Friedman Amplifiers Collection

Friedman Amplifiers Collection

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Friedman Amplifiers Collection

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M. Niemczyk

13 avril 2016

Great Thanks for Bypass Preamp Feature

Thank you so much for the most important Feature for real preamp owners which is bypassing the software emulated preamp! I´m sure most guitar players have already a nice sounding real tube preamp or a head with DI out, which they really want to use in every possible situation. I´m a proud owner of a Mesa/Boogie TriAxis and I have all my favorite presets saved there so i can produce each desired sound by just choosing a program - and the sound is real tube blow away analogue sound. But there is one problem when it comes to recording, the power amp section, cabinet and microphones are crucial but impracticable in home recording environment. Thats where amp simulation with bypassed preamp kicks in - a viola

B. McLean

10 avril 2016

Just wow

I cannot believe how damn good these 2 amp sims sound. I'm blown away. The only problem is choosing between using the Dirty Shirley or the BE.

B. Kurth

7 avril 2016

Almost there...

The Dirty Shirly is stunning. Full stop. But the real draw here is the BE100. The BE's amp modeling is fantastic including all channels and mode switches. But as others have alluded to the cabinet implementation is ...frustrating. All the cab factory presets are either very dark or very mid-skewed. This would be fine if it actually sounded like the amp was sitting in the room with you, but instead it sounds like a bad engineer has poorly mic'ed and tried to compensate with EQ. I think I found one setting (patch 18?) where I could tweak it enough to get what I wanted. The other ~100 patches were nearly useless:/ So - release an update with more neutral cab/mic impulses and let the engineers do the coloring :)

M. G.

4 avril 2016


El mejor plugin de guitarra que he probado. Latencia 0 en el mixer de UAD. Sonido increíble!!! Siempre con la ventaja del uso DSP UAD, que deja la cpu del ordenador libre para otras acciones. RECOMENDADO!

S. Swanson

4 avril 2016

It's OK but not Awesome

It's OK
Great for live tracking but can't seem to get it sounding good when record dry and the add in as a plugin
I've read to keep input low so dry track is pretty low amplitude
Haven't given up as I love Friedman amps

M. Elten

7 mars 2016

Best Amp Sim

I have tried a lot of amp sims. Now I 've found my go to plugin. Brainworx nailed it. I think they even beat the Marshall plugs by UA, which are also very convincing. If you have to choose one amp sim from UA, I recommend to go with this one.

D. Peterson

1 février 2016

Friedman Amp Plugin

I think this plugin is very useful and musical. This plugin has the Friedman tone nailed. It's responsive to touch, attack, and volume knob control. There is are presets and control on the face of the amp plus effects. The super gain settings require the noise gate, and it's a little choppy on the presets. The lower gain settings are more usable for me. The Dirty Shirley is less of a shred monster than the Brown Eye. Both are pretty convenient to use. Quick setup, great tones and a plugin to ad some ambience, you're ready to rock.

H. Benesch

14 janvier 2016

The sound I like

It's a very rocky sounding guitar amplifier, not very clean. But's i'ts the sound I like. The cabinats are 1st class!

L. Grover

30 décembre 2015

The Final Straw

I'm done with amp sims! I have several - they just don't have quality sound. Where's the ambiance of the tube amp? They sound like cheap solid state tone generators. In the end - If you want the sound of a Friedman amp, - Get A Friedman Amp!

S. Aubry

29 décembre 2015

Great Amp Modeling!!!!!

I've been playing around with this plug in for a few weeks now. I have to say I really like the warm overdrive sound of the B 100 very much, So much so that I am using my Boogie recto rack less and less in the studio. This plugin unlike others I've tried, does not color the tone characteristics of the individual guitar. Once again, good job and thanks UA.

U. Gerstenmeyer

28 décembre 2015

Great Plug In

I like this Friedman Amplifiers Plug In, but I'm not a pure Marshall Freak! I also have no idea, if the Plug In really sounds like a Freidmann Amp. I guess, I just turned around so long, until I liked the sound and I have to say, the Plug-In sounds awesome . I've never heard a better Marshall sound simulation.

