Plug-in Precision Limiter

Plug-in Precision Limiter


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Precision Limiter

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H. Terstiege

14 mars 2016

Great sounding BUT: NO TPL -> not ready for the future!

Great sound, very little distortion, open, rich sound if you don't push it too hard. Useless for True-Peak Limiting which is getting more and more important. I never liked True Peaks on CD but it's even worse in streaming and mp3 and with normalized volumes (iTunes and others).Superloud doesn't make sense anymore, so clipping-free is the way to go. UAD please add TPL feature so I don't need my NUGEN limiter after the precision anymore!!

R. Gun

16 janvier 2016

Usability and easy

I like the meter.
It simply works and it´s easy to use.
I use it always on Master.
It only lacks the function : intersample peak reduction.
It´s a little overpriced for 199€ but sometimes you get it cheaper.

M. Fekjær

10 août 2014

My go to limiter

I've tried a lot of limiters, but this is still the king in my opinion :)
Always on the end of my master chain.

P. Bogdanovic

13 janvier 2014

Excellent choice

My search for the limiter ends with Precision Limiter Plug-in. Definitely, the most useful limiter when it comes to mastering on "In The Box" mode. Now, it is indispensable in mastering chain in my songs.

V. Bonev

15 décembre 2013

Precision Limiter Rocks

I like this product so far, the metering seems to be great!. I only wish i had the option to make this and other uad plugins zoom in like the waves durrough meter. Also it would be nice to have a undo button to backstep adjustments.

F. Pico

14 juillet 2012

Very Transparent, great sound! Will be one of my most used limiter plug as mastering engineer. Keep up the good work UA!

A. Shante

13 juillet 2012

Super control!!! For soft and gentle songs it is ideal, it would be desirable still that that on more rigid. That there would be a choice.

G. Buzdina

13 juillet 2012

Clarity combined with the power at any point of the scale- is what you expect from it.. And this is what you get without unnecessary words.

R. Levi

12 juillet 2012

Amazing Transparent Limiter .
i use it for mastering does an amazing job!!!, sounds crystal clear .

Analog Bass Digital High

G. Piazza

17 mai 2012

Not another Limiter!!
But seriously, as a mastering engineer, I have found that no one limiter does the right job for all mixes. Some add presence that is not always appropriate; some respond to the frequency range differently from others; some have high CPU load to get the benefit of their 'intelligent' algorithms; some give up after 6 - 9 dB (a definite risk for DAC overload and a possible sign of artifacts). When you need transparent brickwall limiting (and K-14 monitoring), this is the 'go-to' limiter of the pack. And the two attack curve choices provide a good variety for different styles and tracks. Definitely a 'top three' limiter!

D. Ralph

23 août 2007

M, i have mixed feelings on this.
Sometimes i find this works very well, but in all honesty i think it holds nothing over logics bog standard limiter.

Don't get me wrong i think its a good plugin, but for mastering? No, it's not there yet.

Utilisateur UAD

19 avril 2015


I'm no mastering engineer but I can hear the difference between some of the other limiters out there, quite simply it does it's job with out adding nasty artefacts. Great tool for mixing and sending a premaster version to clients. (or they can use the volume knob!)

C. Sheppard

12 août 2013


it's a fine limiter, but for the money the slate and oxford are superior

F. Pilz

28 juillet 2013

just ok

i´ve heard better ones...this prize is actually too high for what you get.
I´m a bit disappointed

K. Bodenhamer

7 mars 2013

Does what it says

The final piece of the puzzle. Is it worth $200? No, but when its $25 bucks I'll take it.

D. Avidon

4 avril 2015

Still The Undisputed Champ

My first major purchase back when I was just starting my own shop was UAD accelerator and the complete (I think it was V5) set of UA plugs available at the time. These days I run a largely analog, very nicely appointed studio, and I have quite a range of limiters both hardware and software to choose from. The Precision Limiter is still the best of all of them if the specific goal is to leave your tracks sounding as close to a louder version of the unaltered original as possible. I've run some pretty exhaustive comparisons with it up against dozens of other brickwall limiters, some much newer and more expensive, and still to this day nothing ever beats it. It might be the only limiter you'll ever need.

B. Sanhaji

19 décembre 2013

ok, but not perfect.

Distortion at the Bassdrum with higher Gain reduction.
I dont have this experience with other good limiters.

A. Vax

26 octobre 2007

not like it. i made dance music and need monstrous RMS. vote for precision maximizer!
this plug is for soft rock music for jus tcut some peaks.

T. Liljegren

6 mai 2008

Yeah people. I suggest you definately better go for the precision maximizer or even better: the Neve 33609 compressor limiter. (WHOHAAA!!!!!) This precision limiter eats up the drums and almost exterminate your kick drum totally. I used this one for more than 2 years and it really confused me and made my mixing time expand a lot.

J. Alberto

19 août 2012

pasta los graves

en mi opinion , aplasta los graves , esta muy bien para baladas y temas suaves pero para musica techno , disco , hip hop no vale , necesitamos algo mejor para ese genero tipo maxxbas o algo asi , gracias

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