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dbx® 160 Compressor / Limiter

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光. 杉

8 janvier 2024

Sounds good.

It has a sound that I want to listen to all the time.

J. Bru

3 janvier 2024

Muy bueno

Me encanta como hace resaltar el bombo y la caja (tarola) en la mezcla.

C. Patrichi

22 décembre 2023

Good compressor.

Sounds good.

h. Shin

21 décembre 2023

more big

big ...big ... ing

M. Martínez García

20 décembre 2023

Love it

Me encanta como suena en mis raps

C. Scroope

19 décembre 2023

As advertised!!

Love it

B. Sanders

17 décembre 2023

Easy. Very, very easy. My new favorite!

My drums have never sounded better.

J. Tillman

14 décembre 2023

70’s punch and glue

Love it on bass and kick - really works well for mono drum bus as well. For an old school flavor, you just can’t beat it.

c. izquierdo

6 décembre 2023

not expected so good!

I bought because it was in offer and it's one of my first option when I have to dedice between compressors. It's very easy to use and tight compressor for drums, synth bass. Nice one!

K. L

24 novembre 2023

Super on Drums!

Awesome compressor, it became my to-go compressor for kick snare and toms!

C. Brown

13 novembre 2023

All True

Everything you see in the reviews is true. Easy to use and a little special sauce for you mixes for sure.

C. Miller

28 octobre 2023


Great plugin

T. Poe

26 octobre 2023

Drum Compression 101

As others have mentioned, this thing beefs the heck out of drums giving them a “digital punch” that is satisfying in the correct context of a mix. It’s well executed and ideal for bussing applications

D. Arango

20 octobre 2023

excelente producto

tiene mucho caracter y da vida a la percusión latina

A. Holbert

20 octobre 2023

Need More Punch on Drums?

Well You better buy this plugin and throw it on your drum so they can cut threw the mix!

E. Castro

18 octobre 2023

Always in my mixes

Agresive, punchy, easy to use.

F. Antonio

18 octobre 2023

Special Comp on Drums and Bass!

This guys delivers SNAP!!!
It has a little bit more Extended low end than my HW but it's actually better for what I use!!!
Great Job UAD!!!

m. cedrick

18 octobre 2023


Deep on mix bus and more …

J. Berthier

17 octobre 2023

smooth and punchy !

Perfect on my synths, gives punch and smooth the 'digitalness'...
Plus the 'mix' potentiometer allows easy parallel compression on bus or master.
Excellent !


16 octobre 2023

Great punch

Gives nice punch for Drums

21-40 sur 430 résultats