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Brainworx® bx_masterdesk


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Brainworx bx_masterdesk

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V. Kotljarow

4 avril 2020

Respect ! Bravo !

Excellent ! Excellent ! Excellent !
Brainworx bx_masterdesk is now one of my best and most popular Plugins from
Universal audio !

Super ! Super ! Super !
Brainworx bx_masterdesk gehört jetzt zum meinen besten und Beliebsten plugins von
Universal audio !

C. Pieterse

30 mars 2020

Mastering benchmark - surprising PUNCH

As an all-in-one mastering tool, it is a fast and consistent solution for quick mastering.
But dig a bit deeper and you will find that the limiter in this monster is mind blowing! Incredibly loud, transparent and punchy, even at high reduction. The loudest "software" limiter i have ever heard.
With variable THD control and passive 4 tone control it is a very useful tool in any mastering studio.

S. Heller

22 mars 2020


Wow.. I have to say this plug in just blew my mind. It is probably the single most powerful plug in I have the way it shapes the sound. This as last in the mastering chain just does incredible things. Combine this with the Cambridge EQ, a tape machine plug in like the Studer or oxide tape or my preferred ATR-102 and you will impress people, if your mix is good to start with it will now be amazing. Well worth the price! Essential.

M. Dullinger

21 mars 2020


Wahnsinns Plugin. Super um sehr schnelle Ergebnisse zu erzielen

F. DeAngelis

25 février 2020

It Realy Sounds great!

Masterdesk is so fast and easy to use. Each module is of excellent quality. The Compressor is Fantastic. While the EQ Bands are limited they work in most cases and when the don't it's easy enough to put your EQ of choice before it in the chain. Same thing with the DSer.

h. otto

18 février 2020

Super Bx_masterdesk!

very good and easy to use

D. McCarty

12 février 2020

Super usable

Love it! Super easy to use, works great!

U. Gerstenmeyer

31 janvier 2020

Perfect fast Master Tool!

It sounds amazing and it's easy to handle!

M. Asma

13 janvier 2020

Great Mastering

Perfect and easy. Sounds amazing!

J. Calero

6 janvier 2020

Súper eficiente

Gran procesador

P. Hill

5 janvier 2020

Just What I Wanted

I previously used Ozone for mastering and I would often take an incredibly long time trying to perfect my tracks. Bx_masterdesk is so much easier and gives me better results in a fraction of the time. Love it!

j. davis

3 janvier 2020

Bx masterdesk

Very easy to use. I love it. It's my go to pluggin!!

U. Gerstenmeyer

29 décembre 2019

Great Stuff!

It's very effective for a fast mix or mastering!

R. Robertson

25 décembre 2019

Master desk for mastering.


Utilisateur UAD

22 décembre 2019

Simple, Easy to use, Sounds fantastic!

There's no doubt Brainworx hit on a winning formula with this plugin. No messing with long or lengthy mastering chains. When you need a great sounding master for your own gratification and would like to get it done quickly and easily then this is just the ticket!

B. Gibbons

13 décembre 2019

Workflow improved

Speeds up my workflow and it’s so amazing to hear/send out quick mastering track


12 décembre 2019

All things mastering

Whether you’re just an amateur looking to max your mix to the standard loudness or a pro looking for a swiss-army knife at the mastering stage, this is for you.
It’s simple to use and yet very detailled. It will take some doing, but this plugin will find its way in your mastering chain every time, for any style. It truly is a killer solution.

S. Synan

25 novembre 2019

Fantastic plugin for a "novice" master.

This plugin makes ALL the difference when it comes to a laymen creating a master track. Of course a true mastering pro will provide a much better final mix, but for a one-stop shop plugin this is absolutely fantastic. I couldn't believe my ears when I heard how well this plugin does a final master. There are websites where you can submit a mix and it will spit back a "master" but this is far better and you have much more control.

Is this good enough for a top-40 mix? Probably not. Is it good enough to provide polish, sheen, and a great demo mix? Absolutely! I know almost nothing about mastering and this plugin has really helped to provide a headache-free experience when it comes to creating a good-enough master.

Personally I've found the best results by throwing a Fairchild 670 under this plugin for a bit of glue, bit this alone will certainly do the trick. Get it!

G. Charles

18 novembre 2019

Sound great

Good stuff

G. Charles

18 novembre 2019

Sound great

Good stuff

41-60 sur 140 résultats