Plug-in Ampex® ATR-102 Mastering Tape Recorder

Plug-in Ampex® ATR-102 Mastering Tape Recorder

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« Ce n’est qu’une fois masterisées sur un magnétophone à bande Ampex®
que les chansons se transforment en disque… »

Le plug-in ATR-102 Mastering Tape Recorder pour systèmes UAD-2 et interfaces Apollo peut apporter à votre musique ce « vernis analogique » final qui transforme les chansons en albums. Dûment authentifié par Ampex Corporation, le plug-in ATR-102 capture fidèlement la dynamique, la réponse en fréquences colorée et la saturation de bande uniques du hardware d'origine.

Vous pouvez maintenant :

Ajouter une touche analogique à vos mixages avec le magnétophone 2 pistes professionnel le plus populaire jamais produit

Exploiter le « liant » et la coloration de la bande sur les bus d'instrument pour leur apporter la cohésion de l'analogique

Colorer habilement les signaux au travers de la totalité du circuit de l'ATR-102, y compris les transformateurs, amplificateurs, circuits Repro, Sync et Input

Mixer avec des presets d'illustres utilisateurs de l'ATR-102 comme Chuck Ainlay, Richard Dodd, Buddy Miller, Mike Poole et autres

5-Minute UAD Tips
5-Minute UAD Tips

5-Minute UAD Tips

Featuring the Magnetic Tape Bundle

Le magnétophone 2 pistes professionnel le plus populaire de tous les temps

Le magnétophone 2 pistes professionnel le plus populaire de tous les temps

Avec sa cohésion sonore, son punch et sa capacité à fournir une saturation de bande et une coloration subtiles ou profondes, l'ATR-102 est présent dans les grands studios d'enregistrement et de mastering du monde entier depuis 1976. Le plug-in ATR-102 Mastering Tape Recorder reproduit fidèlement les caractéristiques uniques de dynamique, réponse en fréquences et saturation du hardware d'origine. Examiné et dûment authentifié par Ampex Corporation, le son du plug-in ATR-102 est pratiquement indiscernable de celui de son cousin analogique.

Colorez vos sources avec le son authentique de la bande

Colorez vos sources avec le son authentique de la bande

Que vous recherchiez du « liant » pour l'ensemble d'un mixage ou que vous ajoutiez de subtiles touches d'analogique à des pistes individuelles et à des bus, le plug-in Ampex ATR-102 vous offre une myriade de couleurs de bande magnétique qui peuvent être retravaillées à loisir grâce au puissant jeu de commandes.

Toutes les commandes d'origine

Toutes les commandes d'origine

Comme l'ATR-102 hardware, le plug-in vous permet de choisir entre différentes combinaisons des parcours de signaux (Input, Sync, Repro), vitesses de bande / égaliseurs d'accentuation (NAB, CCIR, AES) et formules de bande – y compris une bande domestique/grand public. Vous pouvez également utiliser la fonction de retard réglable Tape Delay pour des effets de double enregistrement automatique sur les voix, guitares et autres.

Caractéristiques Principales

L'émulation logicielle de l'Enregistreur à Bande ATR-102 pour le Mastering — le magnétophone de deux-pistes professionnel le plus populaire de l'histoire — avalisée par Ampex®
Permet de profiter de la richesse et de la cohésion du son à bande sans les problèmes de calibrage, entretien, usure des bandes, etc. Modélise la totalité du trajet électronique de l'ATR-102, y compris les transformateurs, amplificateurs, chemins de Lecture (Repro), d’Enregistrement (Sync) et d'Entrée

Inclut plusieurs formules de bande, configurations des têtes de lecture et niveaux de calibrage

Réglage des fonctions de Pleurage, Scintillement, Sifflement, Souffle, Crosstalk et Retard Gauche/Droite de la Bande

Requiert une carte DSP UAD-2 ou une Interface Audio Apollo disponibles chez les revendeurs agréés dans le monde entier

Gains des Canaux Droit/Gauche Indépendants en Entrée (Enregistrement) et Sortie (Lecture)

