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API Complete UAD Plug‑In Bundle

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M. Ackert

20 mai 2023


Die API Vision Channel Strip Collection ist meine Nummer Eins wenn ich einzelne Spuren aufbereite. Durch den API Preamp bekommt jede Spur noch einen knackigen Schub nach vorn. Durch den Compressor und den EQ lassen sich die Spuren dann individuell anpassen um ihren Platz im Mix zu finden.

C. Williams

17 mai 2023


Happy I purchased this channel strip and will be purchasing more

B. Baldwin

9 mai 2023

Great unison preamp!

Clean sound with reasonable DSP usage on the solo, the native version is great if not used as a preamp and has been really fun to use during production.

P. Farber

6 mai 2023

Keep it simple

The API pre has been great as a unison pre. Personally I prefer to add eq and compression after I record . This pre is super quiet and allows me to get a good level for acoustic guitar


29 avril 2023


It was great to add punch to the drums.

I. Radic

23 avril 2023

Top tier

It creates lively canvas trough all source material shine. Warmly recommended!

M. Le Borgne

19 avril 2023


Avec le Neve Preamp ce sont les deux plugins indispensables, notamment avec le Sphere DLX.
Placés dans l'insert Unisson de l'Apollo, ils fonctionnent parfaitement bien avec tous les types de micros ou les émulations Sphère. Ces deux préamp avec chacun des caractéristiques différentes, valorisent et restituent fidèlement la personnalité de chaque micro.
Un régal.

J. Branam

11 avril 2023


quite the sleeper... one of the hidden gems in the native lineup. love the EQs and the ability to flip the two back and forth and they keep the settings for a quick A/B

c. tepecik

11 avril 2023

highlight your music

one of my favorites

J. Branam

10 avril 2023


the 2500 is one of my favorite bus comps although i have never actually used the hardware but i have tried the lot of plugins and to my ear the uadx version seems wider and the dual mono a little more 'playful'. it is not as thick sounding as the others out there but it is tighter and a well rounded bottom. thanks again to ua for putting this out in native form and for selling perpetual licenses. this one has made my day


8 avril 2023


Amazing peace of gear!

M. Serrano

4 avril 2023

Tonal Beast

The 560L EQ will make you get the perfect tonal balance.

Y. Egberongbe

30 mars 2023

Quality piece of kit

Love it loads! Use it in rap vocals and pre recorded loops. Difference is crystal. I’m sure they do a bus compressor. I’ll keep my eye out.

J. Browne

29 mars 2023

API Preamp

Adds a layer of fluidity and transparency to recordings. Fantastic product

Y. Lee

28 mars 2023

Best channel strip plugin EVER

Since it became available natively, it has been used on all tracks.

D. Greene

20 mars 2023

Best unison plug-in EVER

Been working with the API Vision Channel strip collection for a week and now it’s my go to plug-in for tracking and recording vocals. Very happy with this plug-in and it was worth every penny!

j. Brantley

20 mars 2023

very strong product

As a studio owner and producer i have used the API EQ plugin's on my vocal chain that i create for myself and other artis. this is a very easy plugin's to work with hand's down

A. Lee

20 mars 2023

Fav channelstrip

I love the API sound more than any other. Although I can see an advantage to 'tracking' thought API and mixing /mastering thought Neve.

D. Skaggs

10 mars 2023

I don't use this term often...

Game-changing. The LUNA API integration has changed my workflow of course, but more importantly it's affected how much fun I have in the process. I learned to engineer on a Neve and API console right around the digital revolution in recording so for me, this is heaven. Pure bliss. I get to look at my DAW and see a console. What more could I ask for?

A. Sala

9 mars 2023

My dream come true

After years of using the xxxxx version... Now i have the right one! I use in tracks, buses and always have nice results...

1-20 sur 2022 résultats

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