Dangerous BAX EQ Collection

Dangerous BAX EQ Collection

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Prix tarif : $249.00


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Peaufinez vos mixages avec un des égaliseurs les plus doux qui soient.

La Dangerous BAX EQ Plug-In Collection est un puissant outil pour l'élaboration et l'amélioration de la tonalité et du caractère de votre musique. Conçue pour être employée comme égaliseur de Mix Bus, la BAX EQ Collection est une authentique émulation de ce matériel incontournable, pour systèmes UAD-2 et interfaces Apollo.

Vous pouvez maintenant :

Appliquer des réglages de correction doux et musicaux basés sur le légendaire circuit d'égaliseur des années 50 de Peter Baxandall

Débarrasser votre mixage des fréquences subsoniques indésirables, nettoyant ainsi le bas du spectre et augmentant votre marge de travail

Maîtriser la dureté des aigus tout en apportant simultanément de la clarté et de la transparence à vos mixages pour un résultat plus « aéré »

Accroître la profondeur et l’espace stéréo avec la fonction Mid/Side sur la version « Master » stéréo

Caractéristiques Principales

Réplication parfaite de l'égaliseur analogique pour le mastering Dangerous Music BAX

Basé sur l'égaliseur légendaire créé par Peter Baxandall dans les années 50

Modélisation minutieuse du design, des schémas et du matériel de Dangerous Music

Filtre en plateau à large bande pour un caractère sonore naturel et aéré

Version "Mix" avec un seul jeu de contrôles, pouvant être appliquée à des sources mono, stéréo et multi-mono

Version "Master" avec des contrôles dual-mono et un mode M/S (Mid/Side) additionnel pour des possibilités accrues lors du mastering (la version matérielle n'intègre pas le mode M/S)

Mode de chaînage des contrôles (version Master uniquement)

Trim Supplémentaire en Sortie (gain transparent)

Requiert une carte DSP UAD-2 ou une Interface Audio Apollo disponibles chez les revendeurs agréés dans le monde entier

Avis Clients

Dangerous BAX EQ Collection

Evaluation Globale

(172 avis)

G. Perez

11 juin 2021

Loving it

Good for my mix Lve it can use it anywhere

P. Preloznik

11 mai 2021

Great plugin

Great plugin for improving lo- or hi-end, mono-ing the bass etc. Probably, it will occur on each of my master-chains.

S. Vasiľ

27 avril 2021

Without phase

Super clean mastering eq with magic mid side sound without phase

J. Pedigo

1 avril 2021

This makes every mix and master better

It is truly an outstanding plug in that helps add clarity to every mix and master. it is purely magical

D. Mai

17 janvier 2021

As expected!

Great stuff as usual.
All I am missing now is a full controller integration - for all uad products (I love softube, but...)
Still fully recommendable!

J. Roberts

28 décembre 2020

Love it!

I love it - it is everything the ads say and it was usable right away~

V. Pilon

21 décembre 2020

EQ subtile mais parfaite

EQ subtile mais parfaite, pour du mastering sourtout mais aussi pour une strip de console.

M. Khora

16 décembre 2020


I started using this eq as a Plugin Alliance version but stopped due to tech issues with my computer. After getting my computer fixed and my studio running I wanted it but I wanted to own it. I saw UAD had this. And as soon as it went on sale I pulled the trigger. Now this next to my Avalon 737 plugin and my Pultec Pro is my absolute killer setup. It’s my go to for every mix and master. I had a chance to hear the hardware a while back. This sounds better than the PA version and exactly like the hardware! I love this eq! Absolutely! It’s a great Smile EQ! Perfect for mastering and mixing.
UAD is miles ahead of the competition.

Utilisateur UAD

26 octobre 2020

Does what you need it to do

Been using it for some Masters recently. The Mid/Side capabilities are really useful, especially the volume balance knobs. Quick for readjusting a mix and creating width. The EQ has a very subtle sound which is awesome, not at all harsh.

S. May

23 septembre 2020


It works so well I tried it on everything it has great character. Wow

C. Bruce

9 août 2020


I started a mastering company using this... it’s that good.

K. Morris

9 juillet 2020

Indispensable m/s EQ

The "Master" version of this plugin, in m/s mode, has become a staple in my mixes when I want to enhance stereo presence.

N. Bluhm

29 juin 2020

Apparently not everyone's first choice for mixbus/mastering chain, but became one of mine.

I watched Luca Pretolesi mix Major Lazer on Puremix, and was intrigued by his use of Dangerous hardware, so I decided to try out the plugin version. I now use the BAX on almost every mastering chain. The way it was described to me, Baxandall curves are the kind of eqs that home stereos in the 90s used for the "smile" eq. I guess somewhat similar to the Pultec in that they are both "smile" eqs with gentle, wide bands, the BAX seems to bring out more meat specifically in my kick drums than the Pultec, and also allows me to lift the sides without compromising the center. Don't ask me too much about the science behind why this curve sounds good or how it differs from the Pultec. The HPF is also very nice in that I can eliminate more of the lows on the sides than in the center, which is as it should be from my understanding. I really, really like this plugin.

M. Cavanagh

24 juin 2020

If you want Subtle Transparent Mastering EQ

I demo’d this alongside the Manley Massive and although both are great for mixing and mastering I felt the BAX is a cleaner, more transparent sounding unit and can be as subtle as you like or as big as you need, the M/S section for mastering makes it more than just an EQ, excellent work from the team at UAD.

B. Ford

15 juin 2020

Another Amazing Emulation

Heard some masters that were done pre and post dangerous. You’ve heard it to on lots of records.


T. Rice

12 juin 2020

Great 2 bus EQ.

It is one of my go to mixbus eqs. A transparent, clean, and powerful addition to any mixbus.

A. Payne

16 mai 2020

Ridiculously right

I Demo’d this and had to buy it. It has this magical way of gently adding EQ and stereo spread that just makes things sound good. Highly transparent, highly effective for mix and mastering.

P. Jacques

15 mai 2020

Another Winner From UAD

GREAT-sounding EQ. Super easy to use and incredibly powerful. For Mastering Buss or individual tracks it is such a musical processor.

S. Parikh

5 mai 2020

Dangerous BAX EQ Collection

Sweet put in Master bus
For editing side not so useful

S. Baker

19 avril 2020


These plugins are spot on!