Plug-in Precision Multiband

Plug-in Precision Multiband

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(165 avis)

Vous n'avez pas d'article dans votre panier.

Compression, expansion et gate intuitifs
pour le mixage et le mastering.

Le plug-in Precision Multiband pour systèmes UAD-2 et interfaces Apollo est un outil dédié au mastering, offrant un contrôle de la dynamique réparti sur cinq bandes de fréquences. Vous pouvez choisir séparément compression, expansion ou gate sur chacune des cinq bandes pour une flexibilité inégalée, et les commandes simples et intuitives du plug-in en font l'outil idéal pour le débutant aussi bien que pour l'ingénieur chevronné.

Utilisez le plug-in Precision Multiband pour tout ce qui va du contrôle complexe de la dynamique au simple travail de déesseur. Ses deux modes de banques de filtres offrent énormément de possibilités d'utilisation, qu'il s'agisse de donner un maximum de punch à un bus de batterie ou bien d'apporter simplement la touche finale à votre mixage. Le plug-in Precision Multiband est aussi un outil de premier choix pour les ingénieurs de mastering récompensés par des Grammys, comme Emily Lazar (David Bowie, Foo Fighters) et Paul Blakemore (Esperanza Spalding, Arturo Sandoval).

Vous pouvez maintenant :

Traiter en profondeur vos mixages et les corriger finement avec cinq bandes de compression, expansion et gate

Donner de la vie aux samples un peu fades avec la section expandeur

Donner du liant à un bus de batterie ou de voix grâce à la souplesse de la section compression

Supprimer facilement les sifflantes des voix et apprivoiser les overheads de batterie un peu rebelles avec le gate

Key Features

Cinq bandes de compression, expansion ou gate

Gain, Ratio, Threshold, Attack, Release & Bandwidth

Modes Filterbank : Linear Phase & Minimum Phase

Bypass,Solo, Mute et fonction de copie des paramètres Parameter Copy pour chaque bande

Contrôle visuel de la dynamique et de la réponse en fréquence

Nécessite une carte accélératrice à DSP UAD ou une interface Apollo; disponible chez tous les revendeurs agréés UA

Avis Clients

Precision Multiband

Evaluation Globale

(165 avis)

m. tun

10 février 2020

Latency Issue to be Solved

Horrible latency, but acceptable for mastering only

l. Langdon

8 février 2020

Great Plug...

Found this while I was mastering, the sound is fantastic.

l. Langdon

8 février 2020

Great Plug...

Found this while I was mastering, the sound is fantastic.

G. Erna

19 novembre 2019

transparent sound

the sound is warm... I love it ...

A. Tomashenko

16 juin 2019

Use it in every project

I apply this plugin when I need more control in the low end register. It's one of the best multiband solutions on the market.

E. Sambugaro

14 juin 2019

Very transparent but..

I know that this tools was without sidechain, but i have bought anyway for their transparent action on the master channel,
If it is possible update with sidechain

R. Gun

13 mai 2019


Could not make it sound good.
Horrible latency, but acceptable for mastering only.
What is it goog for?
The Masterdesk works much better.

C. Ortega Z

28 avril 2019

Great for mastering!

I use this plug in each and every time I master songs. There was a learning curve and presets won't help you too much, but the thing is to experiment. Brings the dynamics of a mix more present. Not recommended for real time use, only for mastering or in the master bus of your mix.

T. Glosser

25 mars 2019


Just try the demo.

C. Daley

4 janvier 2019

Ace Plugin

Compared this to my other multiband compressors. It is definitely on par with the best of them!!

R. Ryda

25 décembre 2018


This is my go to plugin that works everytime I use it!
You can combine those 5 bands to be a compressor, expander or gate for each one.
Read the USER MANUAL to be able to find some hidden/unobvious controls for the ease of use.

With this you can UNLOCK the squashed DR of audio just by tuning the right amounts.
I was even able to clean fireplace/fire samples that had an exessive noise recorded with it.
I suggest setting its setting to a pink noise or reference tracks to be able to start using it with your saved settings.
This has so many ways of use that I wouldnt be able to describe, but have fun to find them.

P.S: YES IT HAS A HUGE LATENCY so if you cant cheat your way to use it on individual channels try SONNOX OFFORD DYNAMIC EQ. The difference between those two is MBAND has bands and DYNAMIC has NONE of the crossover points. Other than that the SONN OXF DYN EQ has a very small latency to be used on individual channels!

M. Nicastro

14 décembre 2018

Nomen omen

Really useful in order to reduce problems like muddiness or harshness in mastering with "gentle" settings. Be careful in mixing 'cause it can be extremely surgical, surely "colder" than other multiband like "Fab Filter MB", "Mc DSP ML 4000" or "Waves LinMB". Maybe a little bit expensive (I bought it on BF with 50% plus a voucher)...

P. Santarelli

7 décembre 2018

Top of the top!!!

The best!!!


21 octobre 2018


Plugin redoutable sur n'importe quel instruments; ensemble; bus to mix ; mastering. Seul bémol sa latence.

P. Batenev

21 septembre 2018

Precision Multiband

Very good.I always use this during the mixing.

A. Venneri

13 juillet 2018

Best Multiband processor

This is the best MB, transparent and at the same time powerful.
It’s great on master and mixes too


E. Goulard

22 juin 2018

Good plug-in but too small

This plug-in works well and do what we expect but it's definitely too small. There is no option to increase the plugin size, this is why I only deserve it four stars. This is really a very important point to me.

M. Buracchi

2 avril 2018


I often use to fix some things in the mix phase. I love this plug

R. Ryda

18 novembre 2017

Used in every project!

This is an amazing tool for anything!

I never use pre-programmed presets, instead I have a pack of my own ones! Generally speaking before you make your presets using references - you wont be able to use it as a go-to plugin, because it will need setting up every time. I recommend you to make one preset for very light compression and one for very light expansion - start from there.

P.S: The one and only weakness is extra 15,000-20,000 samples latency!
Please make it more useful ny making a second LOW LATENCY version, which will make it work as DYNAMIC EQ! I almost always use it in individual stem tracks and to trick the latency I have to use parallel instances on diff stems.

D. Pierce

14 novembre 2017

Precision MultiBand

I love this plugin! There was a learning curve for it but once you get the hang of it, it does everything right! I would suggest using the parallel options for your mixing and mastering.