Plug-In Dytronics Cyclosonic Panner®

Plug-In Dytronics Cyclosonic Panner®

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Ajoutez de l'espace 3D et du mouvement grâce à un processeur vintage unique en son genre.

Sorti en 1984, le Dytronics Cyclosonic Panner était un auto-panoramique analogique révolutionnaire qui créait des effets renversants de panoramique 3D et de modulation, donnant instantanément une atmosphère et un caractère stéréo à n'importe quelle source.

Développé par Softube – et disponible exclusivement pour les systèmes UAD et interfaces Apollo – le plug-in Dytronics Cyclosonic Panner est une émulation rigoureuse de ce hardware ultra-rare à laquelle viennent s’ajouter un certain nombre de fonctions propres au plug-in pour plus d'options créatives et des paysages sonores vraiment uniques.

Vous pouvez maintenant :

Créer d’étonnants effets 3D sur tout instrument avec un panoramique bi-directionnel « Round Sound »

Utiliser le LFO variable et modelable pour contrôler le panoramique 3D

Déclencher par gate des effets de panoramique depuis n'importe quelle source d'entrée et les synchroniser sur le tempo de la station de travail audio numérique

Convertir une source mono en stéréo, tout en ajoutant la chaleur analogique du hardware d'origine

Exemples Sonores

Exemples Sonores
Un oiseau rare

Un oiseau rare

Le Dytronics Cyclosonic Panner était une unité d’effets de studio haut de gamme qui prenait en charge à la fois la stéréo classique et la stéréo quadriphonique. Il est devenu quasiment mythique pour ses effets 3D exclusifs, uniques en leur genre, et son impressionnante signature sonore. Pendant ses années de production, l'unité a été commercialisée sous deux marques différentes, Dytronics et Songbird. Aujourd'hui, les unités matérielles sont extrêmement rares.

Déclenchements tous azimuts

Déclenchements tous azimuts

Le plug-in UAD Dytronics Cyclosonic Panner offre de multiples façons de contrôler ses effets de panoramique, aussi bien standard que 3D. Déclenchez le panoramique depuis le LFO intégré, dont vous pouvez régler la vitesse, la forme, l’intensité d’action et la profondeur, ou par gate depuis n'importe quelle source d'entrée et réglez la sensibilité.
Aucun autre auto-panoramique du marché ne peut produire la scène sonore 3D que fait naître le panoramique bi-directionnel « Round Sound ».

Le meilleur de l'ancien et du nouveau

Le meilleur de l'ancien et du nouveau

The UAD Dytronics Cyclosonic Panner gives you exclusive, “plug-in only” features that greatly enhance this one-of-a kind effect. Use the Sync function to match the the plug-in to your DAW so that panning effects lock to your song's tempo, or instantly re-patch the outputs, choosing from a variety of configurations including those from the original unit's quad-stereo network, for limitless panning possibilities.

Caractéristiques Principales

Émulation rigoureuse du Dytronics Cyclosonic Panner, un matériel analogique ultra-rare

Donne instantanément une ambiance et un caractère stéréo à toute une variété de sources

Auto-panoramique avec LFO variable à forme modifiable

Panoramique 3D avec LFO variable à forme modifiable

Fonction Gate pour un panoramique à sensibilité de déclenchement réglable

Les fonctionnalités propres au plug-in comprennent la synchro du LFO sur la station de travail audio numérique et des configurations flexibles d'entrée/sortie stéréo

Requiert une carte DSP UAD-2 ou une Interface Audio Apollo disponibles chez les revendeurs agréés dans le monde entier

Avis Clients

Dytronics® Cyclosonic Panner

Evaluation Globale

(42 avis)

J. von Matt

21 octobre 2019


Ruff in the jungle? Now it is a bit more ruffer. It comes and goes, turns and flys, dives and jumps.

The most coolest panner what is on planet earth!

Utilisateur UAD

1 octobre 2019

Great Effect

Super Great Effect. I use it a lot on guitar and organ. Bravo

C. Simpson

21 août 2019

The Chosen One

Great for Vocals, Drums, and of course Instruments. I've been using the demo and have multiple vouchers to redeem so of course this happens to be the product of choice. Applying this plug in alone to a track without using the stereo effects gives the sound a unique character. All the software I purchase is purposeful rather than impulsive, for me to write a review and recommend the product says enough. - Can be used in all genres, this tool is simple and resourceful. Must Have -

I. Bandera

21 juillet 2019


Devo ancora capire esattamente il potenziale di questo plugin.
Sicuramente interessante per creare effetti stereo.
Con calma troverò sicuramente l'utilizzo più appropriato.

M. Thomas

13 juin 2019

From Subtle to Sublime

This effect can add tremendous panning or just a taste of movement to add space and sparkle to a mix. I've been using it on closed hats to move them across the stereo field in subtle increments. The motion adds a hint of spice to the mix.

