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S. Hwang

3 juillet 2020

I would give 5 stars...

Because of the pedal noise... this is too much.. and uncontrollable....

D. Dyer

15 juin 2020

pedal noise. why!!!???

I would give it a solid 5 if it were not for the pedal noise emulation. I'm sure UA will fix it but until then I can't justify the price tag.

P. Coffin

7 juin 2020

Sustain Pedal is obnoxious.

I'll change this to 5 stars when they add a way to control the volume of the sustain pedal. It is a good pedal lift sound, but WAAAAAAY too loud. Until that's changed, I agree with the others who say this is unusable. Its a shame, because it was expensive and it would sound absolutely incredible without that pedal lifting louder than the notes all the time.

C. Vela

4 juin 2020

Sustain pedal sound cannot disable

I kind of can't believe this was released without the ability to turn that sound off. I also bought this without realizing you cannot turn that off. Unusable until that is fixed. Otherwise a great sounding piano.

l. batterbury

1 juin 2020

The Sound of the Stars.

Adele. Elton John. Paul McCartney. Queen. Journey. Billy Joel. The list goes on...
Each one of these artists have an unmistakable sound. With all one thing in common. Their tracks include a Grand Piano. And this my friends is the closest you'll get without recording it yourself or going to a studio and paying thousands. The main key to this instrument is how expressive it is.... Absolutely Beautiful. And i own a lot of piano Vsts. Buy this, Its worth it.

K. Gnos

27 mai 2020

Sustain Pedal way too loud

I bought the Ravel before testing it thoroughly. I find I cannot use it because the sustain pedal sounds are way to loud, and I could not find a setting to make them softer or turn them off. Until that is fixed, it is useless for me.

S. Shaw

22 mai 2020

A decent piano overall

Ravel has a special sound that I've never heard on other piano instruments, probably because of the way UA models the resonance of strings. But it lacks a bit of authenticity compared to my favorite concert grand VI. I think it will work great in a denser mix, but not really when playing solo. Still, a great value when purchased with the creator bundle.

M. Bentel

12 mai 2020


The moment I start playing i felt like writing, its amazing its a piano, its a lot cheaper than the model its emulating and the mics and studio time to record one, I bought the Luna bundle, because i loved the authentic sound, I wish i had a bigger keyboard to really get the full benefit , I haven't heard a better piano , if you want a piano for piano this is the one


9 mai 2020

Good but...

I have a Nordstage2 keyboard 88. Even if I follow unconditional UAD (hard and soft) the sound of Ravel is very good but I do not return any added value to the library of my Nord knowing that the sound banks are free.

M. Galesi

22 avril 2020

Great potential, too limited

This piano sounds like no other virtual piano before! stunning and very realistic. However, like mentioned before, the fact that is LUNA only, the limited controls and the few glitches present don't justify the cost. Would be great to see it available for other platforms and possibly still running as a native plugin.

P. Mansson

14 avril 2020

Very Realistic

Sounds great and Very Realistic, my new go to piano1

J. Lucas

14 avril 2020

Sounds amazing, but...

This piano sounds amazing and is very tempting but the fact that it is Luna exclusive is very limiting for the price. If I pay this much for an instrument, I want to have the flexibility to be able to use it live as well as in the studio. And live for me means having either MainStage or Ableton compatibility.

B. Robb

11 avril 2020

So Close to the real thing.

This is an amazing sounding piano. I can't believe it. It feels very much like a studio grand and the micing is impeccable.

You can tell it was rushed to release. The damper sound is super weird and loud and there is not control over it. Recording at 96 KHZ is not practical at this time it starts to break up. Would like control over that. I can't wait till this gets cleaned up cuz it's gonna sound so good.

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