Vitesse IPS/Courbe d'Accentuation à choisir entre 3.75 NAB, 7.5 NAB, 7.5 CCIR, 15 NAB, 15 CCIR, 30 AES

Polarités des canaux gauche/droit indépendantes pour l'enregistrement, Égaliseurs pour l'Enregistrement et la Lecture, avec fonctions de Calibrage Automatique et Manuelle
Requiert une carte DSP UAD-2 ou une Interface Audio Apollo disponibles chez les revendeurs agréés dans le monde entier

Avis Clients

Ampex® ATR-102 Mastering Tape Recorder

Evaluation Globale

(597 avis)

D. Hedin

9 juin 2015

There's just something about it...

I remember when I was first starting out in production, I could never seem to capture that "sound" and/or that "warble", so to speak, that were on so many of my favorite records. The music was just MOVING in a way I just couldn't describe.

Then one day I demoed the ATR-102 and BAM - that was it! Yes, it is expensive, and yes, I have a ton of different tape emulation plugs. But there's something truly special about this one. TIP: If you set the speed to 7.5ips or slower, the wow/flutter is more affected. It will give you that indie tape sound you might be after.

I gotta say - I have hundreds of plugins and many of them I use every day, but this is one of my top 5 desert island plugs. I seriously can't live without it!

M. Carter

8 mai 2014

Got Tape?

I Do… the Ampex is the best tape emulator on the market.. Since I made the purchase I lands and all my 2 tracks. Full, fat, warm… everything Im looking for in tape!

M. Smith

7 mai 2014

Best tape emulation I've used

Great job UA! This is the best tape plug out there IMHO! Thank you for the ability to turn the noise off! I use this on 95% of the projects I do! Gets more use than the Studer plug which is also great!

J. Grasty

4 mars 2014

I have no idea what I'm doing and it still sounds great.

The title says it all. I am still getting used to the Ampex, especially since I have never used a "real" one. Even without a lack of knowledge, the effect on the sound is great. It has made some of the mixes come to life.

F. Henderson

22 janvier 2014

Master Tape gateway to the modern record

I love recording my out of the box mixes back in through my Apollo 16 printing the Ampex ATR-102 Mastering Tape Recorder Plug-In to the final mix. It sounds so much more like the records I grew up on.

A. Picciafuochi

26 octobre 2013

Excellent Special plug-in

I test it also for a personal remastering of an ultra famous 70's record that I own in HD quality files (176.4kHz/24bit), originally recorded in analog tape machines obviously, and the result was absolute stunning as on digital sources!

A. Eriksmoen

12 octobre 2013

Kick ass

This plugin kicks ass. Great on individual channels and awesome on master bus.

B. Armand

19 juillet 2013

hum.. not shure for master after all

very impressive plugin, you run the demo, you are impressed by the "3D" effect", you buy it but.. after months of use, finally I take it off my master busses and realize that most of my mixes sound better without.. confusing. I think it can be great on vox, drum busses, accoustic guitars, it can be great for many reasons: warming up the sound, get a sensation of 3 dimensions, high end details, delays effects, wow and flutter.. but on a master, I feel I loose something in the feeling of stereo.. Does someone feel like I do?

M. Stallings

19 juin 2013

Ampex ATR-102

Hey all,

I've had the Waves Master tape for some time now. I liked it ok, but never had anything to A/B against ? The Waves always sounded a little cloudy and distorted easily . Since I had nothing to compare to, it seemed ok. Once I auditioned the Ampex on channels and master channel, I had to have it. For me, adding tape is critical and this plugin really improves the smoothness, detail and can add character ( or not) to anything. Being a minimalist, I got rid of the Waves since I would never use again. The Waves would be ok if all you need is a hint hear and there, but if its going to be instrumental in your product, then it was worth the "big money"! The 4 score was only because I spent too much. :-l

mitch (Tampa, Fl)

S. Chen

17 juin 2013

In my every project

This I think this the best uad plug in in the entire collection, love it so much

E. Jexén

7 juin 2013

Use with caution and find the holy grail

So, I just use this when mastering, and the studer on all tracks. When you learn to tweak it it will sound absolutely amazing. The Studer & Ampex are a golden combo!

