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Retrouvez les sons de la British Invasion qui ont inspiré des générations de guitaristes.

La pédale UAFX Ruby '63 Top Boost Amplifier reproduit le son typique d’un ampli à lampes britannique prisé des artistes et des réalisateurs(trices) artistiques depuis plus de 60 ans, de Queen à U2 en passant par Radiohead.

La Ruby '63 est basée sur un puissant traitement à double moteur et sur la célèbre modélisation UAD pour produire des sons clairs angéliques, une overdrive complexe et un vibrato classique.

Retrouvez l’ampli à lampes qui a déclenché la British Invasion, parfaitement émulé dans une pédale

Laissez-vous inspirer par les magnifiques sonorités d’un boost et d’un vibrato à lampes

Emportez les meilleurs sons d’ampli partout, y compris ses combinaisons légendaires de micros/haut-parleurs et ses célèbres effets de boost

Téléchargez des sons d’artistes, personnalisez les fonctions, rappelez et sauvegardez vos presets, etc. avec l’appli mobile UAFX


Profitez des sonorités d’un ampli à lampes britannique, sur scène comme en studio

Profitez des sonorités d’un ampli à lampes britannique, sur scène comme en studio

Que vous remplaciez votre configuration matérielle pour vous brancher directement dans la façade en live, ou que vous enregistriez vos morceaux dans votre STAN, la pédale Ruby '63 vous fait bénéficier, en quelques secondes seulement, des sonorités professionnelles inspirantes d’un ampli à lampes vintage de référence capturé à la perfection.

Canaux Normal, Brilliant et Vibrato

Canaux Normal, Brilliant et Vibrato

La Ruby ‘63 est la seule pédale à vous faire bénéficier des canaux Normal, Brilliant et Vibrato de l’ampli originel. Vous pourrez ainsi voyager en Irlande, à Londres ou à Liverpool d’un coup de switch. Sons doux, brillants ou saturés, tout y est !

Repoussez les limites grâce aux boosts britanniques classiques

Repoussez les limites grâce aux boosts britanniques classiques

La pédale Ruby '63 intègre des boosts classiques, plus précisément le légendaire booster d’aigus au germanium ‘60s Dallas Rangemaster et le préampli d’un délai à bande Maestro EP-3 des années 1970. Actionnez simplement le commutateur Boost pour entendre des sonorités intenses qui laisseront les modélisations d’amplis basées sur des réponses impulsionnelles loin derrière.*

Façonnez votre son sur mesure

Façonnez votre son sur mesure

Grâce aux combinaisons de micros et de haut-parleurs issues de notre célèbre OX Amp Top Box maintes fois primé, la Ruby '63 vous donne la possibilité de sculpter vos propres sons avec un ampli britannique classique.

UAFX Control App & Owner's Manual

Veuillez noter que la pédale Ruby '63 Top Boost Amplifier requiert une alimentation blindée de 400 mA (vendue séparément). Consultez sur cette page les suggestions d’alimentations.

* Les noms des produits cités ici sont des marques commerciales appartenant à leurs propriétaires respectifs, lesquels ne sont en aucun cas affiliés à Universal Audio Inc. Ces noms sont utilisés aux fins d’identification des produits étudiés durant la création des modélisations sonores qui équipent la pédale Ruby '63 Top Boost Amplifier.

Caractéristiques principales :

Puissant double moteur UAFX reproduisant, pour la toute première fois dans une pédale, le son parfaitement authentique d’un combo à lampes britannique des années 1960

Inclut les meilleures options de haut-parleurs, micros et pièces provenant du célèbre OX Amp Top Box maintes fois récompensé

Modifications avec un booster d’aigus, un booster de préampli, des haut-parleurs alternatifs, ainsi que des baffles et des micros supplémentaires à télécharger gratuitement après enregistrement de la pédale

Bypassez les émulations de baffles/micros et utilisez la pédale avant votre ampli pour profiter de couleurs sonores et de timbres saturés supplémentaires

Application mobile UAFX pour personnaliser les footswitches, rappeler et archiver vos presets, accéder à des fonctionnalités supplémentaires, télécharger des presets d’artistes, etc.

Conception et fabrication haut de gamme signées UA, pour des décennies d’utilisation

Avis clients

Ruby '63 Top Boost Amplifier

Evaluation Globale


A. Blackwood

12 mars 2024

Unbelievably good - sounds & feels like my Audio Kitchen Big Trees / Vox amp

Despite being a UA customer for over 15 years - I was very skeptical this would actually sound like a real amp. I've owned and played Vox amps live and in studios over the years and in particular - own a boutique amp from British company Audio Kitchen called the Big Trees (which is based on Vox sounds) that my main clean sound comes from. I play it with my Fender Telecaster through custom Celestion green speaker and the combination is truly beautiful.

