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Friedman Amplifiers Collection

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A. Jepson

30 janvier 2023

now i cant be ars*d to plug an amp in and mic it up

I use a Friedman JJ100 in the studio, carefully mic ed, pedals in the loop, tim or a DS-1 up front. I replaced that with this plug in for tracking at home. It is brilliant, responsive, realistic, reactive. I tried the tweed and it sounded a bit like all the other plug in amps out there. this sounds like my amp.

A. Kolomvatsos

12 janvier 2023

BE-100 is a beast

Well if you want the plexi sound (as close as it can get in a plugin) this is the one to go. I own a handwired JTM 45 and I can tell you that there are characteristics of the plexi sound in BE-100. Really happy I got this one. For me it's the best plexi plugin compared to the other amp plugins.

A. Nemeth

30 décembre 2022

Great stuff

I have tried all kinda guitar amps, but the BE-100 is one of me go to

J. Neves

21 décembre 2022

Absolutely Stunning

I own quite a few amp sims and the Friedman Buxom Betty has always been one of my favourites. However, after trying out the whole collection I was sold! It sounds so close to the real thing it’d be a shame not to have. I also own the ‘competitor’s’ ‘version’ of it but for some reason (upsampling maybe’ the UAD ones leave the others in the dust.

J. Metzger

28 novembre 2022

The Best uad amp sim !

I own a friedman be-50 deluxe , and the be-100 plug sounds very similar . I uad a lot of different tones and I’m able to get most of them using the be100 plug . The clean sounds full and articulate , mild break up retains the dynamics without losing definition , while the hbe channel has the bite needed without ever needing to use a single od pedal , plenty of gain on tap . I especially love the diff speaker cab and mic combinations . Great job on this one !

P. Jerksten

8 octobre 2022

If you could use your own IR’s it would be a better plugin

Sounds good and I like the dui. If you were able to load your own IR’s it would make the plugin twice as good. No pedals included which is a big minus.
If these updates were made I would give it a 5 star review.

h. hyakkoku

18 septembre 2022

Satisfied because the sound is Nice!

I don't have the actual device, but I tried using it on my DAW and thought it sounded good.
Especially the sound between clean and crunch is wonderful!!

M. de Koning

23 juillet 2022

Just bad

I really wanted to like this bundle and I'm not sure how it can be that other people thought it was great. I own a Friedman Twin Sister, which is very similar to two Dirty Shirleys. Problem is the DS sim sounds like garbage compared to my actual TS. In actuality, the bottom end should be significantly bigger. I've never played an actual BE 100 but the sim would make a person avoid it I I believed this is what it actually sounds like. Super boomy bottom end that makes you think all your bass levels must be cranked, and the overall tone sounds too much like my old line 6 spider trying it's best to sound mocho, only to sound like a box of bees when compared to the amps it's claiming to model.

Because I love my actual TS, I put too much trust in a product with Dave's name on it. I should have demo'd it before opening the wallet. My bad.

R. Lamison

11 juillet 2022

Power and versatility

These amp sims are a great addition to my collection since they provide so much muscle and versatility. I highly recommend this bundle.

J. garcia

7 juillet 2022


very good and realistic

M. Allende

16 janvier 2022

Best Apollo Amp Selection

Great plugins! The BE100 is by far the best amp on all UA collection available imo. You can get a wide range of tones from clean to high gain dirty, which is very accurate to the real Friedman amp. Love it.

K. Fulford

16 janvier 2022

Good versatility, kind of overpriced

Try the demos. The Marshall stuff works better for me but it's nice to have options. I think this collection could be 25% cheaper. Still a pretty good value, good sounds.

M. Torres

14 janvier 2022

Very good tones... and noisy

You can get really good tones, however I don't know how similar to the original is it because never tried them. I just can complain about the noise when the gain goes up, you can get rid of it a bit with the included noise gate, but it's still noisy when playing.

J. Schreurs

14 janvier 2022

do I hear a real Friendman?!

Ooooo! these plugin's are great! For me the best sounding emulation software on the planet. like real amps!

J. Anaka

5 janvier 2022

Good replicas

Nice tones that are easy to access from the presets or you can easily modify to your own liking . I have used it more than I expected.

K. Barnard

1 janvier 2022

Affordable Friedman X2

These are two of the coolest UA Luna plugins for guitar. I'm having tons of fun writing my own presets for electric and acoustic guitars, The Friedman amps sound amazing with bass guitar as well. Rock on dudes!!

K. Babic

28 décembre 2021

As a owner of Friedman amps...

this is a really good emulate of the amps!!!

G. Gaia

23 décembre 2021

This amp sim is fire

The amp breaks up awesomely.

J. Migchelsen

15 décembre 2021

Great souding amp!

Very natural sound.

F. Helm

12 décembre 2021

Angry Wow!

So, in the sea of virtual amps, it’s getting harder and harder to differentiate tone that matters. This Friedman collection is a beast. I set out to design a two part tone. Tone one was a DS40 crunch fronted by a tube screamer and tone two was a bloody BE100 to sit just outside tone one. My first tracking demo was too big, literally massive. Using the amps EQ’s and hi/low pass filtering, it all came together. Ive always heard Friedman amps differently than all others-dont know why, but if the Brainworx-UAD amps are all this good, i’ll keep buying

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