P. Thompson

13 mai 2013

Instant Sonic Character

For cleaning up sterile digital mixes, this is the tool. I can't believe how realistic the and how accurate the controls are. What I love the most is I don't have to clean the heads or calibrate it.

D. Elke

29 avril 2013

the glue

This is the missing link. When I first used it, I was amazed by how real it sounds. I learned recording on tape/analog, and this brings me back, in a great way. Its a bit tricky to set, but once its set right, it makes the whole mix come together. I really like the ability to change ips and tape, and it works great for a nice vocal slap echo on an aux..

S. Watkins

15 mars 2013

It just sounds great

I have placed this plugin on the master buss of many different sessions now and every single one sounds better. As a buss processor, there is an added depth and width to the sound that is hard to describe. The plugin can also be pushed a little harder to get a really nice distortion to add to a guitar or a vocal track. I highly recommend this plugin to anyone who wants to add that extra something to their recordings.

J. Hawkins

14 mars 2013

Awesome Trembling Revelations -102


Playing anything you have recorded through this plugin and be prepared to have your hair stand on end as your ears enter the halls of godly sound. I owned an Ampex 24 track machine for a short while and honestly this plugin has got it down.

I was ready to regret spending the cash on this software.... that is until I heard it.... now I wish I had jumped on it sooner. There is NOTHING out there to compare this to, this is more than a plugin it is essential recording equipment !! I'd give it 11 stars if I could.

W. Krassowski

19 février 2013

Nothing compares to this !

If i could had only 1 plugin from UAD range would be this one.

Forget about any other Tape, Saturator, nothing compares, this is the Best Plugin hands down UAD Crew !

If you need to push up your tracks to the limit ( radio ready stuff ) but still want to sound dynamic and analog this is the plugin for you.

The Amperex gives some sort of final glue/definition and makes your mix sound just more cohesive all in all, its like Black Magic, put there, move some knobs and youre fine with another 2-3dB gain without distort.

Also makes your tracks be pushed much higher on volume without distorting, this one and a mastering compressor toguether are the ultimate Mastering Chain in your Arsenal !


H. Goldstein

3 janvier 2013

Sweet Sweet Ampex

It`s actually hard for me to believe this plug-in exists...Having gone through the analog tape era and now the digital DAW era the fact that UA has gotten the vibe of analog tape in a plug-in is more than I could have wanted.

This plug adds a certain unexplained magic to either a master stereo buss or can be used to change the personality of individual instruments, vocals etc...The presets are extremely usable and simply changing the formulation of the tape and tape speed can yield great results. You do need to watch levels going in to the ampex..but not a problem.

Without any hesitation, it gets 5 stars from this user. Thank you UA !!!

PS, I`m finding that setting it up as the next to last in the signal chain works the best so far.

G. Johnson

3 janvier 2013

Tape Simulation Perfection

Absolute legend of a Plugin!
I can use this in so many contexts, it has the ability to add that gentle crisp sheen to the top frequencies (in my case to match that 70s vinyl prog rock vibe), or to give some subtle drive to guitars / keys.
Across all tracks and the master buss you get a superb "glue" to the entire mix.

M. Laws

20 décembre 2012


I just drove a signal into this very hard and it poops diamonds out. Shockingly awesome. Coats bass driven music in a fine velvet sheen. :) - I might have to date this plug.

M. Dantas

20 novembre 2012

A Superb Tape Plug-in

I decided to purchased the UAD-2 Satellite Duo and among a lot of interesting offered plug-ins,I decided to purchase the Ampex ATR-102.Since my main work is Matering Disc related,I was impressed with the final sound processed. My laptop,a MacBook has not presented any issues related while I was hearing the final mix with Pro-Tools 8.0 in my home Studio.
Thanks Universal Audio for the excellence !