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Manley VOXBOX Channel Strip

Evaluation Globale

81-100 sur 585 résultats

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R. Stokes

16 décembre 2021

Love this

Great tool for tracking vocals. Has everything you need to get going

P. O'Shea

14 décembre 2021


just completed a major mix and used the Manley VOXBOX for the first time, on the main vocal.... Really like that a lot of the needed manipulations are all together in the one unit. The de esser actually can work as a tone control with a bit of push. And nice that the compressor is first in line.
Sounds fabulous on this rather big song, so looks like being a new favourite. Great!!!!

L. Chacòn

13 décembre 2021

Same as hardware

Same as hardware, just diferences on gain stages, of curse, another good investment in my gear!

U. Shree

10 décembre 2021

Very good plugin

amazing texture to the vocals & stable workflow

Z. Bee

10 décembre 2021

Tool Box

Simply - VoxBox is worth to be the Fan and have it in tool box.

V. Basyul

9 décembre 2021

Make clean sound

My fav vocal chain

J. Herberman

9 décembre 2021

Manley VoxBox

Fantastic on vocals, REALLY fantastic on bass. Not as in-your-face as the Avalon 737, but very smooth, controlled and natural. Pushing it gets some nice colour. Only beef is that I needed to get another quad so that I could use more than a couple of instances.

K. Thura

8 décembre 2021

Great Sound!

Great for vocal,love it.

D. Davis

7 décembre 2021

Good, but not great.

Cool tone when you lean into it, but the EQ section just never seems to dial in right, and the compression is never quite right either. If I use it...I just run the plug without the EQ or compressor and go for's ok. I personally prefer the Neve 88RS which I have and is my fav.

A. Sandino

6 décembre 2021

Beefy Vox

I was wondering how much of a difference virtual preamps like this will make. But this one definitely blew me away! i have only played with the "real life" unit ONCE in the studio after listening to take after take for about 2 hours of vocal tryouts..... I can't tell you that I remember how it sounded..but i can tell you that i really really loved the way female vocals and a few guys' vocals sounded through this unit. I cannot now or ever afford this real life unit...and thanks for to UAD, selling this plug in for this excellent price- I, now have access to this piece of art and can take it anywhere i please. Thanks UAD.

M. Shannon

6 décembre 2021

Manley, yes, but I like it too...

This is a cool plugin but it's a bit complicated. So far I've found that it either is the right plugin for a vocal, replacing a chain of other things, or it isn't. As a hardware emulator, it has some set parameters that are not as flexible as you'd get with purely digital stuff, but it does have its charm. Hit and miss, but when it's right, it sounds great.

E. Cheang

6 décembre 2021

Great for vocal

It is so warm for vocal.

H. Nguyen

6 décembre 2021


Very good product

L. Weisz

6 décembre 2021


It's very good plug in.

Y. Kim

5 décembre 2021

What a warm!

Great on vocals

S. Bout

1 décembre 2021

Very good

R. Rasiński

1 décembre 2021

Great for vocals but ... ;)

VOXBOX is great on vocals but is also my secret addition to the masterbus to add low and high frequencies along with the purity and clarity of the Manley.

Y. Mospan

24 novembre 2021

I'm happy with the purchase

A month ago I tried the demo and immediately fell in love. I accidentally went to the site and saw a discount on this device and bought it without thinking. mmm vocals now sound at $ 1,000,000

P. Fontana Nenni

24 octobre 2021

A must have for voice recording

A must have for voice recording, it really makes the difference

M. LaVaque

16 octobre 2021


I've only had the chance to use the VOXBOX on a handful of sessions so far, so my opinion is still forming. So far, I like it. Smooth is the best word to describe it. One thing I noticed is the EQ needs to be boosted or cut rather a lot in order to even hear a change. It's like the curve is very mild until about 75%, then it's really pronounced. I don't know if the hardware is the same or not. The compressor can be a bit "grabby", so you need to be very precise in how you set it. Having only a 3:1 ratio is kind of unfortunate. The de-esser is like the EQ, it sounds like nothing is happening, then all of a sudden it's way too much. Subtlety and precision is how this channel strip works. I look forward to using it more. I've only used it on vocals so far.

81-100 sur 585 résultats