Plug-In Brigade Chorus Pedal

Plug-In Brigade Chorus Pedal


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Brigade Chorus Pedal

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Utilisateur UAD

26 juin 2018


Didn't expect much out of this, but this little guy is niiiiiiice!!!! I wish there was a mix or dry/wet knob on it.. But it's definitely a great sounding chorus.

M. Johnsen

18 juin 2018

Sounds amazing on bass!

I use this mostly on an AUX track to widen the sound of my bass guitar on almost every recording I do now. A very wide array of sounds you can hammer out of this things and it does not disappoint!

S. Pedneault

13 juin 2018

The real thing!!

Like a true guitar pedal!!

C. Scelso

9 juin 2018

Tremendo Chorus

Lo usé para backing vocals y es un hermosuura. También para un track raro, en el master bus, y le mete algo muy especial. Recomiendo!

D. Świątek

5 juin 2018


The best sounding chorus I've ever used

C. Meyer

4 juin 2018

Loving it.

Got it for free with my Arrow and it's sounding brilliant so far. Thank you, UA.

L. Xun

3 juin 2018

Many instruments are applicable

Sometimes I use Brigade Chorus Pedal on a track that needs to be outstanding, usually it can achieve what I expect, if you find a way to use it properly.

y. kogashiwa

1 juin 2018



T. Ellis

24 mai 2018

Nice addition.

A nice addition to all the chorus and vibrato effects available. Has a nice Boss sounding chorus effect with a tone straight from the 80s. Can achieve a JC-120ish clean tone easily.

R. Esposito

21 mai 2018

Nice to have color options

Surprisingly I haven’t used this yet but can’t wait to find a purpose to do so.

Utilisateur UAD

19 mai 2018


C'est rigolo sur des voix

E. Ananda

19 mai 2018


A must have!

s. azevedo

12 mai 2018

Just what the guitar lead ordered!

Turned a dull sounding guitar solo into something special. Nice add to the toolbox.

A. Rahman

12 mai 2018



M. Cavaliere

7 mai 2018

Chorus Pedal

Good Plugin.

B. Simms

1 mai 2018

So good!

Great sounding chorus and vibrato. Goes head to head with any of my collection of outboard chorus units.

R. Mainone

1 mai 2018

Chorus Pedal

Good plugin.

M. Ziach

29 avril 2018

Brigade Chorus!!!

Bon je n'aime pas l'original, mais cette émulation est très fidèle.

Utilisateur UAD

28 avril 2018

My soul in my work........

This is the third apollo i am buying. No more comments.....Just imagine!!!!!!

M. Ptak

25 avril 2018

Website samples don't do this plug-in justice

I have the original Boss CE-1 box, which is a beautiful sounding chorus. I own the plug-in UA did of this when it was still called the Boss CE-1. That sounds very close to my box. I have to admit that I haven't heard in detail the recent version of this plug-in under the different name, so I don't know if they altered anything since. But Zoinks, Scoob... get some better samples of this thing on the website. Those samples are THE most bland representation of a box I've ever heard. If I hadn't already heard this thing before, I would never purchase this plug-in based on those clips. Just my .02...

421-440 sur 554 résultats