Dangerous BAX EQ Collection

Dangerous BAX EQ Collection

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Peaufinez vos mixages avec un des égaliseurs les plus doux qui soient.

La Dangerous BAX EQ Plug-In Collection est un puissant outil pour l'élaboration et l'amélioration de la tonalité et du caractère de votre musique. Conçue pour être employée comme égaliseur de Mix Bus, la BAX EQ Collection est une authentique émulation de ce matériel incontournable, pour systèmes UAD-2 et interfaces Apollo.

Vous pouvez maintenant :

Appliquer des réglages de correction doux et musicaux basés sur le légendaire circuit d'égaliseur des années 50 de Peter Baxandall

Débarrasser votre mixage des fréquences subsoniques indésirables, nettoyant ainsi le bas du spectre et augmentant votre marge de travail

Maîtriser la dureté des aigus tout en apportant simultanément de la clarté et de la transparence à vos mixages pour un résultat plus « aéré »

Accroître la profondeur et l’espace stéréo avec la fonction Mid/Side sur la version « Master » stéréo

Caractéristiques Principales

Réplication parfaite de l'égaliseur analogique pour le mastering Dangerous Music BAX

Basé sur l'égaliseur légendaire créé par Peter Baxandall dans les années 50

Modélisation minutieuse du design, des schémas et du matériel de Dangerous Music

Filtre en plateau à large bande pour un caractère sonore naturel et aéré

Version "Mix" avec un seul jeu de contrôles, pouvant être appliquée à des sources mono, stéréo et multi-mono

Version "Master" avec des contrôles dual-mono et un mode M/S (Mid/Side) additionnel pour des possibilités accrues lors du mastering (la version matérielle n'intègre pas le mode M/S)

Mode de chaînage des contrôles (version Master uniquement)

Trim Supplémentaire en Sortie (gain transparent)

Requiert une carte DSP UAD-2 ou une Interface Audio Apollo disponibles chez les revendeurs agréés dans le monde entier

Avis Clients

Dangerous BAX EQ Collection

Evaluation Globale

(130 avis)

J. Welch

5 juillet 2016


Liike buutah and does not loose imaging, depth or detail.

K. Storkås

15 avril 2015

sweeter than mango and honey, yet badass!

This EQ is so smooth! it gives your mix/master a shine that no other eq will. I own the Manley massive passive hardware, and i would like to buy the hardware version of the Bax Eq as well. until then, I'm happy with the plugin! A different beast to the MP, but compliments each other in such a beautiful way. I master my stuff in the analog domain using hardware. But the master have to give the bax eq a kiss before going off to the pressing plant. Its crunchy, yet silky in the mids and highs. Tight as a tiger in the lo`s. Adds that oomph! or/and it can fatten up your whole lo-end and make the whole thing BIG.

R. Pallikunnath

10 août 2014

The Dangerous BAX Sonic Enhancement, a must have on every Mastering

Catching the 84Hz on a tight band-width has never been this easy. The M/S technique, one of the most crucial techniques to be created or emulated digitally is done pretty well I would say by UA. A must have plugin on every master.

C. Caldeira

28 juin 2014

Great for tops and tails

I love using this on the busses to help tighten up the low end and bring some clarity to the top end. Definitely recommend it.

C. Allrich

14 mai 2014

Demo Sold Me...

First thought, was like many.. "do I REALLY need another EQ?" So like the rest, I demo'ed it. Now it's on nearly every channel in my sessions.

What's great is how minimally it taxes the DSP load of my UAD-2 cards. I don't have to worry (unlike say, the Massive Passive) where I throw it and how many I instantiate. Hence the cause for it to end up on nearly everything while I'm working.

I hate the term "Musical", but that's really it here, even extreme settings feel pretty nice. M/S mode is also brilliant. Finding BAX to be great on mastering chains, esp. the low shelf, which is great to nip off the infrasonic range.

Dunno why folks hate on Brainworx, but then again, there's always complainers. This good stuff in my humble opinion

S. Renius

11 mai 2014

a tool for good ears

I need some times to use it good, but I know its has the salt what I need in the end of the mix, thanxx :-) Stephan

J. Lemaire

2 avril 2014

Gluer !

This baby glues mix perfectly, especially the high-ends.

and it works pretty well on vocals.

A must-have !

H. Lemke

14 mars 2014

The Promotion is very good, but...

...the plug-in is okay, not more!
The Hardware Dangerous BAX EQ is 100% and the software plug-in 80% from the Original.

Horst Lemke, musicproducer, germany

U. Borjesson

8 mars 2014

Mastering heaven

The new Bax EQ Mastering version have become my number one !
As a pro Mastering engineer, I have my favourites, but this one have been the main grab the laste weeks, both Vinyl and digital mastering, it jsu makes it to the sound,!

There are a few UAD plugs that are competing of the space in my setup the Pultecs, the P-EQ, all extremely good, but the highpass, lowpass,, shelf and mid/side functions along with a fantastic sound the Bax is very much there for me.

Thanx a loyåt UA.


