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C-Suite C-Vox™ Noise & Ambience Reduction

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M. Racanelli

26 mars 2023


Great for noise cancellation and removing unwanted noise from vocals. If you have an untreated room, or a room where you get some noise and you want to record clean vocals, this really does the job well. Surprised with the outcome and would suggest it.

N. Kernizan

26 mars 2023


This is great. I sometimes hear a hissing sound or noise in the background while recording before because my booth is not the best with this, the vocals are perfect nothing in the background just straight raw vocals, and I love that for me.

T. Bie

24 mars 2023

ธีรภัทร แสนสุข บี้


J. Poreda

20 mars 2023

"you sound like a podcast" - random friend

makes my untreated room sound quiet and vocals sound crisp.

D. Caputo

28 février 2023

No Treated Recording Space? No Problem!

Perfect for less-than-ideal recording environments. You can spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars treating your walls, floors and ceilings, or you can buy this plug-in. This is probably the single most effective plug-in to getting great sounding vocals that UAD offers. I use large diaphragm condenser mics to record vocals. Before buying this plug-in, I found my vocal tracks were muddied with ambient noise from my HVAC, pet water fountains, refrigerator, traffic, etc. This makes my shitty apartment sound like a $10K vocal booth. It makes my mix downs so much more professional. And it’s so easy to use. This is one of my MUST HAVES.

J. Lewis

21 février 2023


This plug-in is superb. Highly recommended. Powerful, transparent, and easy to use.

Utilisateur UAD

17 février 2023


This is amazing. Sooo glad I got it.

N. Stolz

13 février 2023

Review C-Suite C-Vox Noise

If only voice recording this plugin is the best one of all in my opinion, also because in live realtime and no latency. 4 Stars and not 5, because of the price and also because if I am recording voice and an other instrument parallel in the channel than it makes to much artefacts to the instrument.

J. Reimann

13 février 2023

A great plugin

Very amazing for me. The noice cancelation works very well. Especially in combination with the NEVE 1073 Preamp.

N. Palmer

25 janvier 2023

Five stars for vocals, one star for guitar

I know this is a vocal plugin, but I really need noise reduction for acoustic guitar, and C Axe doesn’t seem to work.

Both plugs are RIDICULOUSLY hungry - you’ll get a Unison preamp and C Vox on an Apollo Duo only. C Axe won’t coexist with anything.

C Vox is amazing on voice, but on acoustic guitar its learning algorithms start to eat into the guitar signal, leaving it reedy and bodyless at the end of a two minute track.

Is it fair to leave a mixed review for a vocal plug based on its performance on acoustic guitar? This is just a caution. Based on the first 30 seconds of the demo, I nearly bought it. I’m glad I didn’t, because it doesn’t play friendly with acoustic guitar…

N. Coelho

19 janvier 2023

Bom Plugin!

Bom para a eliminação de ruídos.


17 janvier 2023

I can hear my preamps now!

This is amazing for home studio setups, you can really hear the warmth from your preamps (hardware or software). Dialed in 75% and works like a charm, room noise gone but picks up wispers on the mic. Very impressive software. Always track with it now also, reccomend it.

D. Lombardi

14 janvier 2023

Miracle worker!

I recorded a vocal with this in my kitchen with the washer AND dryer running in the next room and heat on to really test the limits and it came out great hahaha. Amazing.

A. Kolomvatsos

12 janvier 2023

It's really good for dialogue

I use it for dialogue noise & ambience reduction in video editing inside Final Cut Pro and works great. I wish it was native like some other plugins in SPARK so I wouldn't have to carry around my UAD interface.

J. Baxter

11 janvier 2023

Great tool to have!

So glad to see this one in the UA group! Every now and then you'll need this. :)

k. kostoglou

10 janvier 2023

Home studio Upgrader!!!!

Best plug-in for vocal noise and room reduction!

M. Ramos Jiménez

8 janvier 2023

Incredible result!!

This plugin works great for removing noise from recordings. For example, for the noise of the air conditioning it works very well.

A. Payne

7 janvier 2023

Fabulous noise reduction

Works wonders eliminating noise - when paired with the C_axe it cleans up a single pickup guitar signal beautifully.

C. Kim

6 janvier 2023

Noisy Room, clean record!

Fantastic plugin! I live in a very loud environment, but no problem with C-Vox! Thank you for the exceptional opportunity!

B. McMahon

6 janvier 2023

Waves noise and resoration, izotope de- noise never touched this

AC hum and 60 cycle have always been hard to lose without hurting the recording until this plugin

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