M. Skinsacos

16 décembre 2015

Friedman Amp

I must be doing something wrong because this plug sounds horrible. I cannot for the life of me get a good sound out of it. I've heard demos that sound great but I am not even close to a good sound. Very disappointed. However, I am loving the Marshall Silver Jubilee!

k. dcosta

13 décembre 2015

Look forward to more Guitar plugins UA!

Very nice!

After 20 years of mic'ing up amps I'm using more often UA guitar plugins now.

C. Bower

13 décembre 2015

Great for tracking!

This is a nice, natural sounding mod to track with if you've got an Apollo. Nice feel and air, much like playing a real amp with a mic'd cab. I would definitely recommend for those guitar players who are looking to re-amp but insist on tracking with a natural feel, but you will need to have an Apollo to make this work.

H. Hansson

1 décembre 2015

A bargain at $4.00! ;)

Just bought this bundle for 4 Euros!!! Had a voucher previously at €25 since taking a survey. Today I got a mail saying UA missed me, and that they had given me another €50 voucher. Checking my account, I actually had two! So, with the Black Friday campaign still going it was going for €129. So, €125 in vouchers made me pay €4! Wow! Thanks UA! =)

And the plugins then... I think they are really versatile. Have been looking into buying these for a long time, but now I'm glad I didn't until know! Just check out the demos and hear for yourself. Responsive, gritty, powerful! Nice amp sims!

T. Fokas

26 novembre 2015

sounds like a hotrod Marshall

Plugin sound good but the cab sims / IRs for ALL of these UAamp sims just don't FEEL like a real amp... I would NEVER buy one of these amps as you can get a Mark V AND and Duel Rec for the same price and they both sound better.

I purchased this Apollo interface to have no noticeable latency but but ALL of these sims seem to use the same cab sims/noise gate and delay.

Perhaps UA should have companies like Positive Grid make their amp sim plugs?

B. King

2 novembre 2015

True to the Firedman Tonal Vision!!

Very pumped that these are on the UAD platform. Fortunate to own a BE100 and it is just so organic and musical. I also have a Kemper so I can say for a modeling/profiler environment these are superb. The day I noticed these were released I happen to by tracking my BE100 DI through a Suhr reactive load box and got several A/B for comparisons. Must admit it was very accurate and responsive in most every aspect. The built in delay and mic/cab presets are very cool and allow to quickly color the sound to your desired application. These are very good value and an awesome portal to enjoy Dave Frideman's incredible work. No risk in picking these up.

Utilisateur UAD

10 août 2015

THIS is what love sounds like :)

SO, a few months back I found myself standing in front of the Friedman DS head and cab. Wondering, why all the hype over this little thing? As I pondered this great mystery, I decided to plug in and see for myself. It was effortless to pull great tone from this thing, but then I saw the price tag. Ouch! $2,700 just for the head. About a month ago I bought an Apollo Twin and in doing so, am allowed to demo all the UA plug ins for free, in the comfort of my own home. Sweet deal. So of course I went right for the Friedman bundle. Having played both of these amps, I can say that there was NO disappointment with this bundle. You can go to YouTube & search MarkThomasMusic to see some vids I did. The same tone for $249. It's a no-brainer

M. Ballenger

3 août 2015

Very convincing

This is a spectacular bundle. The BE-100 nails the brown sound, but it can also dial in some great crunch and classic tones. The Dirty Shirley is my preferred option of the two for clean to crunch. It's very warm and full. Really impressed with the BX guitar amp sims. I also own the Chandler. I hope to demo the ENGL retro soon.

a. kamal

2 août 2015

very very usable..

I am a guitar player and my studio is all set up and wired with vintage amps,miss etc.... For recording I use a multi amp set up with a 57 Tweed Vibro Champ , a 65 BF Super Reverb AND my trusted 1975 100 w Marshall,Boogie King Snake, Dumble ODS or Diezel VH4. I pretty much emulated the EL 34/KT 77 Sounds with the Friedman. In an a/b comparison i preferred the plug to the genuine head which I had mic´d with a Sennheiser MD 421 N and a 4 x 12" Vintage Marshall Cab using Celestial G 25 H. The mic´d sound was pretty good but the plug in sound seemed to "breathe" more,i.e. better transients,silkier high end...Pretty amazing This plug in...

141-160 sur 182 résultats