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Plug-in Precision De-Esser

Plug-in Precision De-Esser

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Prix tarif : $149.00


Vous économiserez 50%

(354 avis)

Vous n'avez pas d'article dans votre panier.

Un déesseur transparent et un formidable outil pour contrôler les aigus.

Le plug-in Precision De-Esser pour systèmes UAD-2 et interfaces Apollo vous permet de supprimer facilement les sifflantes indésirables et de résoudre les problèmes d'aigus dans les pistes audio individuelles ou même les mixages.

Avec des commandes intelligentes et simples d'emploi, le Precision De-Esser dispose d'un traitement de filtrage transparent mais suffisamment sophistiqué pour corriger les voix, overheads de batterie ou cymbales charleston.

Vous pouvez maintenant :

Supprimer facilement les sifflantes des voix et surmonter les problèmes d'aigus de vos sources

Utiliser le mode Split pour minimiser la confusion et le zézaiement

Choisir entre un déesseur passe-bande moderne et un passe-haut traditionnel

Isoler et surveiller les fréquences sibilantes visées avec le mode Solo

Caractéristiques Principales

Conçu pour être appliqué à des pistes, des bus ou le master

De-esseur passe-haut traditionnel ou passe-bande moderne

Mode Split pour réduire l'effet d'assombrissement et de "zézaiement"

Constante temporelle à double vitesse

Large plage de fréquences pour traiter des voix aux overheads

Avis Clients

Precision De-Esser

Evaluation Globale

(354 avis)

C. Paschall

1 juin 2021

Surprisingly great!

Wasn't sure what to expect with this one but it's really quite good! Transparent and gentle but gets the job done.

C. Paschall

1 juin 2021

Surprisingly great!

Wasn't sure what to expect with this one but it's really quite good! Transparent and gentle but gets the job done.

L. Martella

16 avril 2021


On voices and dishes it is excellent!

D. Montoya

7 avril 2021

Very analog type De-esser. Like a quad eight device.

I'm digging this de-esser. I own three of the waves de-esser plug ins along with the stuff in logic and pro tools. None of them match this one here. The other plugins can get weird very quickly. I used to use a quad eight compressor / de-esser 30 years ago that was absolutely stellar sounding. Very natural sibilance control. This plug in reminds me of it.

D. Long

6 mars 2021

A very handy tool

It's one of the two at the top of the line for controlling sibilance in my projects. Very simple to use.

M. Maj

2 mars 2021

Yamaha NS10

Very very nice deeser !

M. Knierim

21 février 2021

Einfach - Effektiv - Komplett

Macht was ein De-Esser machen soll. Reduced to the Max! Klasse!!

B. Waller

9 février 2021

Works Okay but Uaudio Oxford Supressor is better

My S’s and P’s are harsh so I cannot say bank on my experience. I felt like it help some and would be very effective for some minor de-essing. It was hard to dial in the frequency compression with this plugin. I end up getting the Uaudio Oxford Supressor which works better for me. The Oxford Supressor gives you a visual to focus on the frequency and threshold needed.

D. Muñoz

9 février 2021

Muy eficiente

De-esser me permite limpiar de forma rápida y eficiente las líneas vocales. Muy buen producto.

Utilisateur UAD

4 février 2021

Expensive but good

Tried to work with stock de-esser of Ableton, but that didn't cut it.

b. zucchetti

9 janvier 2021

Excellent ! Must Have !

Maybe best of many hardware ! Must to have !
A great big portable studio in my Mac !
By the time and waiting the right promotion i will buy everything of UAudio!

K. Drever

31 décembre 2020

Great de e**er

Easy to use and effective. Perfect.

t. OConnor

24 décembre 2020

It works

If your vocals don’t need much of this at all then It’s what you are looking for. Simple and easy to use.

C. Campagna

21 décembre 2020

works like magic... the problem was gone

A great De-Esser is great if you cant tell when its doing its job, the UAD Precision De-Esser is a GREAT De-Esser. It only attacks the problem frequencies. It also allows you to preview what its processing.. so you can pinpoint and fine tune the attenuation.
Although this plugin is not as exciting as a preamp, amp, compressor or reverb it is a amazing utility and major problem solver. A must have for the audio production tool box.

A. Vladichuk

14 décembre 2020


Always wanted to have this de esser, one of the best! Always wanted to have this de esser, one of the best!

Utilisateur UAD

8 septembre 2020

Best de-esser I own

So smooth and only uses 1% dsp so can use it on most, if not all my vocals. Worth the money as had I a coupon

M. Malinski

24 août 2020

Transparent device

Easy to use, great results, great sound

B. Zhang

7 août 2020



E. Darma

19 juillet 2020

Better than any physical one

Can’t believe how great all these plugins are. I keep selling the physical gear in the studio since these are more reliable and easier to turn on and off. Set your channel, record, then change anything after, no more mistakes or retakes due to wrong settings.

R. Whiting

14 juillet 2020

Simple and accurate

I have always wanted a straight ahead De-Esser plugin and the Precision De-esser is exactly that. Easy to locate sibilance and set threshold level. This is now my go to De-esser.