAD

10 décembre 2022


With uad, I can do the mixing I want.

H. Bitar

3 décembre 2022

Big project I like UAD Pci 2


T. Phan

2 décembre 2022

Must Have

So, I was going back and forth between PCIe and USB versions of the accelerator. With USB version, I can take it anywhere and it means I can use UAD plugins wherever I go. Yet the downside of the USB version is space: you need space for USB connection, an adaptor, and the USB box itself (and one day when I turn it on and off too often, then the switch may break). With the PCIe card, I can save space and have no worries about the switch. I just can't use it anywhere (and I don't know whether it will be compatible when I upgrade my computer). Finally, I decided to go with the PCIe card because each system can only have the maximum of two USB accelerators, but more than two PCIe cards if needed. This card is a champion. I can save a lot of space and have no worries about setting up the optimal USB setting for the USB version. Since it connects straight to the mainboard, it is very quick in action. I got two of them in my system and plan to buy a third one as I still have one more PCIe slot. In short, I love this item.

c. tales

22 octobre 2022

Ça sonne

vraiment cool .ne plus subir la latence du processeur pc
Quel bonheur.
Stable installation rapide .

E. Hasselberg

27 septembre 2022

Does what it says on the tin

I built a new studio PC and this one was really a no brainer as I have 79 UAD plugins to choose from.

J. Blokland

22 septembre 2022

Octo PCIe card

Works as advertised. Popped it straight into my Highpoint PCIe/TB enclosure, no problem. Now I'm able to utilize my Capitol Chambers and Ocean Way plugs as I'd like in my mixes. Only quibble is that you can't use the DSP chips during recording, only the ones in the Apollo interface.

R. Catcheside

16 septembre 2022

Audio awesomeness

Bought mainly for the Studer A800 and Ampex mastering tape plugins.
Really happy with the results - as close to tape as you’re going to get without using tape. And it doesn’t weigh 400 kilos.
Really impressed with the Ocean Way plugin too.
I like the platform, the activation process is pretty good. It’d be better if unregistered plugins could be de-selected from the UA console so that they wouldn’t show in your DAW without manual intervention.
I love being able to purchase outright, and not on a subscription model.
UA plugins are awesome!

J. Forry

7 septembre 2022

Another level

This accelerator card can handle shed loads of plugins. A real work horse. Great product well worth the buy.

R. Appleton

15 juillet 2022

User Friendly

The install and activation process of the UAD PCIe cards is so easy and user friendly. I'm a musician, not a tech, and it was such a stress free experience to get up and running. And obviously, the plug ins are top of the range in sound, look and usability. I'm a very happy member of the Universal Audio family!

A. Nelson

7 juin 2022

Very nice

I dont use a lot of plugins and the ones I do use are either stock ones for surgical things or plugins by Acustica. Mainly GOLD.
I found everything about installing this pcie card extremely easy, even either than trying to install one Waves plugin.
If I can afford to buy more UAD plugins in the future (ie. The Precion Limiter) then I will. Wink wink nudge nudge
I like the stock plugins it came with. I dont understand why the input on the 1176 is turned up so far to start this, that is slightly annoying because i never start there with the real 1176LN that I own, but it works great. Love the Pultecs but I need to get the mid range unit too.

Q. Phùng

12 mai 2022


Fits my job

B. Bartholomew

7 mai 2022

A very good sound with a little annoyance.

Early days. Initial impression sound wise is very, very good and I am pleased (check out numerous online audio examples). I was tickled by the subtle rounding in a lush way a Neve pre amp worked on a guitar input. Lovely, it's the little things. Studer tape sim does the trick wonderfully, thank you UAD. However: UAD software has crashed a couple of times which I was surprised by. I am looking into the cause but this was surprising, hence the 4 stars. If just on tone 5 out of 5.

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