Plug-in Precision Buss Compressor

Plug-in Precision Buss Compressor

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Prix tarif : $199.00


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(90 avis)

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Processeur dynamique à double VCA
- de conception originale UA -
pour une réduction de gain transparente.

Le Precision Buss Compressor est un processeur dynamique à double VCA avec pour caractéristique une réduction de gain moderne et transparente. Il est spécifiquement conçu pour donner du « liant » aux éléments du mixage en vue d'obtenir la cohésion et le son impeccable typique des compresseurs de la section master d'une console.

Outil flexible et intuitif, le Precision Bus Compressor est principalement destiné au contrôle de la sortie finale de votre mixage, mais peut s'avérer utile sur toute une variété de sources allant des bus de batterie ou overheads aux groupes vocaux, ou même comme simple compresseur sur des pistes individuelles.

Vous pouvez maintenant :

Mixer avec un processeur de dynamique UA transparent et fiable

Préparer un fade-out ou un fade-in personnalisé du mixage, de 1 à 60 secondes

Utiliser le filtre passe-haut pour garder le punch des graves lors de la compression d'un mixage

Exploiter la commande Mix pour un contrôle de la dynamique de type « parallèle »

Caractéristiques Principales

Contrôle de gain moderne pour les bus et les insertions

Traitement de la dynamique des consoles grand format

Relâchement automatique pour une compression de bus transparente

Fondu entrant ou sortant automatique entre 1 et 60 secondes

Contrôle du Mix pour mélanger les signaux traité et non traité (Wet/Dry)

Requiert une carte DSP UAD ou une Interface Audio Apollo disponibles chez les revendeurs agréés dans le monde entier

Avis Clients

Precision Buss Compressor

Evaluation Globale

(90 avis)

O. Morris

1 septembre 2019

Multiband compression

I used this on my mix buss to balance my mix

M. Hoffmann

5 août 2019

love it for mastering

this is one important tool in my mastering chain. I love it.

c. turner

28 juin 2019

A powerful "tool" for the learned

...Love this little worker bee. A very powerful "tool" for the learned. This plug puts that reel "sticky— icky" on your mix! It just glues everything together by adding sheen, and delivers that subtle boost. This is Precision, with lots of bearing. Thank yoU.AD!Love

L. Poposki

2 mai 2019

Precision Buss Compressor

Excellent Buss Compressor...
It's one of my favorite plugins.

T. Engel

7 janvier 2019

Nicht nur für den BUSS

Spitzenteil! Wie immer eine klangvolle" In The Box" - Lösung von UAD.

M. Baric

6 janvier 2019

Tools of the trade

No SSL harshness, respect the ratios and you will get a lot out of this one. Standard UAD kudos!

e. mullano

19 décembre 2018


Un valido compressore per voci, Chitarre e piano, ottimo anche sul bus master

K. Lima

16 avril 2018

"Precision, that's it.

Amazing clarity, crystal clear.

M. Brascich

10 avril 2018


I highly recommend the precision buss compressor !!!

A. Sokolich

18 mars 2018

Best Buss Compressor that Exists

Honestly, I tried the demo of every single master bus compressor UAD has to offer. This honestly has the best bus compression that exists. Nothing matches it, even neve stuff, zener limiter, so on and so forth.. nothing comes close. The pump and breath preset is amazing. set it to 70% mix, for slight parallel compression and you're ready to instantly improve your master in a noticeable way. I never.. EVER stray from this now.
No other plugin on the market, even from other brands, comes close. the only thing that sounds remotely decent in comparison, is the cl1b from softube(which is also on UAD), using a master bus warmer preset or something or the other(Cant quite remember the name of the preset but still). Otherwise..nothing really matches the forwardness.. control... balance... that this can bring. Demo it if you don't believe me. Its well worth it, HANDS down.

E. Halterman

13 janvier 2018

Works great!

I love this comp in a pinch!

D. Silantyev

1 novembre 2017

The compressor is a workhorse!

Now the mixing is not done without his participation :) Very good compressor. One of my favorites.

T. Rin

3 juillet 2017

PBC makes me fell Amazing..

Put it on the first slot, makes me fell good. I love it.......

P. Sancier

9 janvier 2017

Precision buss compressor

I was looking for a nice compressor, easy to use with great presets.. i found it and it joined my precision collection ... new baby at home <3

D. Carson

13 novembre 2016

2 Bus Magic

This is living on my 2 bus right now. The filter control is a great addition to leave the low-end intact, while being able to get the bounce just right on the whole mix with the other controls. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to add polish to their final mixes.

U. Kim

13 juillet 2016

Buss is Boss!!!

New surgeon for my busses. That's TIGHT!!! Right Now I'm dreaming about Neve 33609 (be sure to buy soon), but this one saving my mixes really cool! On some buses tires works better than other members of the dynamics family.

L. Kendrick

12 juillet 2016

Excellent Stereo Buss compressor

I use this plug in on the stereo outs.. Does exactly what I want it to do without killing the mix.... super flexible.. I would definitely recommend the product... I got it on sale and have been extremely pleased with the performance..

W. Brierre

14 juin 2016

Precision Buss Compressor

Fantastic and musical stereo compressor. Great for the stereo buss and a perfect alternative to the SSL stereo buss compressor. The cool difference is that the Precision Buss Compressor has a filter on it so you can compress your mix without crush the bottom end. A necessary mix tool.

J. Cohn

19 mai 2016

Flexible and largely transparent compressor

I have enjoyed lots of good uses for this compressor:

Firstly, its fairly transparent and doesnt colour in its compression, so its reliable to just tuck transients or as people say 'glue' elements better together.

Perhaps more importantly, I love the release flexibility on it. Because of the decent attack range and particularly release options I use this compressor on certain tracks that I want to sustain the sound through longer release times. Add to that the mix knob and HP filter, very flexible!

Its also an excellent and useful choice on a master bus to play with your incoming input and output gain control since it has generous gain knobs and good metering to go with it. Super flexible, super convenient.

Utilisateur UAD

14 mars 2016

Really good

I like this one. It doesn't add much (if not: any) color to the sound, it just compresses in a very accurate but musical way.
I use it for subtle compression on sums and the master but also on single signals if i just want to reduce dynamics and nothing else.
No cons.