Plug-in ENGL® Savage 120 Amplifier

Plug-in ENGL® Savage 120 Amplifier

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Prix tarif : $149.00


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ENGL Savage 120 Amplifier

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R. Bowling

13 février 2019

Engl Savage Amp

I like it, I am a guitar player using both Acoustic & Electric 6 & 12 strings so I find its easier to Mis & Get Separation when the Sounds (Amps) are different ...Some things you want Clean, some Dirty. this does it

V. Imre

1 février 2019

ENGL Savage 120 Amplifier

ENGL Savage 120 Amplifier sounds great. I didn't believe it, but I was surprised as it sounds without effect pedals. Good job!

M. Ellola

23 janvier 2019

Massive attack

The plugin sounds very nearly as the real amp. You can tune your attacks in all channels so fine, that’s amazing. And the mass of sim cabs and the fx rack make it special.

J. Gawaldo

12 janvier 2019


I am really skeptical when it comes to modeled amp sounds but this plug-in is very useful and sounds great. Try it for yourself!

J. Poole

12 janvier 2019

Late Night

I must admit to having fun tweaking this sim and all the effect possibilities while saving them to presets. The recordings sound great. Playing the guitar whenever the urge strikes with headphones on is a nice bonus... clean, crunchy, dirty, they all sound good...

S. Lednev

9 janvier 2019

Serious monster

ENGL Savage 120 Amplifier sounds like a real one. When I turned it on for the first time, I could not believe my ears. Savage 120 sounded exactly like I was recording an analog amplifier! This is a very cool plugin.

D. Gray

27 décembre 2018

Great Amp Sim

I was looking for the quickest way to get my ideas out to demo without all of the hassle. This amp sim does this. Make a preset and you’re good to go. It sounds good, especially with Unison and the cab IRs sound good too. If you’re looking for something fast and of good quality, look no further. Also has built in gate and delay! Can’t beat it for the price. Buy this and get to work!

Utilisateur UAD

14 décembre 2018

Incredible Metal Amp

Having owned the actual Savage 120, this thing is a perfect copy of the real thing! A must-own if you're recording tight modern metal, especially on 7/8 string guitars. This and the E646 VS plugin are incredible, both deliver brutal punch, articulation and sparkle.


14 décembre 2018

Magnifique ampli !!!

Une des meilleures simulations qu'il m'ait été donné d'essayer, en un mot ça sonne !!
Avec les quatre canaux on a affaire à un ampli très polyvalent, tout les sons sont magnifiques et très expressifs du pur clean jusqu'à la grosse saturation. Les simulations d'enceintes sont elles aussi très réussies et on retrouve bien le son des différentes gamelles ainsi que les micros. Vraiment une grande réussite !!!!!

F. Ruisch

14 décembre 2018

Best AMP sim for high gain.

This amp is perfect for tracking D.I. parts for re-amp. Or just use the amp as it is because it sounds fantastic. It's the best high gain amp sim that i own.

F. Ruisch

14 décembre 2018

Best AMP sim for high gain.

This amp is perfect for tracking D.I. parts for re-amp. Or just use the amp as it is because it sounds fantastic. It's the best high gain amp sim that i own.

K. Copeland

10 décembre 2018

Just get it

Great amp sounds. Really stand out in your recordings.

m. gilmer

26 novembre 2018

My Go To Amp

I own several of the Uaudio amp sims. This Engl has become my go-to now. I love all of the ones I have. But, this one does it all. It can cover all styles of music. Not just the heavy stuff. It is an amazing sim with incredible flexibility.

C. Ryan

13 novembre 2018

Best Amp Sim I've Heard For Heavy Music

Really Amazing tones in this little beast! Great tube emulation. The ENGL Savage and the new SUHR PT 100 are the best I've heard for Kick Ass Rock/Metal/Punk tones.

J. Kita

17 octobre 2018

ENGL Savage 120 *Super Accurate Emulation*

I would put this emulator up against both the Axe-FX II & the physical Savage 120 amplifier that I A/B'd this with. If you are after the super heavy tones that the Special Edition Head can offer I would highly recommend getting the TS Overdrive and putting it in the chain before the amplifier. Great clarity and articulation.

J. Flynn Dale

22 septembre 2018

Savage time

This sound certainly be a go to guitar amp!

If you are looking for that amazing tool box amp, look no further!

This is it!

M. Mai

18 septembre 2018

Just a very nice amp!

This amp is extremely versatile. Suprisingly, I really like the clean channel and or just a touch of crunch. The selection of IRs/mics is also great in terms of tonal options. Very pleased with this purchase.

e. joyce

31 août 2018

Engl Savage 120

Bought this plugin last night and if you are into playing metal don't waste your time with any other Sims. Just get this one. Very easy to get a razor sharp tone with no muddyness. I've been trying to get decent metal tones using the other Engls which I also own. This one blows them apart for metal. Highly recommended amp sim.

R. Alvarez-Torre

22 juillet 2018

So heavy!

I’m so happy this plug-in made it to the platform. I’m in love with heavy amps and I hope they develop more. They did such an amazing job and if you’re tracking heavy guitars then this is a no brainer buy to add to the arsenal.

C. Carr

21 juillet 2018

Great for tracking DI.

I already own the UA OX that I use for tracking all my high gain amps, JCM800, Mesa, Orange and it sounds amazing. But at the same time as tracking the OX i still grab a DI signal with my Avalon U5 for reamping options later. So far this has the been the best option Ive found to use with my DI signal other than reamping, but with the option to track the real apps, about 99/100 times i end up going with the tracks from the OX. But is it good for what it is especially if you do not have a bunch of amp options in the studio.

21-40 sur 111 résultats