Plug-In Tube-Tech CL 1B Compressor

Plug-In Tube-Tech CL 1B Compressor

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Un compresseur à lampes polyvalent, haut de gamme, avec un pedigree en platine.

La marque danoise Tube-Tech produit du matériel à lampes haut de gamme depuis plus de 30 ans. Produit phare de la société, le compresseur CL 1B est un élément de base dans les studios d'enregistrement du monde entier et un processeur de dynamique incontournable pour le « who's who » des artistes pop modernes.

Développé par Softube – et officiellement approuvé par Tube-Tech – le plug-in CL 1B Compressor pour systèmes UAD-2 et interfaces Apollo vous apporte cette compression optique à lampes ultra-musicale pour adoucir et modeler n'importe quelle source. Bien qu'il existe des similitudes entre le circuit du CL 1B et celui de l'emblématique limiteur Teletronix LA-2A, le CL 1B Compressor donne un caractère haut en couleur, mais plus moderne.

Vous pouvez maintenant :

Enregistrer et mixer avec une émulation exigeante d'un classique parmi les compresseurs modernes, dûment authentifiée par Tube-Tech au Danemark

Doter le chant d'une compression au son musical avec cette unité chère à Kanye West, Rihanna et Jennifer Lopez

Donner du poids, du caractère et de la personnalité à la batterie, à la basse, aux guitares acoustiques et aux voix

Passer d'un contrôle subtil de la dynamique à une mélodieuse distorsion à lampes débordante de vitalité

Caractéristiques Principales

Émulation parfaite d'un compresseur moderne classique, pleinement certifiée par Tube-Tech

Le compresseur de choix pour traiter les voix ; les artistes de Pop, R&B, Hip Hop et Rap de premier plan s'appuient largement sur le CL 1B pour leurs prestations vocales

Polyvalence et personnalité, on entend ce processeur particulier sur un nombre incalculable d'enregistrements légendaires

Paramètres d'Attaque/Relâchement fixes ou manuels pour une grande facilité d'utilisation

Fonctionnement très intuitif vous permettant d'obtenir les résultats souhaités rapidement et aisément

Avis Clients

Tube-Tech CL 1B Compressor

Evaluation Globale

(58 avis)

V. Waltinger

29 juillet 2015

Wow! Beautiful

Wow! What a beautiful compressor on leadvocals! I am not the first nor will be the last one to say that but I only can chime in with all my <3 ;-). This is one outstanding compressor for vocals! Definitely worth the price.

R. Jason

22 juillet 2015

You want big smooth vocals?

Look no further than this wonderful, spot on software version of one of the great pieces of gear. I've used the hardware (at OTHER studios) for years. After 7 days recording with the demo, allowing myself a FULL evaluation, I will say it's pretty much spot on to the hardware unit. I seems like it actually has maybe a wewe bit more headroom, or maybe the combination with my new Apollo 8 upgrade from my Apollo is contributing. Regardless, I'm about to pull the trigger. I urge all having a demo yet to be used to do so if you have crucial vocals, bass, even electric guitars to record. My main use is vocally. While I still love my LA2A collection, I find this guy a bit more transparent, and focused overall.

Z. Nieman

10 mai 2015

Finally! Very good, versatile compressor

I was hoping UA would release a version of this unit, and they did! It delivers. I prefer this over the LA-2A plugin. It has the level of control you would expect from a fully featured compressor and it offers a range of sound that can be almost unnoticeable to in your face! Highly recommended. I won't bother trying to explain the sound, demo it or buy it. It packs a punch, and represents the latest (as of this writing) of UA's analog modeling.

F. Pilz

9 mai 2015

Form gentle to hard AND always in your face

I' ve been working with the CL1B for some simply is a workhorse, that always brings a rich patina to the audio.
Great Plugin for the uad!!!

V. Koenig

8 mai 2015

A little Rocker!

This Compressor rocks. The CL 1B sounds fat, punchy, big and can sound very smooth. The CL 1B is a great allrounder, for all signals.
Get this plug about 10 minutes ago :) well done.....

