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Un préampli micro classique à lampes et un compresseur de style LA-2A en une seule unité.

Momentanément indisponible en Europe.

Le LA-610 MkII associe un préampli micro vintage entièrement à lampes, fabriqué à la main aux USA – entendu sur des albums de Coldplay, The Beach Boys et Van Halen devenus des classiques – avec d'authentiques circuits de compression optique T4 Teletronix.

Ce modèle classique de tranche de console, avec son préampli chaleureux et sa compression douce et naturelle, est agrémenté de fonctionnalités modernes demandées par les utilisateurs, comme le véritable bypass du compresseur, un affichage de niveau plus grand, un niveau de sortie accru, et une alimentation à découpage.

Enregistrer au travers d’un préampli micro entièrement à lampes dérivé de la légendaire console modulaire 610 conçue par Bill Putnam

Compresser les signaux avec d'authentiques circuits T4 Teletronix de compression optique à lampe.

Travailler encore plus vos sons avec l'égaliseur en plateau à lampes pour les hautes et basses fréquences

Enregistrer vos pistes au travers de circuits vintage UA, « faits à la main aux USA »

Le légendaire préampli 610

Le légendaire préampli 610

Le LA-610 MkII est basé sur les légendaires modules de console mis au point par Bill Putnam dans les années 60. D'innombrables classiques ont été enregistrés au moyen du préampli 610, réputé pour son caractère musical et sa chaleur, par des artistes allant de Frank Sinatra à Coldplay, des Beach Boys à Van Halen. Le LA-610 MkII apportera à vos sources la même chaleur soyeuse et vintage que l'ampli de la console d'origine.

Compression à lampes riche en sons

Le compresseur à lampes T4 du LA-610 MkII offre la limitation ultra chaleureuse qui a fait du LA-2A Teletronix le roi de la grosse compression optique. Le détecteur électro-optique, ou « cellule T4 », est le cœur et l'âme du LA-2A Teletronix. Ses photo-résistances sont les composants essentiels du circuit, donnant au compresseur sa chaleur caractéristique, qui en fait un « incontournable » pour enregistrer les voix, les basses ou les guitares acoustiques. Il est impossible de sortir un mauvais son des légendaires circuits de préampli et de compression du LA-610 MkII une fois pris ensemble.


Conception de préampli micro entièrement à lampes dérivée de la légendaire console modulaire 610 conçue par Bill Putnam

Authentique section de compresseur optique T4 de style LA-2A Teletronix

Fonctionnalités exclusives du MkII : véritable bypass du compresseur, affichage de niveau plus grand, niveau de sortie accru et alimentation à découpage

Préampli micro avec commandes de gain et de niveau, commutation d'impédance variable, et boîtier de direct pour instrument afin d'enregistrer la « couleur » sonore

Égaliseur en plateau pour les hautes et basses fréquences

Tranche de console vintage complète à prix révolutionnaire à la portée de tout project studio

Qualité de fabrication et héritage UA, composants audiophiles, assemblage à la main aux USA

Protection par 1 an de garantie limitée

MkII Improvements

True Bypass of the Compressor Circuit
Larger and Better Lit Metering
Improved Output Signal Performance
Auto-Sensing Universal Power Supply
Improved stability with feedback-style shelving EQ
Improved consistency with Input Gain values
LED Jewel Light Never Needs Replacing


Mic, Line and Hi-Z Input, Line Output
Dual Impedance Mic and Hi-Z inputs (Mic: 2K, 500Ω, Hi-Z: 2.2M, 47KΩ)
5 position Stepped Preamp Input Gain, Continuous Preamp Output Level
-15dB Pad Switch (15dB Pad/Off)
Phase reverse (0/180º)
48 volt Phantom Power switch (+48v/Off)
+/- 9 dB stepped High Shelving Filter (4.5, 7, 10 kHz)
+/- 9 dB stepped Low Shelving Filter (70, 100, 200 Hz)
T4 Optical Compressor with Continuous Peak Reduction and Makeup Gain
Compress/Limit/Bypass Modes of Dynamic Operation (3:1 / ∞: 1)
Meter Source Selector Switch (Preamp/Gain Reduction/Compressor)
Front Panel Power switch (On/Off)
Custom Altran and Cinemag Transformers

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LA-610 MkII

Evaluation Globale

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T. Spaniel

3 septembre 2022


One of my favorite Channel Strips

J. Dufresne

16 février 2021

Simply amazing. Amazingly simple.

This thing is wonderful. Makes a $500-600 mic sound like a gem. Makes a $1,000+ mic sound absolutely golden. Warm, plenty of gain / output between the preamp and compression section. A good 87 clone through this is the beginning to a vocal chain masterpiece. If you want more tube warmth try a 47 clone. The same also does magical things to acoustic guitars. I love it. My only regret is that I can't afford more of them. Luckily it pairs perfectly with my Apollo racks. Thank you UA and Bill Jr!

S. Lyles

13 février 2021

UA 610 SE - Spoiled

Once owned a 2-610 so we knew the 610 Signature Edition would be amazing - beyond - just blown away by the range of character we can get from this unit. Along with our Apollo 8 it is simple gorgeous to listen to!

D. Marais

20 décembre 2020

An absolute stunner - and an affirmation of how good UAD plugins are too!

I have purchased two of these units now and they are just so darn wonderful: easy to use, but filled with warmth and clarity at the same time. Absolutely love this preamp. Just looking at them is a joy, with those classic knobs. A sonic and aesthetic masterpiece.

