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Neve 1073 Preamp & EQ Collection

Evaluation Globale

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S. Lopez

9 décembre 2023


Straight up!! UAD are the most realistic out of every company out there. UA swings there jingle bells over all these other companies blessing them with a chance just to kiss them. I’m curious who’d win between UA and Goku… I think a tie.

F. Hasan

30 novembre 2023

one of the best preamp and eq

i already have 1084 but this one also must have preamp and eq! is really powerfull in vocal chain!

R. Maurat

16 novembre 2023


What a pre!!! Fantastic and brings so much color to any vocals or instruments.

L. Kagenaar

13 novembre 2023

Must have

This is a very good representation of the 1073 Preamp and Eq from Neve, having it native is a bonus well appreciated !

T. Linehan

17 octobre 2023

Great peoduct

Finally i have that 3rd dimension to recording guitars in the box i was looking for!

C. Rosado

2 octobre 2023

Coloración calida

La coloración es unicaaaa

p. kotchapakdi

2 octobre 2023

Love this plugin

5 stars luv

b. cheung

27 septembre 2023

i chose this over the 1084

i was deciding on getting the 1084 in the mid year sale but the 1073 came in a package with my apollo and i was so happy that it did! now i cant wait to get the 1084 and see what the difference it!

B. Barr

18 septembre 2023

Saturation Grrrrr

The Neve 1073 Preamp has a super sweet saturation, rich and crisp at the same time. Beautiful for modern indie rock vocals with attitude.

L. Bradley

10 septembre 2023


Didn't know what I was missing until I got this

l. holley

2 septembre 2023

Neve preamp

Goes great with the sphere microphone and the tube tech cl1b compressor

K. Evans

31 août 2023

Made my WA8000 sound just like the C800G

Perfect! When using in the Unison slot it brings out the quality and sound of the $1,500 Warm Audio WA8000 making it sound so close to the $15,000 Sony C800G you can't even tell the difference.

J. Maffeo

31 août 2023

Greatest Promo Video Ever!!

My new favorite preamp eq

F. Mandaza

29 août 2023

Great Plugin

Great plug in, really makes my vocals pop out and gives really good clarity.

O. Cuellar

2 août 2023

Neve preamp

I think all of the UAD plug ins are worth every penny .

O. Cuellar

2 août 2023

Neve preamp

I think all of the UAD plug ins are worth every penny .

O. Kudin

29 juillet 2023

Beautiful, bright and clear soundю

Beautiful, bright and clear sound. Tastes like KFC chicken with a light sauce.
Lovely vintage sound, goes great with my '62 Telcaster.
Universal preamp and equalizer that I use in absolutely all projects. From funk to hip-hop.
A truly versatile plugin that is worth the money!

W. Rice

22 juillet 2023


The best unison preamp for flavor ease of use and just bring out the best elements for a vocal performance

H. Choi

13 juillet 2023

A Stellar Recreation of a Classic

The UAD Neve 1073 Preamp & EQ Collection is a remarkable piece of audio software that stands out in the crowded market of digital plugins. Universally acclaimed for its faithful recreation of the classic Neve 1073 preamp and EQ, it offers an unparalleled level of warmth and depth to your recordings.

The first thing to note about the UAD Neve 1073 is its sound quality. The plugin does an exceptional job of emulating the rich, harmonic character and analog warmth that the original Neve 1073 is known for. Whether you're tracking vocals, guitars, or drums, this plugin adds a beautiful coloration that can make any source sound better.

The EQ section of the UAD Neve 1073 is another highlight. It offers a broad range of tonal shaping options, from subtle enhancements to more drastic changes. The high and low shelving EQs, along with the mid-band, provide a musical touch that can help any mix stand out.

The user interface is another strong point. It's intuitive and easy to use, even for those who are not familiar with the original hardware. The controls are straightforward, and the visual feedback is helpful in understanding how the plugin affects the sound.

In terms of performance, the UAD Neve 1073 is efficient and reliable. It runs smoothly on the UAD platform, and the DSP usage is reasonable considering the quality of the emulation.

The only potential downside is the price, which might be a bit steep for some users. However, considering the quality of the plugin and the sonic possibilities it offers, it's a worthy investment for any serious audio engineer or producer.

In conclusion, the UAD Neve 1073 Preamp & EQ Collection is a top-notch plugin that faithfully recreates the sound of one of the most revered preamps and EQs in history. It's a powerful tool that can add a unique character and warmth to your recordings, making it a must-have in any digital audio workstation.

E. bartlett

8 juillet 2023



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