Precision Mix Rack Collection

Precision Mix Rack Collection

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Le complément indispensable de l'arsenal d'outils
de la série Precision.

Avec quatre plug-ins modernes haute-fidélité pour l'enregistrement et le mixage, l’ensemble Precision Mix Rack Collection pour systèmes UAD-2 et interfaces Apollo vous offre des outils puissants et intuitifs pour un façonnage créatif du son.

Inclus dans toutes les versions des ensembles Analog Classics et Realtime Analog Classics, les plug-ins Precision Channel Strip, Precision Reflection Engine et Precision Delay Modulation constituent une véritable boîte à outils performante – parfaite pour les débutants comme pour les professionnels chevronnés.

Vous pouvez maintenant :

Démarrer directement avec les plug-ins fournis, issus des séries « vedettes » Precision Mix et Mastering d'UA

Enregistrer ou mixer avec le puissant égaliseur cinq bandes et les modules de traitement dynamique du Precision Channel Strip

Ajouter de l'éclat et du mouvement avec les effets chorus, flanger et delay du Precision Delay Modulation

Créer l'ambiance et la profondeur d'un petit espace avec le Precision Reflection Engine sur des bus ou des sources individuelles

Caractéristiques Principales

Le savoir-faire maintes fois primé d'UA en matière d’algorithme, issu de la série UAD Precision Mix and Mastering

Quatre outils inclus : Precision Channel Strip, Precision Delay Mod, Delay Mod L (Long) et Precision Reflection Engine

Égaliseur de cinq bandes musical et polyvalent, avec chevauchement, filtrages Cut, Peak et Shelf assignables

Contrôle de la dynamique allant de la compression douce au limiteur extrême, avec un gain automatique et une fonction d'inversion Dynamique/EQ, pour un traitement du plus naturel au plus agressif

Une large palette d'effets de retard et de modulation, avec notamment des delays stéréo/ping-pong/crossover, ainsi qu'un chorus et un flanger

Precision Reflection Engine offrant des ambiances uniques de petits espaces et au-delà

Gratuit avec les cartes UAD et les interfaces Apollo

Requiert une carte DSP UAD ou une Interface Audio Apollo disponibles chez les revendeurs agréés dans le monde entier

Avis Clients

Precision Mix Rack Collection

Evaluation Globale

(84 avis)

D. Miller

2 décembre 2014

Lots of great presets

I think this plug-in is awesome, plenty of knobs to tinker with, and comes with a lot of good and interesting presets. I found the two drum presets a great starting point on a bus or directly on the track.

D. Piccinelli

29 mai 2014


Love this plugs, very useful for low cpu usage and .

Y. Picard

1 mai 2014

Wow Wow

really good enhancer, honest, eq and combressor its really useful!
nice entry level vst!and the modes are as possible as it should for a degault vst... I recommend it

N. Ascher

15 avril 2014

CS-1 extremely useful for me!

I love this plug. Not many channel strips have a delay component. I use the individual parts quite often (especially the DM-1L as an easy to use delay). I really like the reflector, a very useful tool. Compressor works pretty well and the eq can yield good results if you take some time with it. Overall, a very solid offering using only a little DSP for the best price – FREE.

C. Kohl

14 avril 2014

All-In-One Fix!

The CS-1 came to me as a free channel strip plug-in. I have never been a major fan of full channel strip pugs, but I have caught myself using this several times when a track needs a little of everything. The interface is easy to use as well.

W. Roncher

16 décembre 2013

CS-1 plugin

Very cool freebie. i use this plugin TONs. Especially the FX section of it. I dont know of any other company that offers this quality of a plugin without having to pay for it, and with UAD its free.

J. Vece

21 novembre 2013

CS-1 BRIEF Review

I just started playing with this tonight but I can tell it's likely going to be used on my vocal bus for some time to come. It sounds great. I opened a song I was working on and was able to remove the 6 (i think) plug ins I had on on the vocal bus and replace them with this one and I think it sounds better. The EQ especially won me over. EXTREMELY smooth. Very self explanatory plug in. Within minutes I had it dialed in great with the song. Extremely happy with this!!

M. Marantz

5 novembre 2013

fantastic modulation

I really dig this plugin on keyboards and synthesizers. In some cases it will even work well on horns if you're going for an effected vibe on a solo or something similar. Very cool on vocals. High quality plugin.

S. Tanner

22 octobre 2013

Very nice Tool

A very useful tool for different solutions.

I think it's great that the individual parts can be used separately.

Need it more for tracks that are more in the background like background vocals and so.

Because I use a 27 "screen it would be great if I could zoom the Plug-In for a better view. In the evening my eyes are sometimes very tired when I have to adjust things so small on the screen.

A. Eriksmoen

12 octobre 2013

great value

This came with my apollo quad. Totally solid channel strip. Everything you need to get going.

A. Faur

10 juillet 2013

Do not forget this plugins.

The compressor is one of the best i have software or hardware. The reflector is a very good tool. Is a 3 d plugin. And the delay is great as chorus or slapback.

When you need a clean compression for your vocal part look at this compressor sometimes is a better option then la2a or 1176

I am very happy to have this tool.

A. Faur

10 juillet 2013

Do not forget this plugins.

The compressor is one of the best i have software or hardware. The reflector is a very good tool. Is a 3 d plugin. And the delay is great as chorus or slapback.

When you need a clean compression for your vocal part look at this compressor sometimes is a better option then la2a or 1176

I am very happy to have this tool.

S. Grush

4 juillet 2013

Not super impressed.

I gave the CS-1 a little love even though I read a lot of negative reviews on it. I have to say it's just ok. I imagine it has moments where it will be a good tool (maybe while tracking?!) but I can't see open many instances of this in my world.

D. Deryabin

26 février 2013

CS-1 Channel Strip Plug-In

The compressor is very well suited for processing of various material, although it is always possible to find a replacement. EQ, a little harsh. Delay and reverb, not used in the work.

Y. Kawahara

13 février 2013

CS-1 Channel Strip Plug-In

CS-1 Channel Strip Plug-In is a plug-in but is good quality that can be used free of charge from the beginning.

C. (buck)

14 décembre 2012

Too Cool

I have been playin with this one now since it came in. It get's some things done in a hurry.

C. Ventis

9 août 2012

I just Want to say Thank you to Dave Roda for working with me and Helping me reslove My CS-1 Issue. UA is and Aweome Company.! I Love All there Plugins, and there Attention to there customers is Over and above the call of duty. Thank you again Dave your awesome. See you at NAMM 2013. :)

R. Rodriguez

19 juillet 2012

Three Plugins in One, you get a EQ/Compressor, a delay section, and a "reflection engine" which i think of as a Reverb. You can use them all in together with each other like they come or you can use them individually in combination or by themselves. Also for the Delay section there is a bonus DM-1L unit that uses more DSP but you can achieve longer delay times if that's the sort of crazy thing you are looking for. I never would have known any of this if I didn't decide to thoroughly read the manual, Read your manuals people!!

B. Jester

12 janvier 2012

I don't really think that is plugin does much for me. I can't say I'd use this over any of the other plugins I have or that Universal Audio makes. It's OK.

V. Agwada

12 novembre 2011

I find the CS-1 to be a highly under-rated workhorse that never fails to give excellent results. It's been my go to plugin for tracking vocals on both of my albums but also gets the job done on instruments as well. Best of all, you can't beat the price!