What is also amazing to me is how having the hardware versions show just how bloody excellent UAD plugins are. I have the the 6176 and the LA610 hardware units, and their plugin equivalents totally nail the sound - I cannot tell the difference on a casual listen. (I decided to break my bank and get the hardware units, in addition their digital emulations, because I wanted to honor the history of the products, from their analogue form to their digital form. Both forms are gorgeous. And they just LOOK incredible in my lowly, but well-loved basement studio.

Finally, I hope you all at UA are doing ok after the terrible fires of late that I know had an impact on your incredible team of employees. Buying another unit was a way to show my support for all you do as well. Thank you for these beautiful products.

B. Stoica

13 novembre 2020

Excelent piece, fair price, absolute classic sound

I own now 2 pieces of this combo, one I keep in the studio and the second one goes on tour, for a soft voice Norah Jones/Katie Melua type of original act. Both perform flawlessly after more than 7 years now, the one that travels do aprox. 70 gigs a year. Techs might abuse our hardcases, but the preamp never fails. The one I have in the studio almost always goes with my ribbons, when I need them.
Great sound and value.

R. Byers

19 septembre 2020

Vibey Vibe Viber

I wish UA made a 4 ch strip of these. Classic organic beefy soul on vocals, bass, snare and more. The aesthetic of the hardware is beautiful!! love the huge knobs

a. meissner

5 décembre 2019

LA-610 MKII Großartiger Mic-Vorverstärker

Der LA-610 MKII ist als Mic-Vorverstärker unverzichtbar. Gerade günstigere Mics gewinnen enorm an "Farbe". Must have..leider in Europa nicht mehr verfügbar.

i. davis

14 novembre 2019

amazing vocals

i have had apollo twin desktop with plugins which are amazing for years but this hardware version of the la610 was not a option and i picked one up to see just how good it would do for vocals and wow amazing tube sound and alongside my unison i can add flavor after i track in vocals to my daw through my tlm103 or tlm 107 or my u87 I've thrown all kinds of mics at it from 300$ to 5k$ and it always impresses me and no setting is the same for each mic its a learning curve to it thats super exciting i love it and highly recommend it !!!!!

I. Papagiannidis

21 mars 2019

Great strip for everything

Great strip for bass, vocals, guitars, snare. Especially if you change the tubes and put NOS tubes sounds amazing! A real workhorse! A pair of these can make real magic!

I. Papagiannidis

21 mars 2019

Great strip for everything

Great strip for bass, vocals, guitars, snare. Especially if you change the tubes and put NOS tubes sounds amazing! A real workhorse! A pair of these can make real magic!

I. Papagiannidis

21 mars 2019

Great strip for everything

Great strip for bass, vocals, guitars, snare. Especially if you change the tubes and put NOS tubes sounds amazing! A real workhorse! A pair of these can make real magic!

s. azevedo

30 décembre 2018

Snare Drum Warmth

Experimented with this on the way into my DAW and was pleasantly surprised how great the snare track sounded. Just added a skosh of eq crack at 8k and thats all it needed. My new goto for snare drums!

J. Parra

13 septembre 2018

Smooth and Cozy

I bought this unit I connected and recorded some acoustic guitars and let me tell you I felt in love with this unit just by tweaking just a little bit I got a beautiful warm and rounded sound. Some people complain about not having a bypass for the Pre-amp like other UA unit they haven't realize that you can lower all the level down on the Pre it just add an extra character a little color to the Comp don't compare it with other units its a different animal is another tool to use in your Studio. I Love this beauty.

J. Iantorno

29 mars 2018

Wouldn't live without mine.

I feel as though this is one of those things UA users already know.

But, If you're new to UA and looking for a lower grade mic pre in order to be mindful of budget. Don't do it. You'll eventually end up owning one of these or a 6176.

And in the meantime, you will have spent more money on different gear trying to achieve the sound you're hearing in your head, along the way.

As a younger engineer, I learned that lesson the hard way.

Regardless of what UA product you're looking at, you can't lose.

D. Fink

23 janvier 2018

A simply sweet pre

Whether for vox or acoustic guitar, the LA-610 MKII is one piece of outboard gear I will not give up. Serves wonderfully as a pre to my Apollo, and gives an excellent alternative to the Apollo's great Unison preamps.

M. Powell

22 décembre 2017


Love it

K. Thura

21 novembre 2017


Like it!

M. Cavanagh

16 septembre 2017

Integral and Versatile

Ive used the LA-610 MK II for over a year now as a channel strip for recording acoustic guitar and micing and recording amps...I can't imagine recording guitar without it.
Even without using the EQ its invaluable for controlling mic gain and adding compression at source.
I also use it as part of a live guitar rig, running the speaker out of low wattage vintage amps into various reactive load resistor boxes converting to line level into the LA-610 's line input and finally out to a valve power amp powering a 2x12 cab.....being able to add EQ & Compression really contributes to the dynamics of the amp in use.
As I said....Verstaile and Integral !


16 septembre 2017


Warm and intense sound
A really cool preamp

P. Higgins

29 août 2017

Warm & Easy

Surely there can't be a nicer sounding and easier to use preamp than this? Just plug your mic in and instantly you a have a round warm sound in which all the nasty' just seem to be smoothed out without eq. If you do need eq then it couldn't be much easier but it just seems to work seamlessly, again the compressor couldn't be easier with just a more or less type function which couldn't make the engineers job any more simple in getting a great sound reminiscent of tape where just by putting the source through this channel it magically makes everything sound better. No wonder these are so popular, they allow the engineer to just use his/her ears in a musical way without having to think too much about the technical process. You can't have too many of these channels. The compressor is just like a big cushion gently smoothing out and rounding out the sound without the need to de-ess or think too hard. Awesome!