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Hitsville Reverb Chambers

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B. Nemenz

26 novembre 2022

Motown Mojo and More

What a beautiful sound. More than just a “Motown” chamber. This is the first time ever a chamber reverb has inspired me to write a few songs. Try the demo and see if it makes you as happy as me.

J. Reed

18 novembre 2022


This reverb is amazing, nothing else like it. I also love the info it gives you about the different chambers, mics, speakers and history.

D. Marais

8 novembre 2022

Sound is just phenomenal

This is just the old-school, funky, spacious reverb I was looking for. It's truly beautiful, with stunning reflections and a tail that is smooth and dreamy. Congrats to the UA wizards! Stunning emulation.

Utilisateur UAD

8 novembre 2022

Used on a mix

It's dope, you think you've heard all that ITB revebrs have to offer? Get this and expect your expectations to be blown out of the water!

4 article(s)