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Precision Limiter

Evaluation Globale

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B. Polajnar

1 février 2024

Best Limiter Ever

This is best Limiter ever made for my taste and please made it native as well. Soon as possible. Native masters cant be finished without native PL.
Best of the Best for sure.

F. San Filippo

26 janvier 2024

It limits!

Not as feature-rich as newer limiters, but very clean and efficient, with very quick workflow.

A. Ogarev

17 janvier 2024

Precision Limiter


R. Goodman

4 janvier 2024

Great for Master

Recent purchase, been using it on the master, sounds great so far.

M. Lantz

31 décembre 2023


This limiter is easy to use and sound terrific!

U. Behboudi

18 décembre 2023

Precision limiter

The only Perfect limiter for make mix And mastering.

R. Thorogood

17 décembre 2023


For voiceover this can in my experience deliver really clean and transparent limiting, in a really simple and easy-to-use package. Whilst not seemingly as exciting and apparently esoteric as some of the more historic/ boutique plug-ins that perform a similar function, one doesn’t always need excitement and added colour. Highly recommended

D. Pintaldi

15 décembre 2023

Easy and Fast setting and metering

I found this limiting very effective for mastering.
Its musical and clean limiting allows to get good lufs level without artifacts and color change.
The meter scale is very precise and helpful too.

C. Brown

11 décembre 2023

Powerful, yet Simple

Don't let the simplicity of this limiter fool you. It's quite powerful considering it's ease of use.


4 décembre 2023

Rất ok

Cám ơn

A. Rosell

20 octobre 2023

Last one on the masterbus

Simple and clean, very easy to use and it sounds amazing for final touch on my mixes!

A. Santana

6 octobre 2023



S. Lontano

19 septembre 2023

Always on my masterbus

One of the most effective limiter for your master chain

D. Ho

15 juin 2023

More than Mastering

The Precision Limiter is always the final plug-in on my mix/master (I mix and master simultaneously), but it is also handy for controlling tracks that have a wide dynamic range. It is super clean and transparent!

V. Ruzicic

20 mars 2023


Using for so many yrs…still doing the work

J. Zapata

22 janvier 2023

Voy a usarlo

Buena eleccion

Z. Abresch

28 décembre 2022

Transparent & fast broadcast quality limiter

Does what it says on the tin without any unnecessary bells and whistles. No distortion, just clean limiting for days. I throw this on my master bus a lot and it works really well for controlling dialogue volume too.


21 décembre 2022

The best

I know people rave about fab filter L2 but i think this wipes the floor with it... it handles the transients in a very pleasing way.. fab filter seems to make transients slurpy and sharp, precision is smooth and fat... it took me a long time of using Fab filter L2 on the basis of studios pros ... to decide my own opinion... precision wins.

D. Matas

11 octobre 2022

Awesome Limiter Plugin!!!!

What is there to say, it does what it's supposed to do and it's easy to use. My new go to limiter.

C. Nunn

17 septembre 2022


Amazing does what it needs to do

1-20 sur 342 résultats

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