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Hitsville EQ Collection

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L. sharma

22 février 2023

Best Eq Plugin Ever Made By UAD

Works great On Vocals , And on Master ! , I use to Used Pulteq EQ on Vocals & master & manley on Master , but after using it i found this eq so good ! now i can not feel working without this eq , I like the way it is , I love the way it doesn't add too much color ! , this Eq Is Like Fixes & shines ! , I would rather buy this EQ than manley EQ even

C. Domenico

31 janvier 2023

Back to the Future

UAD - Hitsville EQ Collection takes you back to the future. The famous Motown sound of the 60's and 70's. Big thanks to michael & Universal Audio.

H. Aydin

30 janvier 2023

Love these

My go to eq to get some clarity in vocals.

M. Grant

14 janvier 2023

Hitsville EQ is a hit!!!

The Mastering EQ now adds that special sauce to my Master Buss! I use it to supplement other EQs to add just a little extra to the chain.

R. Dann

9 janvier 2023

Sounds good

Sounds good. I wish it added more coloration. If you like the adjectives: "hints", "kiss", "touch", or "clarity", then you would probably love this.

w. gause

9 janvier 2023

Legendary Barry Gordy

Awesome quality and I love that they are ua x plugins saving dsp in Luna we need more plugins like these

G. Merino

9 janvier 2023

Great plugin

Great plugin. I use it mostly on individual tracks and buses. IMHO the stepped controls are too aggressive for mastering.

c. maskell

8 janvier 2023

Great on drum bus or mix bus

Put this on any track and even without adjustments to the eq it adds something special. The presets are a great start as well.

J. Viccari

6 janvier 2023

Mix bus wow

Placed this on a master mix bus, deactivated everything but this, and alone, it sounded outstanding!


4 janvier 2023

Instantly sounds better

Everything instantly sounds better. Wow. Just use it. Better is good

D. Warren

29 décembre 2022

Strong eq

Very good eq and I like the fixed frequencies and takes a lot of the guess work out

A. Yaskevich

26 décembre 2022

Good choice for mastering

I love this EQ for mastering.
The second eq is also good, but I mainly use the mastering EQ.

M. Martin

24 décembre 2022


Use this on every track. Great vibe.

J. Peral

24 décembre 2022

One of the top 5

It's one of the best equalizers I've ever tried. I thought there wasn't much more to experiment with on the subject of vintage equalizers. I was deeply wrong. In the orchestra and its sections he is a winning horse.

F. San Filippo

23 décembre 2022

Sounds great!

I honestly don’t know why, but it does. Very gentle, not super colored, but very easy to dial in a good sound on anything. 5 stars, no notes.

A. Litwinowicz

23 décembre 2022

The best of all mastering equalizers I ever tried.

The best of all mastering equalizers I ever tried. Make the last corrections with this equalizer and you will see the best results! Just love it!

R. Wheelock

21 décembre 2022

Best EQ for master bus ever

I own a lot a master bus EQs, this new baby became my go to after the first minute, it does something really special, something that definitely sounds like hardware

J. Castañeda

21 décembre 2022

I love this plugin

I love this plugin from the first use , its very easy to use and it has his own thing , its a must have

m. kim

18 décembre 2022

nice for 808 bass

so cool

R. Shimp

16 décembre 2022


I have had the pleasure of using a pair of these in the wild a couple of times. Now I can have as many of these as I want….well…you know…sorta. They sound great. I am stoked UA has them in the arsenal.

1-20 sur 64 résultats

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