Plug-In MXR® Flanger/Doubler

Plug-In MXR® Flanger/Doubler

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Prix tarif : $199.00


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Le flanger et delay « bucket brigade » facilement reconnaissables d'une unité emblématique des années 70.

Le plug-in MXR Flanger/Doubler pour systèmes UAD-2 et interfaces Apollo est une émulation rigoureuse de ce processeur de modulation oldschool des années 70 qui donne un mouvement et une profondeur uniques à n'importe quelle source. Des effets explosifs aux subtiles textures de filtre et de retard, le plug-in MXR Flanger/Doubler agit sous licence officielle de Dunlop Manufacturing.

Grâce à une émulation experte du circuit haut en couleurs bucket brigade - en cascade - et au son presque Lo-Fi du hardware d'origine, le plug-in MXR Flanger/Doubler vous offre tout ce qui va de l’épaississement délicat du son à des effets de science-fiction déjantés, le tout avec une texture et un timbre uniques qui n'avaient jamais été vraiment capturés – jusqu'à présent.

Vous pouvez maintenant :

Ajouter de riches textures de flanger et de retard court aux instruments et aux voix avec le légendaire circuit bucket brigade

Utiliser le bouton Sync propre au plug-in pour caler le balayage de filtre du MXR Flanger/Doubler sur le tempo de votre session

Grossir le son des guitares, batteries et synthés avec le mode Doubler

Amener du mouvement, de la largeur et de la modulation aux bus stéréo

5-Min UAD Tip
5-Min UAD Tip

5-Min UAD Tip

Dans cette vidéo pédagogique 2-Minute Tip, découvrez comment ajouter rapidement de la largeur stéréo à des claviers et appliquer un effet de flange planant à des guitares en utilisant le plug-in MXR Flanger/Doubler.

Caractéristiques Principales

Émulation précise du circuit de l'un des flangers électroniques les plus populaires de l'histoire

Produit de riches effets de flange électronique, de délai court ou de doublement — parfait pour les guitares, les basses, les claviers, les batteries, etc.

Fonctions exclusives à l'émulation UAD incluant un commutateur Single/Dual pour un balayage simple de la sortie stéréo ou un double balayage avec inversion de la phase à 180°, mode Mono et Synchronisation du LFO au Tempo de l'Hôte

Inclut des presets réalisés par Neil Dorfsman (Dire Straits, Paul McCartney), Vance Powell (The Raconteurs, Buddy Guy) et Chuck Zwicky (Prince, Jeff Beck)
Approuvé et sous licence officielle de Dunlop Manufacturing

Requiert une carte DSP UAD-2 ou une Interface Audio Apollo disponibles chez les revendeurs agréés dans le monde entier

Avis Clients

MXR® Flanger/Doubler

Evaluation Globale

(142 avis)

S. Ivanov

31 juillet 2021

Plugin has no analogues.

It can be used both on vocals and on instruments. The most original understudy of those that I tried.

R. Rattay

24 juillet 2021

MXR® Flanger/Doubler

Excellent. Offers me exactly the effects that I need.

K. Hall

12 juin 2021

Great emulation

I used to have one of these hardware units back in the day. I always thought they worked well in many situations. There have been many times I wished I still had it when mixing. Now I do again. I would have given it 5 starts but a welcome feature would be the ability to control the actual delay time between the processed and unprocessed sound. Still a wlecome addition to the arsenal.

H. van Oortmerssen

24 mai 2021

Such rich textures.

This is a device that's easily overlooked by many. But I think it's a really great processor to add texture (in parallel) to many a sound. I use it a lot when distortion isn't producing the right kind of harmonics or adds too much grit or bite. Experimentation is key here, but it almost always delivers useful and very 'different' results.

M. Price

2 mai 2021

Its not just another MXR effect

i had good excpections when i purchased this MXR plugin, i had every MXR pedal i could get my hands on as a kid i thought i new what this MXR was going to do for me, until i used for the first tme . Its not just a flanger / double. its an Image creator. A space Maker, its the modulation thats going fatten and glue a bass to a mix with your drums, its going to create space for your electrics and acoustics , its not only going to double your track the image it creates widens the stereo field so much you actually consider not recording the additional track. this plugin will surprise you , so your imagination try it in situations and on instruments out of your norm you will be glad u did.

s. Ha

12 décembre 2020

I use it for bass guitar.

I use it for bass guitar.

T. Betthauser

31 octobre 2020

Super Smooth Flange

Compared to many other flangers and phasers this one is exceptionally good. Other flangers often have many setting for modulation, number of nodes, etc, but they often end up have non-musical characteristics and getting something that works in a mix often seems like a compromise. The MXR is very flexible without a bunch of unnecessary features. In particular, it works incredibly well to smooth out a harsh lead guitar, or to thicken up and add some depth to a clean guitar. Definitely a unique and very useful addition to my mixing toolbox.

M. Sudhakar

28 octobre 2020

Flanger Doub

Love the Sound of the MXR. It's easy to handle and got a Flanger and a Doubler and it just sounds sweet!

J. Elander

1 octobre 2020

Love it .....

It’s like a memory machine from my past .. VINTA- JE ... perfect

M. Malinski

24 août 2020

Natural sounding movement

Great for guitars, vocals, synths.

C. Gabbianelli

1 juillet 2020

Corrupts Delay Compensation in PT

Consistently corrupts the delay compensation in my PT sessions. Pretty disappointed in UAD's lack of resolution to this issue after all of the money I've invested into using their hardware and software.

k. Wa

29 mai 2020


This is what I wanted for doubler, great match with guitar.

A. D'Onorio

17 mars 2020

Best flanger ever

Love it!!!

F. Lockwood

10 mars 2020


Excellent comme tout UAD


19 janvier 2020

MXR Flanger/Doubler

Utmost Respect and Congratulations for this once again close to perfection Product. It helps me to carry on trying to get the most extreme sparkles of frequencies and sounds to perform a music which can be made as well either within or beyond the Industry’s boundaries and standards at the fraction of the genuine original price. THXVM once again!!! KR2EV1 N

L. Cohen

28 décembre 2019

Clear as a bell and sweet as candy.

Beautiful sounding flanger. One of my favorite plug-ins. Makes those acoustic/electric pianos sing.

A. Keuter

14 décembre 2019


This is the best

J. Moore

4 décembre 2019


I use this plugin on my vocal chain when I’m mixing or when an artist wants to use it with auto tune! Sounds great! UA ROCKS!!!

A. Kalugin

3 décembre 2019

Back to Genesis

Fabulous recreation of a classic hardware - superb on guitars - sound of 80`s - Genesis )

C. Brown

6 novembre 2019

Great Flanger!

Seriously just demo this plug-in. Great presets. Do it.