Classic FX Bundle

Classic FX Bundle

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Prix tarif : $299.00


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Classic FX Bundle

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J. Alexander

4 avril 2019

Cool delay/chorus!

I use this on ambient sounds, and vocals to create a different color. I really enjoy it!

Utilisateur UAD

3 avril 2019

Delay and chorus sorted

As with most of their plugins, these just work and do what you expect. Simple controls and gets you to a creative spot fast. What more do you want? Sticks to the sound whilst enhancing it. Loves bass, vocals, drums, guitars, claps, keys, etc etc etc...

M. Thomas

2 avril 2019

Great as a Doubler On Vox!

Not used it on guitars yet so I can't comment on how it stands up compared to other guitar chorus plugins/pedals, but I did try it as a doubler aux effect the other day on a vocal track with great results. Got the idea from an article featuring Post Malone's engineer who uses it on his voice. I think it's another useful tool to have in your box but obviously if your on a budget you can get by without it. I didn't purchase it as U..A. kindly gifted it me for free when I registered my interface - Bonus!

J. Loosemore

30 mars 2019

Same as the real thing

Although this is an awesome plugin which sounds very similar to the real thing, it is hard to get a good sound and isn't what I'd say describe as a lush sounding chorus. However, if you're looking for something that sounds like the old bucket brigade chorus pedals this is as close as you'll get!!

P. Gharapetian

29 mars 2019

great space echo

with a market that's quickly becoming saturated with tape delay emulators, this one still stands out on top. thanks!

P. Gharapetian

29 mars 2019

great chorus

now all my guitars sound like The Cure.

R. Paris

26 mars 2019

Chorus that sings

Love this Brigade chorus. Really adds a wonderful shine to my guitar sounds

M. Noronha Andrade

26 mars 2019



R. Priori

25 mars 2019

A chorus you can use

You know how Chorus are sometimes diffcult to get right in the box, but I think this one is ok, sounds legit and does a good job on guitars.

S. Smashnov

24 mars 2019


Analog sound!!

J. Carrillo Padron

23 mars 2019



O. Murphy

23 mars 2019


great chorus plug-in! Easy to use, my ears are impressed!

h. bae

22 mars 2019

Good at Elec Guitar

Good at Elec Guitar.

P. Calabria

21 mars 2019


A simple but fantastic plugin that you can't miss in your collection!

J. Woolcott

20 mars 2019

Lush, retro and cool.

This is a great recreation of an iconic chorus pedal. It’s not right on everything, but if you want authentic, retro character, this thing is awesome.

M. Szynkowski

16 mars 2019

amazing on instruments

This sounds amazing on all kind of instruments especially keys, strings.

A. Fusini

15 mars 2019

Molto carino!

Un bel chorus, sporca il giusto con un bel carattere vintage.

n. claxton

6 mars 2019

Brigade Chorus Pedal

Very nice sounding pedal

L. Montenegro

4 mars 2019


Great sounding and easy to use chorus pedal. Leslie sounds.

L. Miladinovic

2 mars 2019

Well built Pedal

Guitars can get a new dimension with this plugin. It does what is meant to do, it is not that expensive, and provides me with additional versatility which can evoke creativity.

261-280 sur 838 résultats