Precision Enhancer kHz

Precision Enhancer kHz

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(88 avis)

Vous n'avez pas d'article dans votre panier.

Retravaillez facilement les hautes fréquences et donnez de la vie aux pistes insipides.

Le plug-in Precision Enhancer kHz pour systèmes UAD-2 et interfaces Apollo est un outil sophistiqué avec un jeu de commandes simples conçues pour donner de la vie à des pistes insipides ou mal enregistrées. Mais ses cinq modes d'amélioration distincts lui trouveront une utilité avec pratiquement n'importe quelle source dans n'importe quel type de mixage.

Le plug-in Precision Enhancer kHz peut légèrement flatter les fréquences moyennes et hautes d'un mixage, ou modifier radicalement la présence ou la dynamique de pistes individuelles ou de groupes. Contrairement à d'autres enhancers qui fonctionnent par retardement de fréquence ou écrêtage filtré, le Precision Enhancer kHz travaille avec des techniques pointues d'égalisation et d'expansion dynamique qui peuvent être utilisées pour un effet très polyvalent.

Vous pouvez maintenant :

Effectuer intuitivement de petites réparations ou des modifications radicales sur des sources uniques ou sur tout un mixage

Choisir parmi cinq modes d'amélioration pour s'adapter à n'importe quelle source, du chant à la batterie en passant par la basse

Utiliser la commande de mélange Blend pour un traitement parallèle simple

Affiner délicatement les voix et leurs aigus, si importants

Caractéristiques Principales

Conçu pour les petites réparations ou les modifications drastiques

Cinq modes d'amélioration pour des types de prises très divers

Mélangez le signal traité au signal original

Sélection de l'accentuation des aigus avec balayage

Contrôle de la vitesse pour une réponse douce ou agressive

Requiert une carte DSP UAD ou une Interface Audio Apollo disponibles chez les revendeurs agréés dans le monde entier

Avis Clients

Precision Enhancer kHz

Evaluation Globale

(88 avis)

M. Mikhail

20 novembre 2019

I am glad to have it!

Perfect choice!!

M. Mikhail

20 novembre 2019


Really nice sound!!!

O. Morris

16 octobre 2019



S. Svishchev

15 juillet 2019

The best enhancer I've ever used!

The best enhancer I've ever used. I especially like the vocals. The plugin works very smoothly and naturally.

S. Svishchev

6 juillet 2019

Easy to use, but very good at!!!

I tried several Enhancer, but this is for me the best! To understand this, you have to try several enhancers, this is the best. Thanks UAD !!!

T. Glosser

25 mars 2019

Love it

Just K.I.S.S. it. It sounds wonderful. Try the demo.

P. Santarelli

25 janvier 2019



K. Kwiatkowski

11 janvier 2019

Vocal Exciter

One of my favorite vocal plugins <3

J. Pavlov

12 décembre 2018

Precision Enhancer kHz

Precision Enhancer kHz. It's the Piece of plugin what I like very much.
After so many years, try out different similar products from different company’s, finally I have thing what I always wants to have. Is not necessary to told how this thing works, (manual is good.) That’s why I will focus on what I have got. Now I have Enhancement, AND is amazing, mostly I use it on, the Voice, its very easy to fine the right frequency, now I have excellent representative sound on the lead vocal. All so I use on the guitar and in another instruments, it works. I'm Happy with Precision Enhancer its make life easier. I have buy this and I’m not regret.

M. Curnow

22 mars 2018

Really useful

Really useful when a track just needs a little more "something"
Great on most things that lack in the mids/hi's, and of corse adds much more so than just an EQ boost. Lovely for adding a sheen to a mix/ presence.

C. Santarpia

20 novembre 2017

Excellent on Guitars

Great for getting seperation in a mix when you’re given several guitar tracks with the same mic set up.

M. Wojtaszczyk

13 juillet 2017

May be useful if you know how to use it.

I still learn, so that is why 4 stars :) Maybe I'll give 5 if learn it better. Does some nice things with distorted guitars.

V. Pirov

14 mai 2017

Mastering enhancer

Great stuff! I'm Impressed

A. Leons

17 août 2016

Master Enhancer

It really opens up the mix. It's very clean and it really brings out the high frequencies on a master track. You can't go wrong with this.

B. Gibbons

30 mars 2016

Good for your hi-end stuff

Love it, it add something more to your hi's. Works get on drums and hats sounds.

Utilisateur UAD

27 février 2016

Great For Vocals, Spoken Word, Reading, Podcasts

I've used this little dude on so much! It has a way of making my music shine, especially Vocals, with very little messing about. I won't go into this much because it has already been covered by everyone here, but this plugin has a way of pulling out highs and refreshing dull tracks. I also do audio books and a podcast, and I use it on my voice in both cases to give the sound of my voice more sparkle and appeal. Yes it is easy to over-use it, so don't kill your mix with it. Add it in a dash at a time and listen in amazement as it comes to life! A very useful tool that I'm glad I found! Give it a try in demo mode and I bet you will wind up buying it as well!

E. Field

15 février 2016

That Little Bit of Sparkle

Throw this on a bus and dial in just the right amount of sheen to lift that vocal (or anything else) up to sit on top. I know we've also go the Precision Enhancer Hz for our lower frequency friends, but I've employed this to very satisfying results with beefier synth tracks to help them maintain some presence and identity even on smaller speakers

A. Martino

3 février 2016

Very useful and good soundig plug!

I've demoed it a bit.. I used it along with an equalizer to rebuild the high frequencies and give a professional touch to some low quality loops of acoustic drums .. and.. yeah!

T. Cosentino

11 janvier 2016

love it ! It adds brilliance.

Absolutely adds the extra sheen that I needed. Great plug!

I. Komlinovic

25 septembre 2015

great enhancer

It does some magic in hi mid and high range. It is easy to over do it too.