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API 2500 Bus Compressor

Evaluation Globale

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E. Esper

9 juin 2024

API 2500 Bus Compressor

I Love this Compressor gives everything punch and kick I Keep it on my 2 Bus

T. S

2 juin 2024

Best drums gule comp!

It is a very good glue compressor, especially useful for drums buss.

C. Lauer

14 mai 2024


Perfekt für Drum Bus, Parallel Bus, Snare und Masterbus

T. bryan

9 mai 2024

Excellence means UNIVERSAL AUDIO

UA does it again! Excellent in every way!

Y. Sobrinho

14 mars 2024

Best api emulation

It's the best api 2500 emulation for me!

B. Wright

6 février 2024

API 2500 Bus Compressor

Has become my go-to

L. Magnolfi

1 février 2024

Classic sound!

Feels just like the real unit! Great plug-in. Instant classic sound!

V. Stepanski

1 février 2024

API 2500 Bus Compressor

Legendary compressor, great

R. Visbal

1 février 2024


Drum Buss… Mix Buss… It’s just MAGIC!!!

M. Navarro

30 janvier 2024

The Drum Buss Must

The API2500 is the compressor for the drum buss, keep the punch and glues every hit with a nice color of the circuit. In Parallel is a beast also.

H. Lee

29 janvier 2024

I'm a big fan

Punch! Punch! Punch!

M. Johnson

25 janvier 2024

The Reall Deall

Having worked with the hardware in many studio sessions this is the real deal, very good at glueing stuff on the mix buss

D. Salazar

19 janvier 2024

Next Level... API 2500!

A compressor that can do everything, can give you color, character, quality, vintage according to your needs, although personally it stands out in the "mix bus", it clearly depends on whether you have done a mix with "definition" or simply that your work is coordinated efficiently,the truth is that it has a very good process.

I totally recommend it.

p. boothe

18 janvier 2024


quality of sound is fantastic from the compressors and other products, i just hope they include resize on more of there plugins so see we can see better which was a deal breaker on some of the plugins which alot of people were talking about. the api channel strip was terrible and i didn't buy it and other vintage plugins

A. Little

17 janvier 2024


Loving this one

D. Ballantyne

17 janvier 2024

A promising start

I've only had this plugin for a few days so this is a kind of 'first impressions' review. I tried it as a master bus compressor on a couple of songs and it didn't really do anything that the Capitol mastering compressor doesn't do better but then I tried it on a drum bus and the results were very pleasing. The drums just sat where I wanted them to be in the mix. I look forward to trying some of the more outrageous settings.

f. de paula

16 janvier 2024

Awesome punch

Take your drums to another level with this beauty ! Awesome sound !

L. Brown

15 janvier 2024

A+ As usual

A+ As usual

d. drula

15 janvier 2024

beat maker et mix

je l utilise sur les bus pour un effet glue , les réglages sont simple ,faut juste faire un choix et il
fait le taf a merveille

L. Aguilar

15 janvier 2024

Great Compressor

I always use this compressor for all of my projects. It gives a very distinct tone compared to other compressors. It is always in my stereo bus template. I mainly use it for my drum buss.

1-20 sur 469 résultats

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