V. Gerasenkov

12 juin 2019

Do not rush to cut boring tracks!

It is difficult to overestimate the things that are able to give new unexpected solutions for seemingly hopelessly boring tracks. Ditronics Panner is capable of much.
UA, again what you need!

N. Reygate

6 juin 2019

Swirling swirliness

Does exactly what it says on the box. Sounds can now spin amongst your stereo field like a whirling dervish caught in a vortex
It can be much more subtle as well
It’s also easy to use. What’s not to Like ?

r. passuti

28 mai 2019

it's like a Christmas present

Did you happen to receive a long-wanted toy? there he is! perfect for psychedelic, electronic, but great productions to add spice to any type of music !!! thanks UAD.

A. Lee

11 mai 2019


Does much more than simply pan. It really is incredible the depth, width & 3D quality that it gives whatever it is applied to. Essential to give additional interest to any mix.

J. Auguste

25 mars 2019

Does the Job

Always wanted the hardware but this will do. This does the job very well once you get familiar with the controls.

P. Cassidy

5 mars 2019

Does way more than I expected

I actually went into this plugin looking for a trem unit for guitar mostly, which it does exceptionally well, but it does so much more. A certain quality to the waveforms exists that you don't get in other plugins/units. I'm pretty sure it comes down to the modelling of the gain stages but who am I to say. A plugin that is useful in almost any mix or recording situation

R. Nash

30 décembre 2018

More Human than Human

Very cool and unique. Another oddball goodie from UA

S. Peterson

29 avril 2018

Flutters, stutters & others

The Cyclosonic is not for everyone or everything. But it is a lot of fun to find uses for. I found that when critical listening to mixes, I would reach for it when the mix needed a little movement on backing vocals, rhythmically or layered with synth parts.
If you are on a tight budget & looking to get really useful plug ins, this would not be where I spend my money.

T. Mandylas

21 avril 2018

Just awful to control.. sorry Softube and UA

This is now my number one UA plugin purchase regret.. So much so I am actually going to ask to see if I can swap for another plugin + whatever cost difference. I should have demoed it properly.. The issue is, that the time is from 30 seconds to 0.1 second, but the display field shows that in *percentage*, which is useless.. Rather than the actual time.. If it showed the actual time, one could set something suitable by using a tempo calculator.. The problem with the Sync option is that I saw 4 bars in the picture.. and presumed i could do 1/2/3/4 bars.. but it goes from one to 4 only.. and then no higher..So you can sync an auto pan at 1 bar or 4 but not in between, and everything else is under a bar (more useful for rhythmic effects/stutters etc). Softube had to be stubborn on this one instead of giving a full complement of tempo options.. They just had to follow the hardware.. This is exactly why we buy plugins, to get the good hardware sound but free ourselves of limitations.. Anyway.. It does more than pan, which is why i gave it an extra star.. I will never use it for auto panning, nor rhythmic effects as I already have much, much better plugins for the latter, but at least it's not only a one trick pony. Now.. I recently bought WAVES brauer motion for $29 on sale.. THAT is a pan plugin.. and i am not a huge waves fan.. But that was a bargain, and makes this softube plugin look like a joke.. I mean just demo it for yourself and see what I mean.. If you want a really good autopan plugin, that's the one I recommend, and advise you to skip this one completely. (OTOH the chorus by same company, also emulated by Softube, is really nice and lush - that one I can recommend and will do a separate review).

M. Fulwider

17 avril 2018


I have been happy with most every plugin that I have purchased from UA EXCEPT this one. Pretty underwhelming, might work for some synth. Overall, not a very useful plugin in actual use. For me, I wasted my win lose some.....

M. Ivey

10 avril 2018

Extremely versatile and intricate panning

I own the Waves Brauer Motion panner and though I don't have any regrets with its quality, I find the Dytronics Cyclosonic panner to be more of a beast. Both are great plugins but the Dytronics sound is uniquely different and I haven't experienced any way to emulate the effect using Brauer Motion.

Both accomplish the same panning in the stereo field, but Dytronics definitely does it in a very distinct and unique way.

In comparison of CPU, Brauer Motion doesn't tax the processor much; but Dytronics being a UAD plugin obviously doesn't tax my CPU at all. Overall, I am pleased with the investment. It costs more, but my ears tell me it does more and it sounds very different.

B. McDade

20 février 2018

Great creative fun with all things PAN shaped!!!

buy while you can stack your rack (bought with Tri Chorus.... brilliant fun!)

L. Roccatagliati

2 février 2018

love it

It's a magical tool for percussions loop!

M. Vergeade

14 janvier 2018

Let your sound travel !

The most efficient panner I know, , including amazing3D possibilities and many more presets of modulation : a big success !!!

M. Kartashev

13 janvier 2018


This is awesome been waiting for a good emulation of some analog rack panner for a while...
Many tools can do similar task but this one got some unique character and feel.
Very nice hope to see more emulations of rare and unique tools like this...