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Galaxy Tape Echo

Evaluation Globale

181-200 sur 303 résultats

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V. Morganti

19 avril 2018

Great for guitar

Simple and effective, perfect for adding depth to any guitar sound.

W. Hendriks

14 avril 2018

5 stars!

Really nice. Much flavors including the right one. Try it, I'm sure you'll like it

D. Middelhede

9 avril 2018


I keep reaching out for this when I feel like sounds needs more life and texture. I am also very excited about the sounds you get when tweaking the parameters.

A. Cumminer

8 avril 2018

Dredy Rockers 2 Rockers

Ho! My! Days!........ It’s like the real thing crazy.
Exciting Excitement.
UAD’s got it Locked.
You guys are just Bad Asses or should I say “The Real! dogs bolloxx, Maximum respect from them times & even more so today.

And now The future is 2 DUB in the finest style known 2 man kind. : )

H. Jansson

5 avril 2018

Sounds legit

This piece sounds so good, i have a re-301, but since i got this i haven’t even used the hardware.

b. gabrielli

15 mars 2018


excellentissime pour le dub

D. Carroll

5 mars 2018


I'm new to the UAD platform, but I knew that this plugin would be one of the first I purchased. I used a Space Echo extensively in the '90s and this thing really captures everything I loved about that ratty old box of sonic delights!

B. David Jérome

19 février 2018

RE-201. Blessing

I love ....RE-201.
one of my favorite UAD


2 février 2018

RE: Galaxy 201

A good tape delay emulation, however it doesn't quite capture the vibe & sound of a real Roland unit (which is my favourite.) Really I should have known better than to go the emulation route. Having said that this would be the closest plugin to the real deal.

T. Spillmann

17 janvier 2018

I'm loving this

Just a fantastic sound! Works great on guitars and vocals. Would recommend it to anyone

E. Halterman

13 janvier 2018

Excellent Vibe!

Nice mojo and vibe with this plugin! Love it!

p. hedin

21 novembre 2017

creative space!

Beautiful sound, creative and easy. It ads nice character and ID to whatever you put it on. Thanx!


25 octobre 2017


being an electronic musician, it took me a while to understand what to do with it (besides classic delays). it really tickens and smoothen most electronic source and I find it very handy for that.

A. Haynes

13 octobre 2017

Great sound/non-native language

Sounds great but, controls are a little awkward. Controls are not setup like other tape echo plugins so, it took a little work to understand.

S. Tanner

2 octobre 2017

Sound-Design Echo number one

My friend ROLAND and I like this plug-in very much!
I use these unit a lot for Sound-Design. Very Sci-Fiish sound and so if you need. Or for a crappy Bass-Solo a la Mr. Gene Simmons. Very nice also the Spring Reverb on it.

M. Cartwright

17 septembre 2017

wonderful. warble

I like the warble and lofi tape sound this plugin achieves. the feedback control is brilliant.

F. Wise

14 septembre 2017

Like Old Times for Sound Quality - Great! But still old for rigid single size GUI - Boo!

My old bar band saved up to buy the real thing 30 years ago or so (Roland Space Echo) and this plug brings back memories, and also sounds very good. I'm very happy to see you can now sync the tempo which I don't think you could do with the original. My only gripe is that the GUI is limited to only 1 view and some of the buttons/labels could be bigger. I'm pretty sure UA could come up with something where you could have the normal view and then a more magnified view or 2 - that would be great for most of the other plug-ins as well so I'm taking 2 stars off for poor GUI. It's 2017, can't we get more GUI options?

m. neat

14 septembre 2017


Great plugin, classic sounds!!

P. Danel

13 septembre 2017

Galaxy Tape Echo - Great sounding - absolutely!!

This plugin is my indispensible "go to" while playing guitar: I love the short delays on distortet tones making the illusion like standing with 4 feets fat on a big ground....Fine presets let you start to sound-trips - into space -

L. Frost

12 septembre 2017

Really nice texture

I used on claps stab and it created a really nice texture, something I couldn't do with normal plugs definitely recommended

181-200 sur 303 résultats