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LA-6176 Signature Channel Strip

Evaluation Globale

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P. Motyczak

15 juillet 2024

Effective, easy and fast

A powerful combination of classic sounds. Quick and easy set up. Also a good choice if you need to save dsp for other inputs.

S. Saied

15 juillet 2024


As with all UAD plug-ins, this one is also excellent! Very easy and simple to operate and just adding the plug-in as an insert without touching any dials makes an improvement to the sound. It’s hard to describe the sonic quality with this plug-in.

T. Normz

14 juillet 2024

Tomas Normz

My review is that the plugins are good and you can record and make your music with the universal audio of the plugins are on real time

M. Yang

14 juillet 2024

Decent plugin - easy to use, powerful result

The plugin perfectly fits my home studio providing easy to use interface and excellent sound quality. It takes effort before realizing the bottom logic of the compressors since the UI doesn’t tell much. However, once tuned to the sweet spot, the plugin contributes vastly.

R. Soroka

13 juillet 2024


Крутий девайс. Пробивний, використовую від бас бочки до вокалу! Рекомендую, універсальний плагін!

t. holmes

13 juillet 2024

A real gem

Great plug-in, intuitive to use and easy to get great sounding results. Has a lovely warm sound. Def worth buying

R. Ireland

9 juillet 2024

Great Plugin

Usually the presets on most plugins I use do not work well for me. I have to do a lot of tweaking to have good results but the LA-6176 presets are very good. I used one of the bass guitar settings and it really cleaned up the signal and made it more present in the mix. It also works well on other instruments. Highly recommended.

C. Reyes

7 juillet 2024

2 for 1 Workhorse

When tracking vocals, my chain usually consists of my Townsend Sphere going into my modeling of choice, a preamp (usually the Manley or 1073), into a 1176, and finishing with the 2A. I’ve been eyeing the LA-6176 hardware model for a while but wasn’t able to afford one anytime soon, and this randomly popped up on a session day for the Apollo variant. Now my chain has a 2 for 1 where I now have another slot to use for an EQ. Vocals are coming in pretty solid right now and the vocalist I tracked while trying this out was in love with how he sounded. Definitely would recommend this if you already incorporate a 76 or 2A in your chain.

命. 陈

6 juillet 2024

Very good, almost hardware like sound, great, come on UA

Very good, almost hardware like sound, great, come on UA

D. Bassal

2 juillet 2024


Curiously, this hybrid product is quite useful when I need to get a nice result quickly. Nothing here to solve big problems or to be really creative, but it is an efficient sweetener for things already acceptable.

G. Spiridion

1 juillet 2024


It's present in my productions. Evereyday!

B. Lloyd

29 juin 2024

A perfect buy for me

I am relatively new to UA plug ins & a happy spark subscriber. When I fully realized the 6176 is actually 3 different devices combined into one & I had a $25 coupon. The CPU hit is beyond reasonable & I am able to use my 6176 as my main channel strip on pretty much all my analogue instruments & vocals in my mixes and it sounds amazing to my ears every time!!! I am very pleased with my purchase!

P. Bonifazi

28 juin 2024

Hermos pre se siente lo analogo

De verdad tiene todos los maticez que un propio hardaware, con la facilidad que nos trae el software, de verdad se recomienda para todo.
Sobre todo para voz, acusticos etc.

J. Liberg

27 juin 2024

UA6176 vs. LA-6176

I have owned the UA6176 for many years and this is the best preamp/limiter of all so I was quite surprised how well the new LA-6176 performed and how easy it suddenly is with settings and all. With that said, there is no doubt that the "real thing" is sounding better. The warmth and subtle distortion when gaining and tweaking it and how it performs in "British Mode" is the reasons I will keep it in the studio. However, if you need the second best thing and on the road so to speak, the LA-6176 is outstanding among all plugins I have tested so far so big up for the team at UA for making this great product. By the should be mandatory to use both these units in "British Mode", it will blow you away! :)

O. Brown

26 juin 2024

You have got to be KIDDING ME!!!

This is the smoothest mic pre I have heard in a long time. Simply adding it to the channel performs magic! It has the 610 B warmth, and the 1176 limiter add brightness, while the LA2A Opto seriously controls powerful vocalist on a bright condenser mic! Bravo! This is my new favorite toy!

E. Rosaleny

26 juin 2024


Espectacular en la voz. Enhorabuena

B. Banengola

25 juin 2024

LA 6176 Signature Retour vers le futur

L’authentique LA-6176 Signature Channel Strip donne du caractère à mes enregistrements et mixages, merci Universal Audio !

J. Moya

24 juin 2024


I love it! Best of both worlds combined into one.. like the rack version

H. Thomas

24 juin 2024

Doesn´t appear in my plugin list...

I bought it and have installed the actual Software Update. I find it in my plugins online at your UAD-Homepage. I also find it in my "UAD Meter & Control Panel Software. But I don´t find it in my plugin list of Nuendo an Samplitude, but i find there all other plugins. Help is just by a bot, now, that doesn´t help. Sad.

L. Kagenaar

22 juin 2024


I had the universal audio LA-610 about 20 years ago, and sounds and feels very familiar, like a good old friend that you meet again after a long time. It is another great tool for sonic sculpting in the digital virtual realm.

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