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SPL® TwinTube Processor

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D. Morgan

25 février 2015

SPL on Logic X

Excellente for Make Noize and saturante Music

A. Weiss

17 janvier 2015

Give the sound a real touch of highly quality preamp

I had a vocal line which I wished to enhance it to cut through the mix, but without distort its nature timbre or add an extra air. This is the plugin for that kind of a job.
It just put extra volume to the line, keeping its nature timbre.

M. Haga

13 janvier 2015

one of the must items

It is one of the most effective plugins for polishing my sounds, which vitaminizes their presences. Very good!!

T. Friesecke

9 janvier 2015


The Plug-In works awesome on vocals! i love it....

R. Olivier

21 décembre 2014

The harmonic control

The SPL Twin Tube Processor is gives a very precise control of the harmonic enrichment for a mix or mastering. It avoids calibration errors in the insertion of a hardware and instantly found its settings.

R. Olivier

21 décembre 2014

The harmonic control

Le SPL Twin Tube Processor est donne un contrôle très précis de l'enrichissement harmonique pour un mix ou un mastering . On évite les érreurs de calibration à l'insertion d'un hardware et on retrouve instantanément ses réglages.

Y. Hsu

16 décembre 2014

Amazing Air

Air arounds is all vibrating
and vibrating my ears, my breathe

C. Hoyer

10 juillet 2014

Awesome character

This is one of my favorite plug-ins. The double tube emulation does wonders for weak or thin sounds. A great use for this one is to beef up VSTi synth leads that need a bit of body, and to remove that "digital" sound in the top end by giving it a bit of saturation and moving the focal point down out of the top end and into the mid/high range with the harmonics. Instantly sounds more "real".
The only downside I can think of is that I wish there was more of a color difference between the different harmonic frequency settings, but that's not enough by far to knock a star off my review. Full marks.

K. Wayte

21 juin 2014

The handy magic touch

I picked up this plugin with the intention of using it for that "magic touch" of tube sound when I wanted it. Sure, you can try to use some of the old preamp plugins to attempt this, but I found them too subtle in the cases where I wanted that real fine rasp and those airy harmonics to be more obvious. The TTP not only does it perfectly, but it has the range of barely-there-subtle to outright overdriven. The complete control over frequency sweet spot, harmonics, and saturation, not only make it brain dead easy - but fast. You'll find you'll get what you want within seconds. It's like adding the perfect sauce on your already perfect steak.

J. Van

18 mai 2014

Best for mixing to add nice shine an compression

I Love this Plugin. I use a Lot , for Vocals and many instruments.
It has the overtone shine that i often Miss in recorded Tracks.
The saturation is Smoothie to crisp and very usefull to gifte the sound more
In the Face sound without making compression. Very nice Thanks uad.

D. Pearson

30 avril 2014

SPL Twin Tube Processor

Simple, eazy to use way to get high quality tube saturation and harmonic colorization. I've gotten terrific results using it on vocals and a number of instruments. Especially bass and strings, but also have found it really dresses up in the box versions of analog synths. Doesn't add gain so it's easy to throw in at any stage in the recording/mixing process without being sidetracked from your project by having to reset levels.

P. Ross

27 février 2014

Awesome Powered Plugin!!!

I have most of UA plugins along with an Apollo 16 and a PCIe card. I am a faithful customer because everything they put out is by far the best on the market. This SPL TwinTube Processor is very responsive to things that tend to need more compression. I love it on vocals, pianos and acoustic guitars just to name a few.

H. Fadel

17 février 2014

the perfect saturator

This plugin brings beautiful saturation and frequency specific harmonics to your tracks. I specially like it on vocal, kick, and bass tracks that need that extra grunge or "dirt." Check it out for yourself!

D. Moon

2 février 2014

Super duper

this can be used on just about anything!!!! i mainly use it for vocals or electric guitar when I'm having trouble getting it to cut through the mix.

F. Minoia

19 janvier 2014

Easy and powerful

SPL plugin is really great. Easy to use and useful (for me) on any instrument or voice. Great harmonics made ??from it. Highest mark.

Q. Matt

15 janvier 2014

SPL TwinTube

Perfect. Exactly what I expected. Just a little bit greedy in processing (7%). But worth it.

L. Sicilia

11 janvier 2014


Semplicemente ECCEZZIONALE!!!!!!!!!! La voce maschile e le Chitarre acustiche hanno un calore indescrivibile! Sembra di lavorare in ambiente totalmente valvolare.

J. Cox

4 janvier 2014

Really nice on vocals and guitars

I love this thing on my guitar chain through the apollo. Vintage Amp Room / ENGL E765 -_ Vision -_ TwinTube is just awesome. So beautiful... I've seen a lot of hate of the word "warm" when it comes to describing plugins... but this thing really does add warmth to my guitar tracks and something interesting and unique to vocals. I'm still finding where I love it with vocals but I couldn't be happier with this plug.

J. Cummins

3 janvier 2014

SPL magic

This plug-in is magic everything you say it does it does!

J. Cummins

3 janvier 2014

SPL magic

This plug-in is magic everything you say it does it does!

41-60 sur 77 résultats