I only started looking at this pedal as I'm finding myself in situations now where I'm being asked to play at venues that require very quick, minimalist setups - and setting up and micing my amp combo is considered too time-consuming, complex (sigh).

I watched the Ruby '63 videos hoping to get some idea of how good the clean sound was... but most of them just showcase the classic Brian May overdriven sounds Vox is known for.

So I popped down to my local guitar pedal store and asked to try it out... After some tweaking - suddenly there is was.... MY CLEAN SOUND - BIG TREES COMBINED WITH GREEN SPEAKER!!! It even responds like the amp when you hit the strings a bit harder - producing some beautiful break-up.

I'm blown-away... I honestly didn't think it would be THIS GOOD. It won't be replacing my Big Trees / Vox amp for things like studio recordings but for the unique live setup situations (or needing to play through headphones late at night) it's perfect and will be used for many years to come.

I'm giving it 5 of 5 - the only thing that would cause me to downgrade that was if the pedal starts to have technical issues within a couple of years or the build quality starts to fail. I really hope it's at the same standard as other UA hardware products and is built to last for many, many years like a normal FX guitar pedal would. There's obviously a lot going on under the hood so hoping it's solid.

Overall this is just a stunning product that I couldn't recommend highly enough. Thanks UA for building these product lines and for your forensic attention to detail.

R. Graterol

3 octobre 2023

Unreal sound and feel

The tone and feel of this pedal is unmatched I think. The dynamics are very detailed, and the pedal does really feel like playing on an real amp. I’ve never played a vox ac30 but based on YouTube videos it is spot on, and to me, the sound is simply amazing. Because of this all my effects now sound even nicer. I’m typically a Fender guy but I think I found my favorite guitar tone yet and the Ruby of is cleaner than I expected. The only remark is the iOS app which seems a bit finicky with Bluetooth, but I think it’s also due to use it low battery mode in my iPhone which disconnect Bluetooth (afaik)

J. Williams

17 août 2023


Sounds amazing. I have 5 stellar amps, and this pedal is satisfying to play like they are. Setup was easy. EQ is a bit finicky like a real amp. But once I hit it dialed in, it has been perfect every time I plug in.

A. Mullen

12 mai 2023

Great hardware shame about the software

Great sound in a box and the promise of storing patches with the mobile app is enticing. However the mobile software is flaky and it can't seem to discover/hold the bluetooth connection with the iOS phone (even with the new firmware update) .

功. 佐藤

25 avril 2023

UA Connectのバージョン注意

UA Connectのバージョンが古いと最新のファームウェアアップデートが受けられずiOS APPでのコントロールも効かないので要注意です

BOSSのGuitar Synthペダル(SY-200)のLeadでPMトーンを狙うのと同じ感じで、これにしかない魅力があります


M. Caporizzo

25 juillet 2022

Incredible Sound and Feel

The sound this pedal delivers is truly extraordinary. I have never before played a digital simulation with such an authentic feel, especially for the slightly broken up tones. The 4-cable mode is especially handy – a very clever feature that is getting a lot more use with my live rig than I expected it would. Bravo, UA!

B. Lepsch

20 juillet 2022

The hunt for my everyday guitar sound is over

I tried countless option over the years to get the feel of a real valve amp using various gears. I had great result using stomp boxes and emulators but never had the feeling of my good old British valve amp with mics...until this Ruby came at the studio.
No more cables and mic needed to get a great sound and feeling.

Plug your guitar in the Ruby with a bunch of good drive and effects ( or not) close your eyes and your in !
Fantastic sound, responsive knobs, where did you guys at UA put the valves in this thing !?
Thank you so much, I m ready for years now !

G. Cohen

13 juillet 2022

Great sound, lacking switching flexibility

Love the sound on this!! I just wish it was more flexible with routing. Bring on the Marshall/Bassman, Hiwatt, and Orange!!!

J. Holloway

8 juillet 2022


UAD has really smacked the ball out of the park with these pedals. I liked the Woodrow so much that I bought the Ruby and absolutely love it. Totally nails the Vox chime and sweetness; the tremolo is warm and lush. I'm running them through the clean channel of a Friedman Run and JJ Jr, and they really impart an incredible sonic palette. It's quite seriously like adding two new amplifiers to the rig. The one thing I'd like is the ability to cycle through presets without having to open the UADFX application (which works well, but could be a challenge in a performance context.) Well done, UAD! I may have to buy the Dream too...

