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T. McCarthy

6 octobre 2020

UA Arrow Purchase

As a musician who has owned several audio interfaces dating back to the Mac G4 (or G5, I can't remember) I was a bit callous toward purchasing a more expensive interface than I had been using. My first real surprise was plugging it in and running a guitar through the included Marshall amp plug-in. The sound was amazing ... no, not just really good but amazing. The response of the amp was just incredible, no latency, really nice touch dynamics, great sound. I then delved into some of the other plug-ins for mixing, compressors, delays, reverbs etc., I was truly blown away by the richness of the sound. I finally had to ask myself why I had not taken this path before. For anyone who records music I can't recommend this system highly enough, it's like taking blinders off your ears.

R. Harris

3 octobre 2020

Easy to use and sounds fantastic

The Arrow is my first audio interface, but I'm glad I chose it. The sound quality is excellent, and the High Z input is particularly useful. UAD plugins also seem to be much more effective than a lot of others I've tried, so I would really recommend.

D. Castroviejo

2 octobre 2020

Love it, love it, it

Great interface, zero latency. I
Only have the free plugins so far, and I already love them. The TB buss power is very convenient for a solo songwriter. So far the solo core is enough for my recordings. This is definitely the interface for a songwriter/music composer that does not need more than 2 inputs.

J. Poloyannis

1 octobre 2020

Great little Portable Audio Device

Does what it needs to do, but a little short in effect power. The good news is you can overcome any hurdle by having a think about how to record. If its your only UA device then commit. I have 2 satellites in the main studio, so the arrow is only a portable device for writing. Then I would take what I have recorded and finish it in the studio... or record Vox, guitar etc... on the go. I love the fact it doesn't need a power supply, makes it very portable.

R. Michos

22 septembre 2020

So far so good

I own an Apollo and love the console app. I got the Arrow for my laptop and so far it has worked perfectly. The sound is flawless. Perfect for a simple or smaller recording setup!

R. Pocze

19 septembre 2020

Universal Audio Arrow

Remarkable! I love it!


16 septembre 2020


Great !

E. Goguen

14 septembre 2020

Easy to use and great sound

I used an M-Box v3 for years and had to find another converter after updating to Catalina. I'm an audio engineering professor and the Arrow has options that I haven't even been able to dig into yet that might be great for remote teaching.

S. Cvetkovic

12 septembre 2020

Great audio interface !!!

Best audio interface for the price !!! I love it !!!

E. Costa

10 septembre 2020


My Apollo to road!

T. Husa

10 septembre 2020


The Arrow sounds great and is A all in one solution on my desk that does all a need it to do.

a. white

7 septembre 2020



J. Porteous

7 septembre 2020

Great Value

First UA product and worth every cent. Flawless for my use of it.

A. Bouchard

30 août 2020

Just like the Apollo but better

Why better? Because it is smaller, faster, bus-powered and less expensive. There are a couple things I wish for though, an on/off switch and the ability to stack it with the Apollos I already have.

d. Mezquita Hardy

18 août 2020

Muy recomendable

Gratamente sorprendido por la calidad del interface. Minima e inapreciable latencia y una gran calidad. Muy sencillo de usar. Muy recomendable.

E. Adeniyi

16 août 2020

Little issue I need help

I love he device but I can't get rid of the static sound it gives during playback of any file. How do I fix that issue? I'm sure its a few buttons to press and features to switch but how do I stop this noise?

M. Schweizer

11 août 2020

Best ever!

Why didn’t I buy that long time before??

J. Eager

9 août 2020


I have owned and used several desk top audio interfaces over the years. I ordered this one because I found I most often only need one or two inputs at a time, I liked the idea of a bus powered interface and a much cleaner set up on my desk. Turns out it sounds great, l the plug ins are really fantastic and it integrates seamlessly with Logic ProX. I miss having a second headphone jack once in a while but that's an easy problem to solve. I highly recommend this interface for anyone who wants a simple bus powered set up our who does most of their recording alone with one mic and an instrument. Singer songwriter's bedroom stdio geeks and the like should all love this unit.

R. Smarr

8 août 2020

Not for Windows

Great build and features I wanted this to work for Windows. I spent a week and a half jumping thru hoops trying to make this work in Windows 10. I even bought a laptop from there suggested and approved list. I could not get rid of the crackle in playback and recording. I know this works great on the mac platform. Just couldn't get to work on Windows. I don't think the company is really vested in the Windows platform. When I asked tech support to give me a specific Windows Laptop I could get that would work they just referred me to list in which I had already used without success. I believe the list was just outdated. Bottom I believe it's a great product with great features just not for Windows.

A. Fazil

30 juillet 2020

Arrow - Fantastic Sound from a small Buss Powered Device.

The build quality is just top - Bus Powered via Thunderbolt 3 - No messy AC cables - Small fits right on the desk - portable - Just a brilliant entry device into the UAD world.

61-80 sur 397 résultats