Plug-In MXR® Flanger/Doubler

Plug-In MXR® Flanger/Doubler


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MXR® Flanger/Doubler

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P. Edmondson

18 octobre 2017

The perfect flanger

Using other flanger/modulation plugins requires all sorts of tweaking just to get close to the sound of what the MXR does straight out of the box, without even touching a knob. This is what a flanger is supposed to sound like.

M. Cartwright

17 septembre 2017

good sci-fi effects

great at going experimental. works as a simple flanger, but I like its ability to go sci-fi on a sound.

M. Cartwright

18 août 2017

great vintage flange

liking this effect. very useful. wish they would make more MXR series fx.

H. Terstiege

18 juillet 2017

great width, feel and dimension

awesome sound. warmth, width, character. Not perfect on the mono image, not fully mono compatible... but obviously the hardware wasn't ;)

M. A

14 juillet 2017

Someone call an Ambulance !!!

The tone is so good i am DYING

J. Edwards

9 juillet 2017

Lush, convincing emulation

This plugin compares very favourably to my flanger pedals, including a really nice 18v MXR and an old Hi-Band flanger. Great for adding to guitar, bass and synth during mixing, either for subtle enhancement or full 1980s New Wave jet flanging. The lush doubling feature is rather good, too, adding thickness without making the signal blurry. Sounds good on backing vocals, too.

H. Zwarts

5 juillet 2017

graag meer van dit !

zeer fijne flanger/doubler , heeft zijn eigen sound. Lekker en werkt ook goed op een rhodes!

M. A

30 juin 2017


The Best Doubler

C. Blackledge

16 juin 2017

The Best

Quite simply the best flanger plugin on the market today. The results from using it are the most pleasing for me to date. It sits in the mix perfectly, doesn't have any digital harshness that you get from other flange plugins. I can see me using this thing a lot. Very very nice sound. Very glad I purchased it.

D. Whittington

10 janvier 2017

No other Flanger to go to

This Flanger gives the sound I expect from a Flanger effect. A lot of the time Flanger's just sound weird but this comes really close to what I expect from a Flanger. Quite airy and has good controls to tune the way you want it to sound.


G. Gaia

19 juillet 2016


Flange is very Smoth and spacious.

T. Morgan

13 juillet 2016


Really enjoying this plugin - definitely nicer than all my other flangers....

M. Fletcher

29 juin 2016

You forget how good flanging can be...

I've been doing this a long time now, started in the 80s, with the first wave of digital FX when everything was about reverb. Poor humble flanging and phasing were forgotten or added as afterthoughts to multi effects units. We had a MXR in the studio but it was too noisy. In DAWland I never found a flanger that didn't ruin the mix by being too obvious or coarse or thin. Logic, Ableton, and many other third party offerings were tried until I gave up trying. And then, the other night, trying to get a clav to fit in a 1976 soul rerelease I've been asked to mix I thought I'd demo the UAD MXR. I was sold within 60 seconds. This is certainly the funnest plug UAD make and I can't stop playing with it. Very musical, great stereo mode. Recommended

B. Wiederholt

28 juin 2016

Back from the past

Amazing plug-in. I used to have the real hardware years ago but sold it. Now it´s back and I know what I missed.

J. Marston

22 juin 2016

Tons of vibe

Awesome on drums, vocals, and bass

j. sonneveld

20 juin 2016

Even better than the hardware

I used to work with the hardware MXR flanger/doubler and it's great..
The UAD MXR® Flanger/Doubler Plug-In is just as good, or maybe even better due to session sync and stereo mode.
It's my favorite guitar tool.

j. sonneveld

20 juin 2016

Better than the hardware unit

I used to work with the hardware MXR Flanger/Doubler.
The UAD MXR® Flanger/Doubler Plug-In is just as good, or maybe even better.
My favorite guitar tool.
John Sonneveld

V. Waltinger

22 mai 2016

Very very nice one!

That´s one really really fine modulation plug in! One of the very best non-hardware effects I have used so far. Such lush and beautiful tones you can get from it. Very close to seriously good analog gear and fantastic for the use with UAD guitar amp simulations like the Marshall 2203 (what a beautiful, real combination!). Love it.

H. Bouetard

13 mai 2016

MXR Flanger/Doubler

A classic Flanger, but
if you dig it, you'll go further and deeper.
The doubler section opens new fields of creativity,
It is funny like toy but it's not a gadget,
it's a serious tool for pros.

M. Mehr

12 mai 2016

MXR Flanger

this is a bomb... if it comes down to modulation, this is my weapon of choice. the soundquality is overwhelming.

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