D. Kovaios

1 juillet 2022

Amp modelling at its best!!!

I've used it at a couple of different applications, since I purchased it yesterday, and it has proved that it's worth every cent!
Sure, it is limited, it does not offer multiple micing techniques, MIDI control and all that stuff...but, it offers such a great amp feel in picking technique, break-up tones, transition from clean to overdrive, amp and (included) boost unit interaction and working with other pedals, such as demanding fuzzes.
In all honesty, and this is a personal choice, all that people say against these tools don't apply to my needs. I need one, to replace a big, heavy, loud thing called guitar amplifier, with something manageable volume-wise (which, for most of my applications, means silent) that when connected to a studio, or live PA system feels like an amp to me, so that I can focus on the guitar, playing dynamics, use of guitar volume/tone controls.
I 've used many units, including completely digital, amp through IRs, amp and/or cab pedal platform units, and this thing offers the greatest experience!
I've also enjoyed the Woodrow unit, and was interested in getting that one at first, but actually using them both made me understand that I am not that much of Tweed guy.
Great units, well done, people of UA!!!

W. Taylor

28 juin 2022

Not as advertised...sending it back

Great LOOKING pedal..too bad it doesn't work...New out of the box, will NOT pair with the UAFX Control app on my Mac desktop and it will NOT pair via bluetooth to the UAFX control app on my phone. I have a Starlight Echo station I bought last year and it worked and paired fine. I usually expect this sort of thing when I buy cheap..but to buy a $400 pedal and it won't even do the BASIC FIRST THING IT'S SUPPOSED TO DO...well, that's a LOT frustrating...Now I have to re-box it, print label, take time out of my day to ship it back etc...just disappointing UA...I was excited about this pedal...big meh now...

Z. Saucier

14 juin 2022

I absoluitely love it

I recently acquired a ruby and it really does remind me of when I used to run an amp!

I am blown away by the realism. I do wish I had more visibility on and the ability to choose a different cab each side and maybe even blend the same amp but the different channels left and right but otherwise without any extra editing this thing is a beast still.

J. Kiedrowski

8 juin 2022

Really Good, Could be great

Firstly, the sounds are really cool. Other people have said it, but this by far the most "amp like" modeler. I've tried them all, but I'm coming from a square black box modeler that gave me three options and full midi control. I really took advantage of the midi in that box and loved being able to use midi switching to turn the drive knob up and down. I wish all of the UAFX pedals had midi and I do think it's a mistake. But since I think it's impossible for them to add that functionality later, I'll concentrate on what could actually be improved while letting UA stick to their no midi philosophy.

1) Add a way to change which microphone is used on which speaker (I know it's possible - artist presets show it is). I like the speaker choices, but sometimes I'd like a different microphone on that speaker.
2)Add a way to make basic eq changes. - A high pass and low pass filter would get us 90% of the way (again eq changes are there in the artist presets, I know it's possible).
3. Please let me use the tremolo on the brilliant channel. I know why you just wanted the amps to be as they are and be faithful to the specifics, but I could replace the trem pedal on my board if I could use ruby's tremolo with the brilliant channel.

So yes, I'd love full midi implementation, I understand that will not happen. But these three changes would make this that best amp modeler on the market even without midi and all of these are possible and dare I say - easy - to implement from a software perspective. The only reason I'm even writing this is because I think that UA listens to its customers. I really like the Ruby. I want to keep it. I sincerely hope there is more development on it coming. Thanks for making a really great sounding amp.

T. Broadley

2 juin 2022

Amazing in every way!

I followed the release of this unit and was intrigued, so I decided to visit my local store-and milliseconds after plugging in, knew this was VERY different than any simulation previously available. After 35 years of owning some of the finest vintage gear-along with a strong desire to modernize my recoding set up; I can say this little pedal has made more of an impact than I could have imagined. The VX sounds are all there-and the adjustability is far better than owning 3 different AC-30’s. However, the real magic is in the feel. Many products had touted “real amp-like” feel over the years, but it my experience-the Ruby delivers better than anything else. Real goosebumps. Since purchasing 2 weeks ago, I’ve logged more hours playing the Ruby than anything else I own. Thank You to the UA Team! Now, please come out with a Pedal that emulates the “other” British amp company:)