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Chandler Limited GAV19T Amplifier

Evaluation Globale

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R. Khan

14 janvier 2019

Excellent Amp sim

Love everything I’m getting from Universal Audio. It’s all top notch stuff, basically the best that money can buy. My only complaint? It DOES cost money, that’s for sure. I wish all the things were just that tad bit cheaper, I’d buy a whole lot more stuff if that was the case. Still, I’m grateful for the incredibly high quality of these plugins.
I’ve got a few suggestions, or wishes more like. Could you please create a VOX AC30 amp plugin? You’re creating all of these Suhr things and what not and as great as those amps are, I’d love some more classics. A Deluxe and or Twin Reverb would be great too.
Further, could you please sell your distortion pedals separately rather than force them into a package? $49 each is still expensive for that type of a single plugin but hey, it makes it possible to attain a little easier. And, as a matter of fact, could you create a few more pedal like plugins? Such as a couple of classic delays, reverbs, modulation and fuzz and drive pedals..? List them as singles for attainable prices and you’ll be selling more plugins by the bucketload!
Again, this Chandler amp is good for sure, just wish it was Unison enabled though.

T. Liljegren

17 septembre 2018

A master volume knob, please!

This one sounds really okay. some parameters are intresting others are just confusing. And when you try to make a clean sound come out of it the output volume gets so low that u have to insert a booster like a Neve 1073 to compansate and have it sound at all in the mix. That's anoying! mostly this one is just gathering dust in my library because of this handicap. I use the fender or the marshall instead. It would be nice if UAD could update a guitar rig like amplitube 4 with all other gear bought through the years available. That would be ver convienient to quick and easy change amps or stomps directly in the rig. Now one have to delete and insert new ones in the plug in section and that's inefficient. They should all be put in a chain with input and master volume at the beginning and end of the chain. Probably people wud be more eager to demo and finally buy amps and stomps in that kinda inviroment, right? Thank you!

R. Jacobi

17 juillet 2018

Great Power Amp Distortion

The amp simulations by Softube and recently by UA set the bar really high and Brainworx used to miss that bar, at least for me. The Chandler GAV19T simulation has blown me away though. The tone and feel of the amp is beautiful. The option to bypass the pre-amp and use the power amp distortion only is a brilliant feature, especially when using pedals extensively. The cabinet simulations are good but with the option to disable the cab simulation in the Chandler I would love to run the amp signal through the cabinet simulations of the OX. @UA: please release a plugin version of the OX!

P. Perfetto

2 juillet 2018

Intense and dope

All the guitar emulations from UA are the best. Love them all, this one stands on its own and has a super unique sound.

E. Budzynski

18 janvier 2018

Fantastic versatile simulation

This plugin takes some time to understand but once you have mastered its functionality a vast array of excellent sounds are available.
I own several small amplifiers of similar type and this saves masses of time in terms of mic placement and speeds up the creative process. Highly recommended.

F. Lambiz

14 janvier 2018


Awesome tone and versatility. Highly recommended.

E. Lee

7 décembre 2017

Great, would be amazing if was unison

This little amp is amazing, really like it. Already had the plugin alliance version (got it super cheap) and worked just fine however when I’m producing and later I wanted to add some guitars the latency was killing me, so I decided to get the uad version for near zero latency and works amazing, sounds the same as the uad isn’t unison enabled but works perfectly fine for leads, clean guitars and crunchy rhythms, I have lots of amp sims and every single one of them has its own unique vibe but this one is one of my favorites, definitely a good plugin worth checking it out.

P. Taylor

6 décembre 2017

sounds awful

I wish I hadn't wasted my money on this plugin. It sounds awful. The amp sims in Logic sound better than this thing. I wanted something to use in UAD Console for monitoring, but this was a mistake. Go with the UAD Fender plugin instead.

P. Mata Rodriguez

26 septembre 2017

Versatile and usable amp

I find this amp very versatile and nice sounding, perhaps the only thing is that it's a little bit noisy in some adjustments, but overall, a very good amp simulation


16 septembre 2017

A piece of gear!

An amp as I always wanted it to Sound,((excuse my english but I'm from Germany)
So as I would call in german:Ein tolles Teil!!!


14 juillet 2017



D. Miniero

8 juillet 2017

Excellent guitar plugin

Excellent presets

R. Calegari

14 mai 2017

Sonido ingles

Medios definidos de gran presencia, seccion de delay muy oportuna. No es super versatil, pero si en su estilo es muy preciso. Suelo combinarlo en serie con el bluesmaker cuando quiero "derribar paredes" y es maravilloso el complemento.

j. mitchell

22 février 2017

Most flexible sim available (a real go-to)

I must admit, initially I was NOT a fan, but purchased because I needed something on the UAD platform to recreate a sound I originally cut with the Bx_Rockrack natively. After exhausting comparisons and tweaking, I've found the Chandler to be the most flexible guitar sim available. The bias control really allows for simulating a wider variety of stacks and heads. You can't go wrong here!

Combine this with a M/S EQ like the bx_V2 and you get a humongous, spacious sound. Works well for adding some grit to vintage EPs like rhodes, too!

The Chandler is worthy of being the first "go-to" sim in any arsenal, and quite possibly can end up being your only sim needed.

N. Antonio

2 février 2017


It is a priceless plug-in that scents the VOX amplifier. It may take a lifetime if it is simple but extensive control can be extraordinary.

g. monaghan

17 janvier 2017

Chandler cuts through a mix

I love my Chandler amp plugin, I've used it on all sorts of sources and just used it on virtually every guitar track of the album I've just finished, either on its own, or in conjunction with a "real" AC30 and the little labs phase tool to line things up with the DI signal from my apollo 16

d. pierre-antoine

14 janvier 2017


Je cherchais un plug in guitare sans latence pour travailler la guitare tranquille en silence à la maison, celui là se rapprochait du son de mon ampli ...Résultat ,je crois que je vais l'utiliser pour mes prises de sons ,on peut vraiment trouver son bonheur . Du coup j'ai aussi envie du Marshall blues breaker , c'est le problème chez universal audio ,on les veut tous ..:)

T. Urban

17 décembre 2016

My Favorite Clean Sound

I demoed all of the guitar plugins and this one wins for me in terms of flexible clean tones. It is simple to use, warm, and responsive to my playing!

R. Schöbel

15 décembre 2016

My Favourite !

Great Sound , Easy Settings Amazing !

j. bringue

13 décembre 2016

Super Amp .. Great sound

Again Uad surprise us with this great plug .. when you look for soft distortions and "old school sound " .. as an electronic music producer I was really impressed how the plug reacts in live with a guitarist friend and make this beautiful sound ... even on virtual instruments ! .. just take a bad guitar sound arpeggiator , add the plug and something is happening ! .. it sounds good ! :) .. One of the best from UAD .. love the ENGL too !

21-40 sur 117 résultats