N. Nodurft

7 mai 2015

Buying When Demo Expires

I used to use hear the real thing on vocals all the time in my old internship and loved it. When I saw this had been released I knew I had to check it out since the real one is my all time favorite vocal compressor. I haven't been able to shoot it out, but I was instantly taken back to that smooth intimate sound that I remembered so well. It just sounds, professional. It works amazingly when paired with my Manley Reference mic. The fact that I can track vocals through this on the way in just makes it that much better, and it's surprisingly very light on dsp. It uses a little less than 5% of my apollo duo. Definitely the best plugin vocal compressor I've heard.

T. Liljegren

10 août 2015

The allmighty champion!

When UA released the updates of the 1176 and LA2-A I thought that "no compressor can possibly sound better than this"!
Then came the Summit from Softtubes and so I was blown away again.

And then I saw this bugger coming into the UA arsenal, and I thought, could there possibly be anything that beats the previous ones?
Noooo, but YES!
Especially on vocals, bass, piano, guitars, horns, strings or what ever. This Tube tech improves everything.
For example vocals: Suddenly your track just sounds naturally warm and fat without any pumping or wobbling at all.
Definately my new "go-to" compressor. Hereafter, all other ones lays silently in the UA-archive to never be used again.

C. Brandner

20 septembre 2015

Interesting Plugin, but unacceptable change of pricing

So sorry to say, but the adoption of apple price politics (charging customers according to their origin) to your online shop is unfair and frustrating.

l. laing

2 juin 2015

love this thing

This thing just makes your music sound good, tight, and smooth. Wish it had more presets……i dig the starting point templates to just turn on while I'm creating. other than that its superb.

Utilisateur UAD

17 janvier 2018

Rap vocals dream machine

Hadn't even demo'd this. I bought it based solely on hearing Dave Pensado and his guests mention it on Pensado's Place podcast. I'M SO GLAD I DID! Just used it on a rap vocal yesterday for the first time. A/B'd it with the 1176 and it blew it out of the water. FAT. Punchy. I love my LA2A's and 1176's, but I'm now excited about experimenting with this on everything.

c. jackson

12 décembre 2017

It Feels so right it can't be wrong!

I know good and well this is wrong and I blame it all on UA. I just bought bass svt pro amp and I said to myself "this is all your gonna get right now!" Then when my demos reset I started messing with the CL1B and all I can say is "DAMN" like Kendrick Lamar. This thing sounds and feels so good that I'm about to overextend my budget and buy it. I tried to deny it by taking it off my mixes so I wouldn't do it. I still have 10 days on the demo but I want to have it now. It makes everything you put through it sound deep heavy and clear. Fantastic! I have many UA Plugins 1176 collection, Neve88rs, 33609 and others which all serve me well and I love the sound. The CL1B however, is just on a whole nother level. I have to get it. You should too. This Plugin sounds like DOPE!

B. Vladimir

30 novembre 2017


This is the best vocal compressor I have ever used. It has the most beautiful color of all my compressors and makes me want to use it compulsively.

D. Pierce

14 novembre 2017

Fantastic sounding

I love this one for sure, it adds that extra THAT to the music!

Utilisateur UAD

13 novembre 2017


I have the tubetech CL1B in my studio now, and i am so happy with it. It i s just great both fo mix bus and allsow singel track like electric guitar and steelgitar and acoustic . Recomended !!!! Mvh. Roy co/ himlalyd

o. smith

19 octobre 2017


this compressor works wonders on everything i put at it

Utilisateur UAD

20 septembre 2017

My mixing engineer couldn't believe his ears

Tremendous on vocals. Totally worth if you can't afford the analog piece!

K. Mooney

2 août 2017

King Compressor

The emulation is mindful of the tube tech CL1B. the plug in provides quality sounds for a reasonable price.

M. Tremblay

17 juillet 2017

Fantastic and powerfull!

Make the vocals shine in my mix, even any instruments.
Better than LA-2A for a lot of things. At this price it's a gift.
Don't ask what should you do but ask what you can do for your mix.
U.A.D. Tube-Tech CL 1B Compressor is the answer
M. Tremblay

J. Raper

13 juillet 2017

Vocals on lock down

Smooth Vocals? yeah, this has got you sorted. Great also on bass and anything you want smoothed out. Love it.

A. Mendoza

8 juillet 2017

My new muse!

This is my goto for tracking vocals in Unison, but I love using this in the mixing stage!