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Moog Multimode Filter Collection

Evaluation Globale

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K. Sluiter

1 avril 2024

Adds life to static tracks.

From subtle to extreme, this filter does it all.

R. Kerbage

26 janvier 2024

Adds warm analog

Using modern synthesiser VST alongside this plug-in, and the results are very impressive, for anyone who wants to enrich VST synth, this is worth trying.


3 janvier 2024


Rất ngọt

S. Saied

31 décembre 2023

Endless Possibilities

Very nice addition to my toolbox! This plugin adds some funky texture from very subtle to extreme.

S. Saied

31 décembre 2023

Endless Possibilities

Very nice addition to my toolbox! This plugin adds some funky texture from very subtle to extreme.

J. Willard

19 septembre 2023

Best sounding analog filter VST

Makes any vanilla soft synth sound more analog. Adds a lot of warmth, and the drive is great for sound design.

Z. Netz

11 juillet 2023

A Game Changer

Packed with an uncanny ability to emulate the sound quality of authentic analog gear, it captures the soul and essence of the celebrated Moog filters with unprecedented accuracy and authenticity.
One of the striking aspects of this plugin is its versatility. The inbuilt sequencer feature elevates this plugin to new heights, adding layers of complexity and utility. It’s like a Swiss army knife of sonic capabilities that can manipulate the sound output of any synth.
Using this filter with other VST synths has been a revelation. It doesn’t just enhance their sound output. It completely transforms them. This attribute alone makes the Moog Multimode Filter ubiquitous in my daily audio production workflow.
What’s truly remarkable about the Moog Multimode Filter is its foolproof design. Regardless of how you tweak or play around with its settings, achieving a bad sound is almost impossible.
In my opinion, if there ever were a contest for the best filter plugins, the Moog Multimode Filter would easily be a frontrunner. It’s more than just a plugin, it’s a sonic powerhouse that embodies the charm of analog sound in a digital format. This might well be the most influential plugin you add to your arsenal.

A. Dahlback

10 juillet 2023

Nice filters.

A nice way to change your sound - very analogue.

o. ortiz

2 juillet 2023

cool filter

cool filter

K. Thura

7 février 2023

Moog Filter

Awesome!A Secret Weapon

R. Williams

14 janvier 2023


A stealthy vibe generator for just about anything... BRAVO UA & Bob (MOOG)

c. david

12 octobre 2022

Precision, warmth, control, and very musical...

Precision, warmth, control, and very musical, for me it's the best filter I've ever used.

b. chamberland

18 septembre 2022

Moog Filter

this plugin is just wowww the best filter to use

P. Nyerges

16 septembre 2022

Hungary sound enginerre review - Moog Filter

Filter plug-ins are a long way from true analogue sound, but the UAD Moog Filter brings that feeling. The best sounding filter on the plug-in market.

R. Norrby

3 juillet 2022

Sounds gorgeous, BUT...

PLEASE add a midi trigger function instead of audio only, it sadly doesn't sound on point when working with faster-paced stuff. Comparing it with other filter plugins with this function, it falls short. Other than that, it's great!

S. Othniel

19 avril 2022

A Secret Weapon

I just can't mix without it.

B. Charcosset

10 mars 2022

The best sounding filter

Almost a synth
All he needs now is oscillators section ^^

V. Baranov

14 février 2022


The best plugin for bold sound!!!


19 janvier 2022

Moog Multimode Filter Collection

Works great on any source.

J. Morrison

13 janvier 2022


Great Filter plugin, try it on pads and synth parts to add movement and space.

1-20 sur 212 résultats

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