Plug-in SPL® TwinTube Processor

Plug-in SPL® TwinTube Processor

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Ajoutez facilement à vos sources la saturation, les harmoniques et la présence chaleureuses des lampes.

Les ingénieurs de mixage professionnels emploient depuis longtemps le SPL TwinTube hardware pour sa capacité à faire ressortir les voix et les instruments, en accentuant certaines harmoniques pour ajouter de la présence et du caractère, sans impacter la dynamique. Le plug-in SPL TwinTube Processor pour systèmes UAD-2 et interfaces Apollo apporte directement - dans votre station de travail audio numérique - les particularités, le son et le caractère du matériel SPL d’origine haut de gamme.

Le plug-in SPL TwinTube Processor combine savamment, dans un même processeur, deux effets essentiels des lampes : la saturation et les harmoniques. Il est conçu comme deux étages entièrement indépendants – qui peuvent fonctionner en même temps ou séparément – chacun apportant son propre caractère unique. Le résultat est une palette de façonnage sonore exceptionnellement large, d'une saturation douce et onctueuse à un grognement profond, avec un éventail d'harmoniques pour ajouter de la chaleur.

Vous pouvez maintenant :

Renforcer la présence et l'imagerie spatiale sans augmenter la dynamique globale

Ajouter aux instruments et aux voix la chaleur, la saturation et les riches harmoniques des lampes analogiques

Donner facilement du corps à des synthés virtuels, tout en ajoutant de l'air et en élargissant l'horizon sonore

Mettre en forme et définir des signaux bien au-delà des traditionnels égaliseurs et compresseurs

Caractéristiques Principales

Version plug-in authentique du processeur d'effets à lampes SPL TwinTube de renommée internationale

Ajoute aux instruments et aux voix la chaleur, la saturation et la distorsion harmonique des lampes analogiques

Renforce la présence et l'imagerie spatiale sans augmenter la dynamique globale

Interface intuitive, simple d’emploi, avec une souplesse d’utilisation facilitée

Développé par SPL pour la plate-forme de plug-ins UAD Powered

Avis Clients

SPL® TwinTube Processor

Evaluation Globale

(67 avis)

A. Heinzelmann

31 mars 2019

Fast and easy Harmonics

I use the SPL TwinTube Processor Plugin to get the harmonics i need on a single channel. It is easy to use and makes my workflows very fast. And it is great sounding too. I allways like to use it.

S. Debontridder

26 décembre 2018

Magic fairy dust on snares!

I've used the SPL Twintube Processor on just about every part of my productions, but it really shines on snares - makes them pop and even acts as a natural limiter of some sorts. Great stuff, and great bang for the buck!

M. Diaz Velez

14 décembre 2018

Adding warm to cold digital life

SPL always gives you what you need, no more, no less. This emulation gives you a valve color and warm but do not add extra character. Do not sound digital, if you use it "wisdomly" will improve your audio more than you could believe. Thanks UA!

j. park

5 décembre 2018

nice tool but

there are other nice saturation plug ins so , this is not a must buy item

V. Orhan

30 novembre 2018

An excellent tube warmth plugin

If you want to just add tube warmth to your sound, this is the most excellent solution.

J. Bell

23 juin 2018

Horses and courses I guess.

The high harmonic function of this plugin is fantastic - usually; on the wrong source it just makes everything worse.
The unwelcome intermodulation distortion component of the other control can only be used both sparingly and very carefully. lest it badly unglue your mix.
perhaps it's intended for master bus usage, but I think it's way to heavy handed for that.

M. Narain

27 mars 2018

SPL Tube Enhancement

I used to own an Avalon 737 & sold it & then regretted. I then bought an Avalon M5 & it’s not the same it was way more transparent than I wanted. I wanted that roundness back my vox & I wanted to doit during the trackin phase. I demoed the TwinTube & WaveArts which I had to use after trackin. Both good but the TwinTube sounded better on vox & the WaveArts sounded better on Instruments. I’m very please with my choice for vox. To me it was very close if not indistinguishable to a multiple tube unit.

B. McDade

20 février 2018

Very useful on transient design and sound shaping.

try and you will buy!

J. Kervinen

23 décembre 2016

Excellent for many sources

I'm personally using this for Basses. I don't know why, but it gives the magical character I have always been looking for. Subtle roughness and pushes the edges if you want so. I also have the native version, but somehow I always turn to the UAD version.

G. Hout

4 décembre 2016

Awesome on sampled keyboard sounds

For keyboards I use only stereo samples (electric and acoustic piano) and I was surprised how much life and shine this little plugin can bring to the sampled sounds. Helps them to cut through when the mix is getting a little cluttererd.

M. Sylvin

6 novembre 2016

Vocals without SPL Twintube? No thanks

Perfect. pick a preset & tweek it a bit...or go from zero to 100 on your own. You can not go wrong. I am trying not to use it everywhere:-)

p. desgreniers

11 octobre 2016

808 wow

This on a Tr-808 will do magic. Snare, Bass Drum, etc.

R. Trinabhametr

24 juin 2016

The most beautiful harmonic enhancer ever heard

The saturation is warm and easily to manipulate, two types of harmonic sequences is well balanced in musical way. The overload detector is more useful than one might think, a little of unwanted distortion or bad noise may make a mix bad undetectably, but it's possible to forget about them, if using this plugin in the right manner. Worth expense!!

V. Azevedo

3 juin 2016

Natural and harmonical

Will be my next plugin from UA.
I tried it on a Mix and on a Master. It's the kind of plugin that we don't need to spend much time to hear the purpose.
It gives Life to the Vocals, Acoustics, Brass, Strings, almost everything, because it's harmonical, natural, musical.
Try it before finish your mixes.

S. Tib

1 juin 2016

Great for vocal, bass and electric piano !

Twintube is an easy solution to add warm and harmonics distortion, to vocal, bass, and electric keys.
It's easy to use, the presets are pretty good for a starting point if you don't want to fiddle !

R. Olivier

5 avril 2016

Chaosthetic Cosmos premastering

Sound engineer for CrossAngel:The album "Chaosthetic Cosmos" has been fully treated with UAD2 in 2014.
Neve 88RS channel strip for the mix then Studer A800, SPL TwinTube and Precision Equalizer for the premastering.
Effective tools that helped keep the analog sound throughout the project.Thanks!

Utilisateur UAD

18 mars 2016

Great for adding some bite to cut through mix

I saw a video with a high profile engineer/mixer (might have been Warren Huart) using this on a bass track to get it to cut through the mix better. I have a lot of UAD plugs and never considered this one, but it looked like it made it really easy to add some sizzle and life to an otherwise dull track in a way not possible with simple EQ. Well, it does. I'm loving it so far. I can imagine using it on more than just bass, maybe even guitars, vocals. Might be one of those things I want to use a lot, but need to be careful not to overdo it.

F. PdC

12 février 2016


A great tool for popping up any element on a mix or if You want to crush things just a little bit.
I've compared It with an AU version owned by a colleague and the UAD version sounds much better.
Besides It's great on vocals, try It on horns and harmonica too.

Utilisateur UAD

7 février 2016


A great tool for popping up any element on a mix or if You want to crush things just a little bit.
I've compared It with an AU version owned by a colleague and the UAD version sounds much better.
Besides It's great on vocals, try It on horns and harmonica too.

R. Wydh

16 janvier 2016

nice plug for snare and timbale

like this plug in my collection special for timbale and snare
a plug one must have