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Analog Classics Pro Bundle

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6 mai 2024

An essential collection

The 1176 classic limiter collection is a must have. Snappy compression with distinctive colour, and so versatile with it. I use this to tame just about anything, but especially on vocals and snare drums. The interface is simple and easy to use.

K. Araki

3 mai 2024

Very reliable.

Considering how I can have a nice tube feeling which I have experienced in the analog recording studios in 1990's, this fairchild would be the closest so far. Now I am looking forward having Manley Collections which I expect to have the real studio work in 2000's.

C. Locke

3 mai 2024

So good.

Leagues above similar plugins I've tried.

D. Wershba

2 mai 2024

Very Useful and Ultra-Musical

Like I needed another dynamics plug-in! But UAD made it too inviting to pass up and I'm glad they did. It has a distinct flavor that sounds great, especially on direct guitar. I also picked up the CAPITO CHAMBERS yesterday and together, they are magic when combined on a direct guitar signal.

T. Kelleher

1 mai 2024


Sounds better than comparable versions from other companies, and much better presets!

M. Ottinger

1 mai 2024

Sound glue

Love the way the 670 glues everything together.

j. nieva

1 mai 2024

A must have

I really love how the 1176 works with the mid range of the sources, especially in parallel processings, you could go subtle on it but the results are very nice to me.Amazing treating drums and vocals, you can achieve different flavors and attitudes, no matter the music style you are mixing.

A. Anthony

1 mai 2024

UAD 1176

UAD 1176 gives an incredible tone and depth to the vocals . I was using UAD LA 2A compressor for quite sometime. Nowadays I started to use UAD 1176 as my first vocal compressor with a fast attack and release, and followed by LA 2A.
Really awesome plugin and this is going to be the first choice of compressors for me while mixing my projects.

L. Sant anna

1 mai 2024

Amazing compressors!!

UAD super quality compressor, no words for this product!

T. Mitrevej

30 avril 2024


Use it a lot on vocal and busses.

c. tales

28 avril 2024

Ou est le'make UP gain

j adore le son mais je galère avec le rattrapage de gain est ce qu il ya une astuce? Une technique ?

y. kanda

24 avril 2024

best sound

The bass is thick and the muddiness is eliminated. The high temperature makes it sparkle brightly. wonderful.

G. Prama

20 avril 2024

big, fat, warm

lovely pultec style. great for every instruments

G. Prama

20 avril 2024

the best 1176 plugins

I'm hunting 1176 emulation and anchored here. since I used the hardware unit before it's worth for me and I can be more flexible right now. what an awesome engineering behind this 1176 emulation, love it.

G. Prama

20 avril 2024

it's perfect

one of the best so far especially for vocal and guitar

G. Prama

20 avril 2024

it's superb

beautiful sounding. somehow I need spice to my drum chain and vocal and I always end up using this fairchild

j. juju

20 avril 2024

The Cleanest Compressor Ever.

I used to use mainly Waves Plugins for the CLA-76, when I first switched to the 1176LN, I was very surprised on how big of a difference it was. Nothing is able to emulate the real sound of a 1176 better than this.


17 avril 2024

The sound quality is good, but the UAD support service experience is terrible!

The Input Gain on the Fairchild 670 causes all MIDI Learn functions to fail when using MIDI Learn, which has never happened with the hundreds of other plugins I've used. I've recorded video and provided system information to the customer service team, but they said they couldn't reproduce the problem and froze my ticket.

I'm giving 2 stars for the complete 660 and the sound performance of the 660/670. Remember to use the Trial version of UADx to make sure everything works before buying!

F. Nguyen

9 avril 2024

Versatile !!!

Nice texture of this plugin.

j. david

7 avril 2024


muy buen sonido de emulacion me a sorprendido espetacular saludos desde peru

81-100 sur 4508 résultats