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Pultec Passive EQ Collection

Evaluation Globale

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C. Bors

30 novembre 2023

simple to use, must have piece

very gentle and nice eq

J. McCool

22 novembre 2023

The smile maker

Set the Pultec to a smiley face curve and it will put a smile on your face. Takes a minute to understand, but once you get it, you’ll reach for it often.

m. sosa

16 novembre 2023

es muy bueno ....!!

hola .. me encantan sus productos son los mejores del mercado .
vivo en argentina y mi moneda esta muy devaluada ojala en algún momento ,universal audio pueda darle acceso a sus productos a personas de paises latinos que no están a la altura económica de otras partes del mundo, a si todo podríamos obtener desde hardware y plugin desde ya un saludo cordial para todos bendiciones..

S. Lopez

10 novembre 2023

Grab It!!!

Big Difference, from using other eq plugins to this… yeah!! Watch a few videos from UA in case you might not know at first how to use this, after that Enjoy!!

E. Lopes

9 novembre 2023

Sutileza passiva

O Pultec Passive Eq vem sendo parte das minhas mixagens a muito tempo, gosto do caracter que ele tras para o audio, principalmente para os grupos de voz, violões e mix bus. Acho prático girar alguns botões e rapidamente o som ganhar ganhar personalidade.

m. fritsch

7 novembre 2023

Pultec Passive EQ Collection

great to have it in my toolchain

D. Walton

5 novembre 2023

Insanely Good!

I own approximately a dozen pultec plugins. This is definitely one of the better ones. Very powerful yet it's hard to get into trouble. So creamy, and yet punchy. Not SSL punchy but that's not the intent. I would love to be able to own a hardware unit but this will get you 90% or more to that threshold

D. Ernesto

25 octobre 2023

Gostei. Sem este, não dá para trabalhar.

Maior. Que eu já usei. Não dá trabalho a sim. San Senhor. Faz bom trabalho. Soa muito bem.

N. Antonio

19 octobre 2023


Siempre quise ésta emulación de pultec y sobre todo de Universal Audio, y ahora es mi arma secreta para dar esa musicalidad a mis pistas. Grandioso!!!

C. Doud

19 octobre 2023

Classic, Smooth EQ. Fall in love with a classic!

Accent, notch, or remove frequencies without collapsing, screeching, or having to rework an entire mix to adjust one track. Quirky at first, but once you get to understand this EQ pack, it may very well become one of your favorites.

S. Taji

17 octobre 2023

Great EQ

This is really great EQ. I am not good at mixing, however this plugin made my music better sound. I can recommend!

G. N

17 octobre 2023

EQ Pultec

There are no words to describe these awesome plugins. I love analog, just hope they could work also whenever I am going offline


16 octobre 2023

Beautiful sound

Makes absolutely beautiful any instrument

U. Juhl

16 octobre 2023

Can be used for anything.

Always good sound. Ad Oumph, remove Oumph. Ad treble, remove treble. Ad focus to Low, Mid or High.

G. Corben

16 octobre 2023

The Pultec Trick

Am loving these Pultec EQs. I had not see emulations of the other two models and they really complement the EQP 1A. Once again the iLok is very annoying, feels like the constant calling home slows my DAW, but the actual plugins are wonderful

D. Panizza

15 octobre 2023

pultec sound at your disposal

I bought it although I already own another brand tubetech. It seems very subtle and fine to me, a nice adding to my collection

Y. Fujiwara

15 octobre 2023




15 octobre 2023

Très efficace

Je l'utilise principalement sur le bus batterie et en mastering. Très efficace.

S. Friedrich

13 octobre 2023

Analog Mojo

Nothing beats this on drums.

D. Senior

13 octobre 2023


Util para todo!! Infaltable en todos los procesos

1-20 sur 849 résultats

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