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Precision Limiter

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C. Nunn

17 septembre 2022


Amazing does what it needs to do

C. Nunn

3 septembre 2022


A friend who's producer and live act as well recommended the precision limiter to me and i tried it out right away and loved it so much that i ended up buying it. Now after one month i can say that compared to many other limiters from any company it has a beautiful sound and works very reliable. My personal recommendation is using it along with the precision maximizer ;)

N. Smith

1 août 2022


Simple. Powerful. Transparent.

J. Seabrook

28 juillet 2022

Great Tool. One Missing Feature.

I'm happy with this purchase. No question. It has replaced most of the "other" limiters I was using with relative ease, HOWEVER, it is missing one feature. The ability to link input and output gain is kind of a necessary feature in the digital domain because I don't have 2 hands in my computer. In the rack, no problem. In the computer, not so much. That annoyance aside, its just a good clean limiter I will continue to use a lot of on every session. I'm still happy to have added to my collection. :)

j. nieva

14 juillet 2022

A must have

If you want mighty drums with no artifacts this is your plug in.Clean, transparent, easy to use.Everything gets attitude with it!

m. maurel

7 juin 2022

Brilliant !

Your bass, pour piano, your voice, your drums don't find its place in the mix ?
The answer is : Precision Limiter.
One knob to turn, and your instrument pops up ! Magic !

J. Dreyfus

25 avril 2022

Good limiter

Works well in a processing chain for Voiceover and master bus. Adds a nice warmth when driven which is what we use it for. Kind of like a fancy saturator but for €99 it’s worth the money.

S. Severt

28 décembre 2021


This is a super clean limiter! I love the precision line of plugins!

P. Gitlitz

30 novembre 2021

Final track

This limiter has become my standard for the final mix insert on my output from my daw. It keeps everything in check and has a few useful presets.

M. Mengali

9 novembre 2021

Precision limiter a precise plug in

The sound of this plug in is perfect, it improves the detail by highlighting the peculiarities of the sound. Consequently I often use it also on the voice at the bottom of the plug-in chain in order to highlight the detail with excellent quality.

P. Maiz

16 août 2021

This totally caught me by surprise...

Wow I did not expect that I would enjoy this plugin so much. I just wanted a limiter to put on my master bus temporarily. My plan was to jsut have something there that would prevent clipping, and then as a last step, I would replace it with a "better" limiter. I rarely find it necessary to replace this. Its stupid simple, but I think thats what makes it great. I love that it doesn't take up much screen space. I loge the meter. And i love that I dont get stuck tweaking a bunch of nonsense parameters. This thing is a limiter. And its transparent. Thats it. Don't get fooled by other limiters that have fancier UIs and tons of parameters- all of that is unnecessary.

M. Petrillo

2 août 2021


This is one of, if not the finest mastering limiter I've ever used. Musical, no lousy artifacts, while remaining up in volume. A must have!

A. Mullen

19 juillet 2021


Use this on main outs for every song prior to mastering. Doesn’t seem to overly colour at all. A must have…

C. Paschall

1 juin 2021


Easy to use and sounds great!

C. Paschall

1 juin 2021


Easy to use and sounds great!

A. Kurdyukov

8 mai 2021


Чистый, прозрачный и в тоже время агрессивный ограничитель. Просто великолепно! Хорошо отрабатывает транзиенты и ровно усугубляет звук.
UAD, как всегда отличная работа!!!

F. Bertrand

24 avril 2021


Excellent produit, permet de niveler le mix sans nuire à la dynamique du volume tout en évitant la distortion. Bon plug-in et bon rapport qualité|prix (surtout quand on l’achète avec un code promo).


10 mars 2021

Precision Limiter

Un limitador muy claro conserva los armónicos, saludos.

B. Moore

9 mars 2021


I use this for VO's when I live stream and game. It's the best for when I get excited and loud!

D. Dembek

18 février 2021

Glass transparent

I have no idea how it works but it is not adding anything so no post-correction is required. You just put it as the last element of your signal-chain and it does its magic...

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