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Sonnox Oxford Limiter v2

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Utilisateur UAD

30 juin 2016

Oxford Limiter

I love this limiter. Transparent and gives a lift to tracks without coloration unless you want that. It is invaluable to my mastering!!!


25 juin 2016

Top limiter

Top limiter plugin no other word is needed ..

N. Murphy O'Brien

10 juin 2016

A Limiter finally ready for the Future! (TPL)

With true peak limiting, i can finally get my masters sounding loud, without clipping and it doesn't sound like a limiter. Very transparent and because I can use it to make my audio sound "like the pros", I'm giving it 5/5

R. Hartley

6 juin 2016


I've been a long time L2/L3 user. Then, I demo'd the Oxford Limiter ...never looked back. Highly recommended.

A. Rizzo

2 juin 2016

L3.. You're fired

Have been looking for a replacement for Waves L2 for years: Something transparent, that just brought the final mix up to todays levels
At first I thought that might be the L3, but sadly both of the "L"s just batter the "L" out of the mix if hit too hard.

Dabbled with others, but none stayed.

Then cometh the Oxford. Oxford stays. L's fired.

S. Kirkland

23 mai 2016

I've been converted

The Oxford Limiter V2 clearing means business. I'm really impressed by the clarity of the sound and the V2's ability to push the signal without baking it.

J. Baron

18 mai 2016

Just the best,do I need say more

Well I put it on a mix and before I noticed I was hitting -9db rms and I usally only max out at -12 to -10 rms and with no noticeable side effects and I have all uad plugs and tons of hardware ,so once again great job uaudio for giving us the best plugins in the digital world,,,,,,,,thanks !!!! Joey baron

J. Baron

18 mai 2016

New Oxford limiter

Well I have lots of hardware and all of the uad plugs ,and I compared it to the precision limiter that I use on everything and when I first put the new Oxford limiter,immediately the difference was just amazing it is so transparent and clean and I was pushing it to like -9db Rms and I really never push music that hot usually I hit between -12 thru -10 ,so you can push it that hot with no side effects ,so once again great job uad for giving us the absolute best plugins in the digital world........!!! Joey baron

A. Eik

6 mai 2016

A jump up the scale

Sitting in the final mix of a production, this plug arrived in the perfect moment! A quantum leap when it comes to enhancement and loudness in a safe way without annoying side effects!

M. Mahler

5 mai 2016

I only say wow!

I have tested this plugin on the master of a song and compared it with waves L3-16. This plug-in can make Songs even louder and using it alone, it does the job even better adding magic to the bass. This without eating any native computer ressources. I guess it's the next must-have plugin.

T. almaatouq

3 mai 2016


I couldn't find anything better, i was using the old limiter.. but this one blow my mind away.

241-251 sur 251 résultats