G. Bucci

24 février 2014

Wonderful BAX EQ

We all have many plug in Eq's, and the question is do we really need another one? If the plug in is the BAX EQ, the answer is a strong Yes! What makes this EQ special is When you add some sparkle to your mix bus, it adds a clear sound that does not affect the other freq.'s in the near by area. It is like a linear Eq but it sounds more pleasing. In addition with quality modeling of the hardware, it sounds like its a part of your signal and not on top of it. The low freq.'s add a nice solid sound or it removes some boomy ness very effectively. On top of sounding great for a 2 bus, the filters remove rumble and high freq.'s above our hearing which then provides more headroom for your mix. The with the M/S feature it becomes even more flexible

M. Islamovic

23 février 2014

mixing easy done

Nice clean polished mixes very useful eq on evrything I am still testing next thing to buy and adding to my Uad collection

B. Nager

21 février 2014

I never would have thought it was this AMAZING!!

I love pretty much all of the UAD plugins, and have most of them. Some of them you can just put on a track or buss and they just sound amazing without any tweaks to the interface at all. The BAX EQ is just like that!! And the mastering version that allows you to put in Mid/Side mode sounds phenomenal! My mix went from night to day! Also, I have also been looking for something to really put that "silky smooth" quality to female vocals, but nothing really stood out as great for doing that. I was like a little boy on Christmas when I heard what the BAX EQ did to female vocals!... and also how well it made tablas fit into the mix. It really sounds amazing! This is definitely a MUST HAVE plugin! AMAZING!

J. Lesueur

23 avril 2014

Good but not like the real one

Sounds good but nothing like the hardware. I have the real one and it sounds more 3D, the highs are silkier, the lows are tighter and the filters are much better than on the plug-in.

N. Hemple

1 août 2015

A Little disapointed

I Feel Bad giving a 3 star review and really wanted to give a 2 star but since Universal Audio is one of my favorite companies i will spare 1 star. Let me just say first I'm most disappointed that this is a brainworx plugin, something about all of there plugins don't quite sound right. If UA did this emulation you bet it would Sound and LOOK bad ASS! Please for the love of audio plugins and hardware will you Universal Audio redo this one! Its such a trademark sound and this plugin makes things sound worse. With Wide EQ Curves its harder to accomplish with a digital algorityhm but i feel confident that UA could come close. Who is with me??

D. Vignola

21 février 2014

Glad this now a plugin!

Wow! I was really surprised to see the Bax EQ come out as a plugin. I have been considering purchasing the hardware unit for almost 6 months now but have been really hesitent because of it's cost ($2,400). I was just about to plug the trigger and then I saw the U/A video introducing the new plugin. I downloaded the demo right away and put it on the master bus of my most recent mix.

I will say that this adds and nice "sheen" and "low bump" with out being to obvious and sounding liked its been EQ'ed. Its really musical and just gives the mix that something extra. I can't compare it to the hardware unit because I have not used it but I will say that I plan to purchase the plugin as it's 1/10th the cost of the hardware.

K. Daniel

27 décembre 2014

Thee mastering EQ for me.

Basically all I've been looking for in an EQ for broad sculpting when mastering.
Extremely musical boosts and transparent cuts. It's almost impossible to get bad results.
For surgical notches you'll have to use something else in conjunction, as the Dangerous BAX simply is not designed for such use. But for beautiful sculpting without compromising the integrity of the mix - it's the best I've come across.

And since it's so DSP-efficient I can easily use it in mix sessions as well.
Simply fantastic.

L. Laing

2 mars 2014

Instant Winner

We all test drive these UAD plugs, and while most are usually impressive in some manner or another, some of them are Instant classics for me, and this is one. To have this kind control over my sound in the box is a game changer. There are certain plugins on my wish list....then there are some like the Dangerouus Bax eq....this one i purchased immediately. Its THAT good!

M. Coninx

22 février 2014

Amazing plugin

I ran the demo and compared quick with my settings in my mix-setup with the manley and tubetech master eqs.. I don't feel like i miss somehting big without it. The BAX has a different colour then all the other plugins and sounds really good for low and hi frequencies. I don't have the real one, i never test it. But i've heard the summing units from Dangerous so i know what to expect from the brand. Another great job from the UAD Clan !

M. Whitaker

2 mai 2014

another dirk

I'm always so disappointed when I see a great emulation coming out on the UA platform and then it turns out to be a Dirk (aka Brainworx).

First off, he's always got to change something (what's up with making the maag eq sideways?). Now M/S processing and knobs that don't lineup with the hardware (there's supposed to be 2 level knobs and no output).

For the record I have an entire 500 rack of Maag EQ 4's - Thats 8 of them. They are wonderful. Other than the curves being the same the plug has nothing to do with the hardware. I also have the Bax hardware. Other than the curves being the same the plug has nothing to do with the hardware.

Lastly, his customer service is some of the worst in the business. UA's service is good.

A. Sokolich

18 mars 2018

Most Phenomenal EQ I have ever used.

This is the most wonderful EQ, nothing can match it at all. even the maag eq2 or 4 cant come close. it just makes thing sound sweet. Cant live without it.