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J. Gorszczyk

8 décembre 2023

Really average - too bad

Honestly, this is the only UAD plugin that I'm going to rate low. All of their products are fantastic. Just not this one.
Compared to Alicia's Keys, Noire and a couple of Spitfire libraries that are 29usd... it sounds muffled, too roomy and not a lot of settings to tweak to make it sounds to my liking.
In the end it's 9GB on my hard drive for very little use. I'm going to keep using my other VSTs.

A. Sulok

13 novembre 2023


True to the sound. Deep and transparent. (I changed the piano) It's literally poetry.

A. Poleo

7 novembre 2023

My Favorite ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

relentless phase! beautiful spectrum! outstanding settings! dizzying sensitivity! inspiration from C1 to C8... . I love this work, the timbre of this piano is for everything and its amazing precision leaves it for many more instruments and of course for vocals. UA is always at the top

D. De Pauw

7 novembre 2023

Wonderful sound!

This is just great. I love it and prefer it over the Native Instruments piano's (have 'm all). It just sounds wonderful. I love the room sound and wouldn't know why anyone would want to turn it off. It's such a big part of the sound and this fits like a glove.

J. Keen

26 octobre 2023

Astounding piano!

Best sounding piano sampling I've ever heard, bar none. The added effects are just great too.

昌. 室田

11 octobre 2023

Rich resonance!

The sound quality is very good, plus the plug-ins are stable and do not run out of control.
If I had to say something, I would say that there are not enough setting items. I would have liked at least a velocity setting.


4 octobre 2023

This is cool!

It makes me feel like I want to play forever.

L. Brown

21 septembre 2023

Great Sound!

Great Sound!

N. O'Donnell

17 septembre 2023


I’ve not seen mixed reviews like this before on a UA plug-in. I kind of understand why. It’s very realistic, lovely to play by itself or with a piano vocal, but in a dense mix it just doesn’t hold. There is too much room even in the close mics. I think I know what the team was going for but they missed the mark on the practicalities of it sitting in a mix. If you you are going to have multi mics you need you close mics to be almost bone dry and snappy to hold up in a full band mix. First UA plug I’ve not given a 5 star….what a bummer. I want to love this…unfortunately I can imagine it’d all need to be rethought and samples re-recorded in order for an update to really help.

h. Shin

16 septembre 2023

Like Real !

specially High part feel so good !

S. Jamitzky

12 septembre 2023

Great, but you need to tweak it.

The basic sound is very clean. You need to tweak it to make it sound great! It's possible! A little bit of soul is missing though.

A. Chamberlist

2 septembre 2023

I think a number of people don't get this plugin...

I think the UA marketing team may have been asleep at the switch... The beauty of this plugin is the integration of the Ocean Way room with the piano. The room + piano IS the instrument. Criticisms of the plugin being too "roomy" don't wash when one considers the obvious intent. I purchased and I love it.

O. Kudin

18 août 2023

Piano with soul!

I don't understand the hate for this product.
For me as a pianist and producer, this is one of the best VST instruments.
Yes, there are not many settings in it! Yes, this is minimalism.
Sometimes it seems to me that people are lazy and want everything to be ready "as if by magic". At the same time, they do not want to set up their own unique sound. Literally 50+ years ago, it took days to get the sound you want!

RAVEL sounds like a real Steinway that I've been playing for a very long time!
If you want to add cinematic and atmosphere - plugins to help you.
It's a raw instrument that can make a great track.

K. Jackson

25 juillet 2023


Sounds good !! Especially the reverse feature.

G. Merino

21 juillet 2023


For the first time I have to make a bad review of a UA product. I don’t understand what happened here, this piano doesn’t feel natural, it’s sounds cheap, poor, weak, thin and roomy. I have many vst pianos and this one is the worst by far, totally unusable for me.
I have to say that I really like the GUI, is very simple and quick to set, only lacks a velocity curve adjustment (like the Electra, witch is awesome).
It’s a shame that the Ravel sounds so bad. I own every virtual instrument from UA and they’re great. I hope UAD take note about this and fix it.

R. Liano

18 juillet 2023

Very average, 99% chance I'm never using it.

I wanted to love this but in a shootout with 5 other piano plug ins and five of us in the studio, this came in last. Lacks tweakability, very roomy sounding, glad I got it on sale so it's a less painful waste of money.

R. Kennedy

17 juillet 2023

Get Pianoteq instead

Or maybe Keyscape if you can afford it (I e never tried it but it must be good at that price and it gets high ratings. Pianoteq is far better value for pianists - much more versatile and basically sounds better. Try both demos and you’ll agree. Ravel will appeal to the cinematic folk but not pianists. But as I say it is too expensive - ok at sale price though.

a. G. Santos

15 juillet 2023

excellent timbre

Very good piano, the timbre is excellent; only problem is that the license only releases online.


14 juillet 2023

Amazing Piano RAVEL

Merci au TEAM Universal Audio
pour ce Piano RAVEL de très bonne facture et qualité

I. Matmati

13 juillet 2023

More detailed than any other I could listen to

The texture of sound is very ok. And contrary to many others VST for Steinway (Pianoteq, Arturia, etc.) you don't have this clumsy sound in the 3rd octave. Some find it too roomy. Not in my book. The "dry" VST I could test are weird because the sound is unnatural and adding a reverb does not really change the basic tone. Maybe it's a lack of harmonics, don't know. Anyway, for the price this one is really a bargain and the most pleasing one for jazz sound.

1-20 sur 92 résultats

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