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Galaxy Tape Echo

Evaluation Globale

61-80 sur 313 résultats

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v. krumov

5 janvier 2023

Awesome delay

I like so much Roland tape echo. This plugin is so close to the real one.

L. Spilger

24 décembre 2022

Check pur the Spring Reverb!

Own and love the delay sounds for a very Long time now - but I just recently tried the spring reverb on vocals of a vintage type song - and it just fitted perfectly! Great sound!

J. Metzger

21 décembre 2022

Change from my first review

I thought when I first got this plug in that it sounded off and the repeats weren’t in time, after further investigation and diving into the phone book shaped manual I realized there was 73 samples of latency on consoles Aux tracks , so I moved the space echo to an insert and the echos are now in time , what’s even better is I can move the space echo to an aux track without the latency penalty afterwards since I won’t need the aux track in Arm mode = no 73 samples of latency ! This plug in sounds amazing . Adds a lot of depth and character to my guitar. Thanks uad !

D. Shiman

19 décembre 2022

As close as it gets

As an owner of the real unit, I can surely say the Galaxy Tape Echo is the closest emulation I heard.

C. Özdemir

18 décembre 2022



A. Gorobets

11 décembre 2022


Add some variations to my mixes.

h. josemans

15 novembre 2022

Great and really super Tape Echo to use when appropriate to use!

Great and really super Tape Echo to use when appropriate to use!

A. Smith

8 septembre 2022

That extra warmth on your channels

Great for adding that extra warmth on any of your channels. Recommended!

M. Park

1 septembre 2022


Best classic Tape Echo!

B. Langham

29 août 2022

Love this

Easy to use and sounds great

N. Sarran

2 juillet 2022


Simple, efficace, créative. Un peut comme la vrais.

N. Sarran

2 juillet 2022


Simple, efficace, créative. Un peut comme la vrais.

d. curtiss

13 juin 2022


give any dry track some space. Easy and effective.

S. Gauri

2 juin 2022

Sounds nice

Glad I got this.

b. stock

25 mars 2022

Good, but...

Owning an original RE-301 for 15 years, I can say this does a good job of emulating tape echo. That being said...This costs 100.00 more than another plug that has WAY more features, and sounds more accurate. The one advantage I can see is low-latency for tracking live. Is it worth the extra 100.00? You decide. And NOTHING can replace the fear of real tape breaking in the middle of one's set ;-)

n. binns

15 janvier 2022

Faithful to the Original

Remember using the hardware Roland version in the late 80s & being blown away with the universes it can take you to. This thing is a great emulation and very faithful to the original. UAD knocked this out of the park.

N. Zela

10 janvier 2022

Great Plug-In

I was sceptical ... but I'm a fan of this Plug-In. It sounds as natural as a digital approach of a classic analogue Tape Echo can sound. I'm not a huge fan of the Tape old and new settings though ... In my opinion that's where the limit of digital is for «used tape» – but maybe time and some other projects will prove me wrong ...

J. Manning

3 janvier 2022

Classic delay

Get your Rock a Billy going.

E. Fritsch

30 octobre 2021


Yes. Buy it.

A. Mikheev

26 octobre 2021

Tape delay with no boundaries

Flexible and smooth.

61-80 sur 313 résultats