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Precision K-Stereo Ambience Recovery

Evaluation Globale

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L. Sun

15 mai 2023


The best imager plugin!

R. Argilagos

29 mars 2023

one of the best UAD plugins ever

buy it

D. Dresselhaus

16 mars 2023

Sensationell !

Es tut was es verspricht und das in höchster Klangqualität !

L. Mouchoux

2 février 2023

Perfect !

Deep, wide, mid, side !

Tout est parfait !

M. Grandegger

30 janvier 2023


I've tried this on a one dimensional live-recording (with about 9 vocal-mics panned to the center). The only stereo-information came from a reverb and an electric piano. Inserting this plugin and choosing the preset "Big" instantly gave the mix a smooth, enjoyable width. The vocals were suddenly blending perfectly! Wow.


12 janvier 2023


Tôi luôn sử dụng nó trong mọi dự án của mình. Một plugin tốt

M. De Siena

23 décembre 2022


don't expect miracles. But his job does. You just have to know him well.

c. Lawrence

12 octobre 2022


I use this for mastering, adds great width to the music

J. Dagan

3 septembre 2022


Precise subtlety is not something companies usually focus on when making a new plugin.
Lots of elegance and musicality in the design of this. a rare kind.
Thanks Bob and UAD

G. Schwab

23 août 2022

Very good tool!

I use this tool to design the stereo depth and stereo width. A few subtle attitudes already lead to fine results and success. The user interface is very clear and explains itself. The sound results are very good!

Utilisateur UAD

14 août 2022

Wish I never bought it

Snake Oil

K. Holley

29 juillet 2022

Works don’t over saturate the signal

Like all signal processors via hardware or software it depends solely on the goal of the mixing engineer. This has a place in my toolbox.

H. Studios

13 juillet 2022

Must have plugin.

This is a very unique plugin but extremely helpful help enhance ambience. Of course the ambience and room had to already be there. It doesn’t create ambience but enhances what you’ve already recorded so it breathes more life into said recording. Love it!

S. Gauri

17 juin 2022

Sounds nice

I only know that it sounds nice.

J. Carr

15 juin 2022

Another Golden Moment

UAD Killed it again ... Thank You!

E. Green

7 avril 2022


I’m creating some very nice depth with this! It’s the plug-in I’ve been waiting for! Thank you UA!!!!

l. jeffries

23 mars 2022

Love it!

Brilliant bit of kit

О. "Комаров"

22 janvier 2022

Many thanks!

I feel deep respect and gratitude to the person who created this device. Many thanks!

F. Trentini

2 janvier 2022

Very useful

Thank you Bob Katz and Universal Audio for this brilliant plugin. It sounds smooth and natural, I personally love it especially for mastering. Very useful tool.

S. Harris

29 décembre 2021

Like magic

doesn't seem to work on every type of material, but when it does, it's like magic. widening is subtle, but extremely natural and doesn't mess with the stereo image.

1-20 sur 274 résultats

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