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Chandler Limited Curve Bender Mastering EQ

Evaluation Globale

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J. Baron

18 mai 2016

Curve eq

Well as an eq it is on the level of all the uad eq's it sounds very transparent and clean ,great for buss eq or on a main buss because it's not a over the top eq it is very subtle,but good enough to dial in any sound ,plus it's light on the CPU ,once again ,as always great job ua!!!!

p. larkin

17 mai 2016

Woah vibe city

Instant warm and sweet vibe with this plugin. Demoed it and had to buy it. The "warmth" and "sweetness" of boosts and cuts reminded me of my Chandler Lil Devil EQ, which was a few times the price for a single channel. Quite a feat IMHO. Definitely check out this plugin, it's a winner. Good work Softube and UA.

A. Ice

11 mai 2016

Soft and Warm

Love the sound of this EQ! Fixed alot of sampled material with it's gentle tone and also it made some magic on my master bus! So pity I can't afford it at the moment, so I need to work hard next 14 days until demo expires :)

T. Hoogland

4 mai 2016

Vibey and Musical

I've wanted this in plugin form for YEARS. Having never been truly satisfied with the ITB Manley, MDW, Millenia and the like as a mix bus EQ finding them either boring, flat and uninspiring I honestly feel I can lay to rest the search. It's got an amazingly rich tone and musical EQ that you can boost for days and not feel like you're screwing anything up. Really happy with this, great job Softube!

221-224 sur 224 résultats