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Ampeg Heritage Bass Amp Bundle

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j. Hudes

17 septembre 2023

Massive bass saturation!

I've used the SVT VR on literally every rock record I produced for the last few years. It's a wild bass tone but it has character! And that's what everyone wants. It really does it's job!
The B15 sounds fantastic to my ears but is yet to make it onto a record.
The SVT 3pro sounds a bit boring and lifeless in comparison but maybe I'll find a use for it one day. I definitely can't give that one 5 stars I'm afraid.

J. de la Torre

25 août 2023

A tuner should be included

So sad you have to buy a 200€ pack for this, there should be a UAD tuner

T. Poe

9 août 2023

THE Bass Amp for Studio Sessions

Fender Precision Bass + Flatwounds + this plug-in gives you all the Motown mojo. Absolutely clinical application for studio sessions. I have a p bass with rounds, a p bass with flats, and all you need is this + your favorite pedals for grit. Outstanding.

B. Straburzynski

2 août 2023


its grate !!!

R. Schudel

21 juin 2023

Great sounding Amp

With awesome overdriven tone !!

K. Linnik

29 mai 2023

cannot buy it separately?

UA, that's is so, erm, strange I cannot buy only this plugin (needless to say maybe that one should be for free?)

J. Cloud

28 mai 2023

Should be included for free

As all have said, not including at least a basic tuner isn't a good look for UA.

T. Toews

6 mai 2023

UA needs a free tuner

I will never ever pay money for this or be excited because it is included for free in a bundle

S. Vakis

27 mars 2023

Should be free or available as a stand alone plugin

Agreeing with everyone else here. Either make this free with console, or at least sell it as a stand alone 30$ plugin. DSP is slowly dying anyway, but a DSP tuner before your chain is a perfectly fine usage for it.

j. dee

23 mars 2023

Eko eko eko....

what others say here. Not having access to a tuner without buying a bundle just feels really grubby. But then, Luna has no video facility. These scenarios should not be a work in progress but a total given. Seem's strange that now you made the leap to 'native' that using many elements of UAD means switching between DAW's. It's impossible to get everything right but, a tuner and a video facility is so basic. Just an idea, but put a call into brainwork and by the end of the working day we'll all be able to buy a tuner for $30. Or you could design your own in 24hrs. With a valve in it. Joking.

t. scott

18 mars 2023

this should be included

this should be included

A. Rosario

5 mars 2023

Good ole tube sound!

Good tube bass saturation!

A. Rosario

5 mars 2023


This is a good versatile amp for all genres.

A. Rosario

5 mars 2023


This is a good versatile amp for all genres.

C. Pendleton

2 mars 2023

Come on UA!

This should be included, not as a tag on, to force you to buy some 300 guitar plugin package. REALLY?!!

R. Gilligan

27 février 2023

The BEST analog bass sounds, with no latency!

Great for recording, mixing, AND writing. (I leave it set up in Console on my X4)

J. Heffron II

9 février 2023

Smooth but Rough

Excellent plugin! Just warm and cozy low end.

J. Tofte

2 février 2023

Awesome low end definition!

I love this plugin. Shape your low end exactly the way you like it. Great tone and vibe. UA delivers as always.

R. Hemrika

1 février 2023


My recorded bass sounded not the same as what I heard in the room. With this plugin in defaut setting it became exact the same sound. So very happy with this result.

s. mcaulay

28 janvier 2023

bread and butter bass FTW

I pretty much turn this thing on this setting and track with it as is. Perfectly sits in the mix

1-20 sur 977 résultats

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